Written by Polly Kingston

20 May 2018

My lorry driver was so much older than me, he told me he loved me, but I don’t think he did. I think he just liked to play with me, he was 45 and I was 19, something I could never imagine, a relationship with a bloke that much older, certainly not at that age. One summers evening he drove me to the Vets in Towcester, to take my cat, my Mum was very impressed with his kindness. My poor cat had to be left at the vets, on the way home he pulled over just outside the village where I lived.

He was very frisky that evening he pulled me over onto his knee, and kissed and fondled me. He took my hand in his, He had. His hand over mine pressed his first finger over my finger and touched my clit, I always tensed up when he did it, but he said relax darling, enjoy it, you know you do, he knibbled my ear and breathed on and licked my neck . My goodness it was wonderful, with one hand on my breast and the other on my clit, with my back against him, my urge was to turn around, I felt a little trapped in that position as nice as it was, it was different things were getting a little beyond my comfort zone. He pushed his finger into me,, and he pulled it out, and in again this repetitive movement was amazing, he pulled his finger out and concentrated on my clit again. I don’t really know where the feeling started sort of in my chest, my belly my groin it all tensed and my back arched and the eruption from inside was immense, he shoved his finger right inside me then as my vagina contracted involuntarily for a while and relaxed. He then asked me if I’d bend over , he said he wanted to rub himself against my arse, I said no, I can’t do that, but he he said “please I really need this, I won’t push my cock into you, but I just want to rub against you. I reluctantly agreed, and let him guide me into the position he had in mind, he started pulling my knickers down, I will say theses were the days of mini skirts, so the only article of clothing really in the way, were my knickers, I was quite nervous about this, but I felt I sort of owed him , he said he would wear a condom, but promised it was just so that I wouldn’t get to messed up. He pushed his cock between my legs from the back right up so i could feel it on the outside of my cunt, he rubbed and rubbed until he came, it seemed very odd to me back then, he said, “that was so good, Thankyou for letting me do that to you, it wasn’t so bad was it”. I actually told him that I couldn’t believe that I’d just let him do that to me” his reply was “it’s because you are so kind darling” I wasn’t quite sure what he Was getting at. Turns out the condom wasn’t a lot of help, thank heaven for baby wipes