Written by Millie

20 Jul 2016

I still live in my village in Wales but often go to one of the cities. I am one of the unfortunate few who bear the secret of physically not knowing what sex I really am..I have a vagina but also where girls have a clitirous I have a penis,when I become aroused and an erection occurs it will usually be about 2 inches in length, so as you can see it protrudes far out of my vagina.

Im thankfull my first sexual encounter with a boy was a lad in the city,to say he was shocked is an understatement. It was a simple boy/girl thing , he got me to hold and play with his cock,that was my first time to handle a MALE cock,I was fascinated and loved it. I had no idea that what was between my legs was different from other girls.

At first as he stroked my vagina outside my knickers, I was hesitant letting him put his hand inside my knickers but could'nt help myself. I loved it and instinctively found myself wanking him,something Id never before done with a boy BUT had done to myself hundreds of times,and still I did'nt realise.

I have no idea how much experience he had ,but obviously enough to know that what he was holding in his fingers was not a mere clitirous and even though I knew from the throbbing of his swollen cock he was ready to cum,remarkably similar to my own when about to cum. I thought that his language was due to his excitement.

Oh that it were , it was his horror,he suddenly became aware that what he was holding in his fingers,which for me was extacy,was utter disbelief and probably disgust to him,he was also holding a swollen throbbing cock. I hope he managed to close his trousers over his erection as he litteraly fled the scene, leaving me devastated and confused.

I would be several years before I trusted another man,he was'nt a local, he was admittedly much much older but with a very open mind, he introduced me to several like minded people. A lot of our sexual behaviour would'nt be considered conventional but after a long time in the sexual wilderness I was a very willing and adaptive pupil.