1 Sep 2016

I have been working in a factory as an admin clerk for the last 3 months and the job is very important for me as I am getting married in 5 months and really need to save as much money as I can. My fiancé works at a distribution warehouse. Neither of us gets much money from the jobs we have, and both of us work zero hour’s contracts. We both finished University last summer and not found the secure jobs we were hoping for.

I like to look after myself, I’m 22, brunette, 5 foot 2 inches tall and am a dress size 8 to 10 depending where I shop.

I have been quite lucky as the factory has had lots of orders for the machines they make, and they have been able to keep me on for 28 hours a week, sometimes 40 hours on occasional weeks. My fiancé has not been so lucky with only between 8 and 14 hours a week.

Recently, the managers have said to everyone that even though we are busy now, they think that their orders are going to be reduced very soon. They were looking for voluntary redundancies and had their eyes on all the people with zero hour contracts. I was dreading this time and had made sure I put 110% into my work. I was told but everyone I worked with that I did a really good job and also ended up doing extra hours for no pay to make sure they knew I needed the job.

Everyone I worked with were general nice. The lads in the depot and workshops were typical lads with the occasional pinch of my bum or blowing kisses and wolf whistles. Some of the managers were quite sleazy and liked to leer at any of the women working, usually trying to look down our tops and made no effort to stop talking to our breasts instead of our faces.

The moment I dreaded came when I got a call to go to the manager’s office. I had only just got in and take my coat off. It felt as if everyone was watching me as I walked to the manager’s office. There were eight of us who were on zero hours contracts and we were all called in one at a time. Behind a desk were 3 of the senior managers and they told us we were dispensable and should be expecting to be released at any time. I pleaded with them and told them I really needed the job due to the wedding, and Andy’s poor pay. They had no interest and said I should expect being dismissed!

It only lasted 5 minutes and I went straight to the toilets after to have a quick cry and sort my head out. I went to see the admin manager who was my boss and he said there was nothing he could do about it. He said he was disappointed as I worked the hardest out of the temps and he would have a word with the management about keeping me on.

Word got around very quickly about the meetings and loads of the lads in the workshop said it wasn’t fair as I worked harder than most of those who had a full contract.

At the end of the day my admin manager told me to stay behind and he would discuss how I could possibly become a full time employee. I went to his office and waited for him. I waited about 5 minutes and was just about to leave when he came in the door. He sat down behind his desk and started telling how much he valued what I did at work and I felt very happy about all he was saying. He told me he wanted me in his department and would try as hard as he could to get me onto a permanent contract. The conversation then followed a different line. He started telling me about his marriage and that he has been living separate lives from his wife. I had no idea where this was going until he said that if I helped him with a few things he needed, he would make sure I had a secure job. I agreed unsure what he was getting at.

He got off his chair and walked behind me. I felt his hands on my shoulders, and he said he always liked me as soon as I joined the company. I was in shock at what had said and felt his hands edging off my shoulders down the front of my blouse. I grabbed hold of his hands, but he told me if I wanted the job, I had to help him with what he wanted.

I didn’t know what to do and let my hands go back to my sides. His hands smoothed over my white blouse and slowly moved over my breasts. He softly cupped them as his hands went over them, then moved to started unbuttoning the blouse. He started where my blouse gaped a little working upwards. I tried to tell him to stop, but he kept telling me he would make sure I keep my job if I pleased him.

He pushed my blouse sleeves of my shoulders exposing my white bra. I took a deep breath when his hands slid over my exposed cleavage and into the cups. He told me tomorrow I needed to wear a nice sexy bra, not a boring plain M&S white bra. By this point he was kissing the top of my head. His hands pushed down my bra and cupped my 30DD breasts. He told me we were all alone in the building and the cleaners don’t come in until 2am. I told him my fiancé will be waiting for me at home. He told me to text him in a few minutes to tell him we are stocktaking and you will be late. I was shaking at this point, but was just thinking of my job. He kept holding and slowly squeezing my breasts for a few minutes before telling me to sit on the desk.

