Written by LaurenS

7 Jun 2018

My partner and I are not swingers (yet !!) but often read the stories here as it turns us both on and sometimes we try and re-enact or role play some of the more exciting stories. However one story recounted someone losing their virginity in a tent. I confessed to my partner that I also lost my virginity in a tent. He pestered me to tell him all the details, insists it turns him on, and has now persuaded me to share this here in my own words. My name is Lauren and I was 17 during the summer of the Millennium, as was my best friend Katie. We were very close and both virgins who were desperate to lose our cherries as a new century resolution, but didn’t want to do so with boys from our school. We weren’t unattractive but were somewhat academic and therefore in the top sets at school and most of the boys we came across were either geeky or cocksure egos who would brag about conquests. Katie was more confident, spoke to boys with ease and whilst we had each given boys a wank, she had once sucked a cock so was ahead of me ! She was pretty, with almost Mediterranean features, petite, dark brown curly long hair, stunning dark brown eyes and a couple of inches smaller than me. I am a red head and at the time it was wavy and at shoulder level. I have green eyes, very light skin and am 5’4. Katie and I appearance wise were quite different but we were very close. Her exotic Latin looks attracted boys whilst I had (and still have!!) large breasts which initially I was very self-conscious of until I realised how they also attracted attention. At the time as we had very little money we couldn’t afford an Ibiza type holiday so dreamt up an even “better” option of going to a local festival and taking a tent! My parents said a firm no believing we were too young. Cut a long story short Katie’s older sister who was at 1st year Uni said she was going to Reading Festival with some friends, Katie persuaded her to take us and that was fine with both sets of parents. Hardest part of the whole plan was getting the confidence to buy condoms, I don’t know how many Boots shops we walked in and out of to get these! Neither of us were 18 until after the Festival so whilst initially it looked like getting booze would be a problem it ended up quite easy although we didn’t really drink a lot then anyway. We took one of Katie’s family’s tents which wasn’t very big but had two compartments separated with a mesh window and a small entry area for boots or wet clothes. When we pitched, Katie’s sister was delighted that we didn’t want to be near them. They met some males from Uni and I think they also had some fancy smokes so didn’t want us reporting back, but she did insist we were in earshot, shouting distance and near a light. We had wellies, macs etc. but it was dry and quite warm so we put on skimpy shorts, crop tops, did one another’s make-up to the point we probably looked like painted dolls ! Off we went on the pull. We did agree we would stick together or return to the tent if we lost one another. We were quickly hit upon but mainly by the type of boys we were trying to escape or creepy types either high as kites or pretending to be. We did actually enjoy the bands, I remember l Oasis being a highlight. After that we walked back to our tent, having chickened out on a couple of approaches for one reason or another and feeling a little deflated. Passing Katie’s sister group there was a large crowd and party going on. Katie’s sister was waving us to join, clearly high. We joined them and made sure we got some of the copious vodka on offer. All the boys were older than we were used to and seemed more like men. Some even had beards ! We got in to plenty of conversations but everyone just seemed desperate to get high or drunk, so we left after a while. We hadn’t even opened our tent when two guys who had been at the party started talking to us again having followed us. They had brought some booze and basically invited themselves in. They clearly had decided between themselves who they wanted and very quickly we were kissing in each of our separated sections. I didn’t know how Katie felt but I was quite flattered by my partner as he was tall, well built and had facial hair! Maybe the alcohol had helped. His hands were on my legs, then one went up my crop top and started feeling my breasts. I could hear the sounds of kissing from Katie’s side and then a lot of movement and bumping on the nylon partition. Now my partner had one hand moving up my leg and towards my crotch. His other hand was under my bra rubbing my nipples but wasn’t doing it very well. His other hand was rubbing my crotch now and that was getting me wet. He started to unzip my shorts but was struggling so I helped him pulled them and my pants off and took them off my legs. I quickly took my top off and my bra whilst he was getting his jeans and pants off. He started rubbing my slit which was now getting very wet and I could feel his hard erection on my thigh. I turned