Written by Julie_reading

21 Oct 2009

As I said in Part 1, my confidence grew and I became very extroverted after I met C as you’ll see from my story. I also thought this would have only two parts but if I am to show the rise and fall of my sexuality there will be many parts because to tell the whole story in one go would be laborious to write and to read. My hope is that someone amongst you may see what changed me and how I can passively get it back.

I thank all those that have left messages of encouragement and those offering to fuck the libido back into me but getting sex is not the problem it is not wanting sex that is the problem and I so much want to be like the woman I used to be.

When C, asked me out, I was quite off with him because although I thought he had a nice bum he was too quietly spoken for me and I was a little intimidated by the fact he is a professional and thought he would not understand the person I had become – a hard faced, raucous cow! He left his number with me with, “I’m off this weekend. If you change your mind, ring that number.” To cut a long story short, I did ring him and we got on surprisingly well. Well enough for each to say to the other, you were not my type but I thought it could be a night out.

On our third date I blurted out, “I love cocks!” The look on his face was a picture and when he pushed for a repeat which eventually I did repeat it adding “I’ve ruined this, haven’t I?” It turned out that my loving cocks was the icing on the cake for him. I realised very quickly that behind the quiet voice hid a strong-minded, open and inquisitive man.

In 2002 we went on holiday to Spain. We got this really great deal in a self-catering block of apartments. We arrived, checked in and climbed the stairs to the fourth floor (no lift), opened the door and were delighted by the size of the apartment. It had a lounge, separate kitchen, large bathroom, a large double bedroom and two large twin bedded rooms all nicely decorated. The beach was across a fairly quiet coast road that was filled with bars, restaurants and cafes. We settled in, spent the day on the beach before going back to the apartment to shower and dress to get something to eat when there was a knock at the door. C was in the shower as I had already showered and was drying my hair so I slipped on my silk dressing gown which clung to my wet body so I couldn’t get closed properly before there was a second more urgent knocking. I held it together with my hand and tentatively opened the door to a very dishy looking, fair-haired, young rep who stammered almost incoherently as he invited us to a get-together at a nearby English pub whilst unable to take his eyes off my chest area. I followed his gaze and saw that my gown was open to my navel where I was holding it closed with my right hand but still most of my breasts were bared to his view as only my nipples were covered. I apologised for my state of dress and explained I had just showered and my gown was clinging. He recomposed himself and said, “No apology needed, the pleasure is all mine. Please do come, The Piccadilly, 7pm” He reached forward grabbing the hand that was holding the gown and thrust a flyer into it. He stepped forward whispering into my ear, “Get some panties on before you catch your death. It gets cold in Spain this time of year.” He stepped away from the door, winked then watched me at the door as he descended the short flight of stairs opposite. I was dumbfounded, he was halfway down the stairs before I realised he had deliberately freed my gown. “You cheeky, young, bugger!” I called after him which amused him as he went, stopping on the half landing to give me a wave and a grin before he continued to the floor below. My gown wide open, I went back into the apartment and continued drying my hair….