I sat on the desk as he said, then was told to take my blouse off. There were only 3 buttons left and I slide this off. He clumsily reached behind me to remove my bra. After about a minute, I asked him if he wanted me to take it off to try and get this over and done with as quickly as possible. He nodded and I quickly unclipped it. I had to lean back a little so he could touch and kiss my breasts. Then he told me to lie back on his desk. He kept telling how beautiful I was and how he wanted to keep me close to him. I lay back on the desk and felt his hands lift my skirt and run up and down my thighs, and soon felt his fingers hooking around my thong. I lifted my bum to let him remove this.

As soon as my thong was off, he started kissing me. I knew where this was now going and kissed him back just to get this over with. His fingers were rubbing against my pussy, occasionally sliding inside me, ease time I winced. I asked him if he wanted to take my skirt off and he pulled this off me. I had to unzip the top a little to ease it off, but now I was stark naked on his desk with him kissing me passionately and his fingers rubbing my pussy.

I never paid much attention to him as a person before, but I guessed he was mid 50’s. He was grey and receding, with a bit of a paunch. He wasn’t what I would call unattractive, but definitely not my type.

His hands parted my knees until they were wide open and I was totally open in front of him. He stopped kissing me and moved to examine me. He stood back and said he liked a shaved pussy. I shaved mine, but left a small landing strip above it. He ran his fingers up and down my pussy saying his wife refused to shave for him, but was glad I was a good slut. I cringed when he started to talk like this.

He started to undress and took his shirt and trousers off quickly. I was surprised to see that his cock was bigger than my fiancés when he took his boxer shorts off. My fiancé has a 6 inch cock, but Dave must have been around 7 to 8 inches. I held his cock as he stood by my and rubbed it back and forward. He was hard to start with but was feeling his cock firm and warm in my hands. He stood by the side of his desk, hooked his hands under my knees and pulled me to him. His fingers parted my pussy as I felt his cock spread me as he slid his length in slowly. He felt huge inside me as he parted me. I couldn’t help moan a little as i felt him slide deeper into me. He was nuzzling my ears and fondling my breasts as he was slowly fucking me. Sliding deeper and deeper inside me. Steve, my fiancé is the only person before today that i’d slept with and had never had a cock this big before.

I felt his hands all over my breasts as he eased his cock in and out, filling and stretching me with every thrust. It didn’t take him long before he thrust hard and came deep inside me. He held me and kept his cock inside me for a few minutes before withdrawing.

I got ready to roll over, before he told me to stay where I was and I was not finished with making him happy. He sat in his chair naked, and told me to sit on the floor in front of him. He wanted me to phone Steve and tell him I was going to be late, while rubbing him cock with my other hand. As I was sat at his feet, I felt his cum starting to ooze out of me.

When I spoke to Steve he believed what I was saying and asked me when I would be home. I said I didn’t know but it may be late. Dave told me I did a good job and now needed to suck him hard again. As I was sucking him, he phoned his wife to tell her he would be late. He talked to her for about 5 minutes as I was sucking him, as if it was just a normal day. As I was sucking I could taste his cum as well as me on his cock.

When he finished speaking to his wife he told to stop sucking him. He got off the chair and lay down on the floor. I had to straddle him and eased myself onto his now hard cock. It slide quite easily inside me this time. I was starting to enjoy feeling him inside me as I lent forward feeling my clit grinding against him. His hands were squeezing my breasts as I was working his cock. I could feel an orgasm rising through me, and tried to stop, but the feel of his thick cock deep inside me was too much and after a few minutes I came. He told me to keep fucking him as we were and as the orgasm worked its way through me I could feel his cock rise and swell inside me, with my clitoris rubbing his pelvis. I started to ride him faster. It took him ages to cum, but when he did I felt it squirting deep inside me. I lay on top of him and he told me I was a good girl. I could feel his cum oozing inside me as I got off him and went to use a tissue from his desk to wipe it from me. He told me I had to keep it inside me until I got home.

I put my clothes back on and felt the cum seeping into my knickers. David told me I had to dress better if I wanted to keep my job. I had to wear nicer, sexier bras to work, stockings and heels. He would be seeing the managers tomorrow.

I left work feeling grubby and completely shell shocked about what had happened – the decision by the managers and the way I have to keep my job. There are few jobs in the area we live and I have no option.