Written by happpy chappie

21 Jun 2007

My wife who is catholic and very str8 as far as sex goes..i.e. only certain positions..occasionally a blow job when she is really pissed...well we went to a 25th anniversary party a few weeks ago..and we had a great time..booked into a nice hotel had a few drinks and she was in great spirits, we had met some of our old friends that we had more or less lost contact with..and our table had a few other couples on 5 couples in total at our table..well we danced drank and generally had a good laugh with everyone..I had noticed one particular couple were very atttentive..her to me him to my wife..well I was feeling brave so asked my wife if she wanted to dance and she said yes..so i said to stewart..go dance with my wife as i never wanted to but know how much she loves to dance, my wife jany looked in horror at me, but i insisted so she reluctantly went along with things. As soon as he was out of ear shot i leant forward and said hpe you dont mind I did that./.she smiled and said i was about to ask you for a dance but now you tod your wife you never wanted to dance thought better of it..

I moved round and sat next to her and we small talked for a while..then she asked quite openly..do you and your wife play around...a bit red faced i said..well dont think my wife would..but I think i'd like it.pity she said as we swing and I know my husband is taken by your wife..and we were hoeping to invite you back to our hotel room for night cap later..Bugger!! i thought typical..then i looked round and swaw my wife dancing really close to stewart...head on his shoulders and his hands were low on the top of her arse..she looked really relaxed, maybe i htought and looked round at maria..who was also looking at them. stewart looked ove and winked at Maria as if to signal all was ok...I was getting quite confused but very arrosued..

anyway a few more slow dances and they came and sat back down..but not next to us they sat together a few chairs away..my wife loked at me sheepishly..but smiled..as if nothing was going on..I said to her can you give me a hand with the drinks and asked the others what they wanted..we went to the bar..and i asked are you ok luv..shesmiled and said yes having a great time..I said sorry about the dance thing she said dont be I loved dancing with stewart he was a good dancer...I said his hands went lower then i thought you would be happy with...she smiled again and said shall we enjoy this evening..and just let ourselves go..?/ yes please i said..she whipsered in my ear..stewart says he really fancies me and that they are swingers..and that if we wanted we could go back to their rooms later..

silence for a secound..she waited for my reaction..so what did you say to that i replied..? well erm she loked awkwardly and said do you fancy it..TBC