slightly so I could reach down and I then felt his very hot cock but still couldn’t see it. It felt large but at that time I didn’t have much to compare it against. I had given two handjobs before at parties, one again in the dark and another mainly clothed when I didn’t see much due to him fondling my breasts at the same time (I only knew he had cum when I felt the warm spunk on my hands). It was dark inside the tent but not pitch black. There was enough light coming in from the passage way nightlights outside to make out faces, movement and outlines. We were moving quite awkwardly in the confined space but I could hear little sighs coming from Katie. I guessed she was also in the same state. Then more bumping and movement from through the nylon parting while my partner was slowly introducing the tip of a finger to my vagina. I held his hand back a little just so he wouldn’t make any quick moves. Then all of a sudden I heard Katie exclaim “Argghh, oh fuck” then “ow, ow, ow” and then “oh fuck” over and over again. I looked up and through the mesh. Katie’s partner’s large white buttocks were bouncing up and down between her outstretched legs. She seemed tiny beneath him and was still fully clothed from the waist up as he was humping away on top of her. I was terrified as Katie didn’t appear to be enjoying this. My partner said “are you OK ?” . I didn’t reply, just lay back as didn’t want to be a virgin in the morning now that Katie clearly wasn’t any more. He fiddled around in his pocket and pulled out a condom and as he put it on I got a full look at the silhouette his hard penis. It looked thicker than I expected and not as smooth but looked so odd sticking straight up. My legs were slightly apart but as he moved on top of me, he pushed them further apart. I could hear the sound of squelching and continued gasps from Katie across the divider when I felt the hardness of the stiff cock pushing at my lips. He was too high up and the angle was all wrong, so I moved a little and placed the tip at the entrance to my pussy. He pushed in and I could feel the tightness and resistance. He pushed again and a sharp pain made me wince a little but he still seemed to be struggling getting in. He moved my legs even further open and pulled my legs and bum up a little. Then he pushed and there was a much sharper and piercing pain as he fully entered me that made me gasp, but not loudly. He stopped and I could sense he knew what had happened. There was a groan next door but from Katies’ partner, and then the humping stopped and there was silence. My partner started to hump me and I could feel the hot and hard cock inside me stretching me. It wasn’t a sharp pain now, just a dull throbbing pain and uncomfortable. I really just wanted it to stop and was massively deflated that this was what we had been so keen to do. My partner was making funny puffing noises together with the noise of his belly slapping my stomach and I could feel his balls also slapping my bum. I looked up and I could see the outline of Katie and her partner looking through the mesh at us. It didn’t take long and the humping speeded up and my partner almost froze and I knew he was cumming. He pushed as far up me as he could which again hurt, but then collapsed and then quickly pulled out of me holding the filled condom. We were all quiet for a time and then I heard Katie telling her partner she wanted to go to sleep and could he leave. My partner heard this and took the hint and did the same. Once they had gone, Katie came across to my side and we laughed nervously and compared our feelings. We had done it. I actually quite enjoyed parts of my introduction in to sex. Katie absolutely hated hers and claimed her partners cock was too big. I tried to comfort her by saying it would get much better. I stroked my clit a little before going to sleep than night, but I was still feeling a bit tender. The next morning I noticed some blood between my legs and a largish spot on the top of my sleeping back where I had been lying when I lost my virginity. We actually met up with the two guys again later that day and they were obviously keen for a repeat. Given they were actually decent, clean and not nutters, we took them back to our tent but swapped ! My second time was much better although I didn’t cum. Katie found it painful again and I could hear her almost shouting at her partner to slow down and then stop! I was fucked twice by my partner that night, had my first doggie fuck and was beginning to feel I got the handle of it. Katie gave her partner a blow job in the end after being unable to either relax enough or get comfortable, something that I never managed over the weekend. That skill came a little later ! Anyway my current partner seems to still get off on this story. Not sure if that is healthy or not. Would love to hear your views on that subject, or if you have any similar experiences I am sure he would love to hear them and then me and my partner can act them out as part of our role play.