Written by John

21 Feb 2014

Back when I was courting Lorraine in the early 60's the pair of us where very sexually active, so much so that she became pregnant with our first child. She lived with her mother & three siblings & initially I never realized that there was no father on the scene. Her mother Edna had been divorced from him for about four years.

Edna readily accepted the fact that her daughter was with child & figured that we would marry, which was our intention. After all the pair of us were so into each other's bodies & I couldn't get enough of Lorraine's pussy.

Edna was 36 & had Lorraine when she was 17 & a child had followed each year for the next three years, so I figured that she was the age where she was probably at the height of her sexuality. Although I never had any designs on her, it never crossed my mind to even think of having sex with her.

The was hardly an evening went by where I was at Lorraine's house, always ending up in the front room with her, supposedly saying goodnight for an hour or so.Instead as soon as we got into the fron room Lorraine's panties were off, her skirt hitched up, my penis out of my trousers & quickly buried inside her pussy for about 30 minutes, until I released my self deep inside her, then I would leave to go home. Kind of wham bam, thank you mam, but we loved it.

One evening Edna asked me if I would take her down to drop her off at a friends house on the coming Saturday morning. Needless to say I told her that I would.

Saturday came around & I turned up at the appointed time to pick Edna up. About a third of the way to where she wante me to drop her off, as I shifted gears I accidentally touched her leg. The following conversation went like this.

" Oh sorry Edna "

"Don't worry about it John., but next time make it higher up my leg".

That blew me away & completely surprised me. So I took the bull by the horns & went for it.

" Where abouts Edna?here or here?"

I had put my hand on the upper part of hers legs close to her pussy area & then moved below her dress to stroke the inside of her legs.

She let ou a sexual sigh as my hand caressed the inside of her legs.

" Where do you think."

Watching the road ahead, my hand slowly worked up to the top of her legs & stroked at her pussy through her panties. By this time her breathing was very heavy.

She managed to slip her hands up to remove her panties so that I could finger her clitoris & feel her pussy lips. She was soaking wet by this time with one of her hands groping at the rampant hard on that I had..she climaxed making quite a bit of noise.

We finally arrived where she wanted dropping off. She picked up her panties, put them in her handbag leant over to me, then kissed me, with her tongue darting inside my mouth

"Can you get the day off work on Tuesday, so you can come round & spend the day in bed with me?"

"Tuesday won't be able to come quick enough for me." I told her

Saturday,Sunday & Monday came & went which of coarse was spent fucking Lorraie in the front room as usual.

Tuesday arrived, I had booked a day off from work, drove to the street before hers as I didn't want the car parked outside her house.

Edna opened the door, ushered me in to her lounge.

" Would you like a cup of tea?" She asked with a nervousness sound to her voice.

" No. I want to get you in bed to get some of that lovely cunt that I felt on Saturday."

Taking her hand I lead her upstairs to her bedroom.

We both rapidly shed our clothes. Looking at her I was amazed to see she had a great figure & a very hairy pussy which was as black as the ace of spades. She moved to me & crushed against me, started to French kiss me & moved one of her hands down to take my very hard penis.

" I can't wait. Get me into bed & fuck me. I need it first. We can explore each other after you have been inside me."

She lay down on to the ded opened her legs wide, allowing me to come down on top of her & slide my cock into her very wet pussy to the hilt. She didn't want fore play, she wanted a good old fucking, so my penis started to pound at her, making her thrust up at me & wrap her legs tightly around my waist. The pair of us fucked each other for about five minutes when Edna started to go into a very loud climax, begging me to fuck her harder. She was in total abandonment & completely just wrapped up in the fucking she was getting. She started to beg me to seed her.in her sexual excitement, which excited me to think she wanted me to fire my seed into her, so much so that I spewed myself deep inside her as she was begging me to give her my baby making spunk.

We lay together holding each other, me feeling her ample breasts with on hand & stroking her pussy that was leaking out my come. She played with my cock, eventually going down on it with her mouth, bringing it back to it's full majesty. She rolled me on to my back mounted herself on top of me , then guided my hard cock into he pussy for another round of fucking.

Edna was insatiable, she hadn't been fucked for over a year & was now trying to make up for lost time. She wanted me in every possible way we could think of & we fucked for nearly seven hours. She was so sexed up that she could hardly let me leave even though her younger kids were due home from school.

Before opening the front door to allow me to leave, she kissed me passionately, then told me she had had the most enjoyable 14 fucks she had ever had & she could hardly wait until she could get me into her bed again.

Walking back to my car & chuckling to myself about the fact that two weeks previously when she was out of town Lorraine & I fucked each other in that same bed. Although we only managed to fuck seven times. Obviously the sexual power of an older more experienced woman ( nowadays I guess she would be called a cougar)

Yes Edna & I did fuck again many times, even after Lorraine &I were married, although, Lorraine never knew about the pair of us enjoying each other.

And yes she did get pregnant, having a little boy who I guess was my son & my brother-in-law