Written by PINKS

3 Sep 2012

Louise and I are continuing our affair and have had quite a few very sexy encounters whereby she is showing a real liking for role-play. This posting is though, to do with a story she told me about her and another girlfriend getting propositioned by a guy at a club where they went in Brighton.

Louise and her friend quite often get away from their respective hubbies and often go for a meal and a club afterwards, this particular night she told me that her and her friend Sarah had gone into Brighton on the train with the aim of a few drinks, a few more drinks and then a dance at the Bar/club before getting the last train home. Sarah is described by Lou as being 32 years old, brunette, size 10 with 36a cup breasts and a ‘pert’ bottom The early part of the evening was un-eventful but when they had finished their meal and were sat in a wine bar a guy pitched up along side them, said hello and plonked a bottle of champagne in front of them and asked if they would help him drink it. Louise said that he was mixed race, very good looking, charming and exceptionally polite. Louise said that they duly obliged and helped him drink the champers and when empty he ordered another. Louise said it was difficult for her and her friend to know who he was most interested in as he gave them both a similar amount of attention and he had only drunk one glass of the Champagne.

The guy who called himself Rav asked what they were planning for the rest of the evening and they told him about the Bar/club they intended to go to. Rav explained that he was new to the area and did not know it but would like to tag along if they didn’t mind. Louise and Sarah said that was ok with them and at about 9-30 they wandered up the road with Rav linking arms with both of them. Immediately they got into the Bar/club Rav went and got them more drinks while Louise and Sarah found a table. Rav found them and asked Louise if she wanted to dance, she agreed and they went on to the dance floor she said that Rav was a good mover and didn’t need any encouragement to bump and grind into her and on several occasions had danced behind her and ground into her arse. One song finished and so they went back and Rav being the gentleman asked Sarah to dance and from what Louise could see he was exactly the same with Sarah i.e. grinding into her when he could.

Rav excused himself to go to the loo and Louise and Sarah swapped tales about him having a hard on while he danced and giggled about how much they enjoyed it. Mindful of the time they decided that they would have to tell Rav that they would have to leave at 11-30 to get the last train. When they explained to Rav about the train he said that he was having such a good time that if they stayed longer he would drive them back as it wasn’t too far from where he lived. They agreed and Rav got more drinks. Louise said that she was aware that the drinks seemed to be getting bigger and each round Rav drank water. Rav asked them both in turn to dance again and it was during this dance that Rav made a move and would spin Louise round as fast as he could and in her giddy state would also touch her breast lightly as he caught her or hold her bottom while he ground into her front and it was during this dance that Louise noted he had a very large hard on and couldn’t help but get very turned on. Rav took Sarah for her turn and almost a mirror image of a dance and from what Louise could see he was equally as daring in groping Sarahs breasts or arse.

At around midnight Louise and Sarah told Rav that they needed to make a move and hoped that he meant what he had said about giving them a lift, Rav confirmed that he had had a great time and would be pleased to take them home. Rav once again went to the toilet and whilst he was away the girls argued over who would be dropped off first and it was during the argument Rav came back. He sensed there was a some concern and when they explained what they had talked about he said they could decide nearer home.

Sarah sat in the front of the car and not long into the trip Louise could see that Ravs hand had wandered across his seat and onto Sarahs lap just below the hem line of her dress. Louise said that Sarah seemed comfortable with it and didn’t say anything. Louise’s eyes were fixed on his hand and she said that he slowly moved it under the hem and up her bare legs until it had disappeared from view and to her surprise she noted Sarahs hand go over the top of her dress and stroke his hand where it was. Louise said that she was getting a bit turned on by her voyeurism and could see that Rav must have been quite close to her crotch because Sarah was starting to breathe heavy. Louise could see that Sarahs dress had ridden up a little and exposed most of her thigh and she noted the slow movement of Ravs hand, she suspected that it was now touching her pussy. Louise was feeling very horny by now and decided that she would ask Sarah if she was alright, Sarah glanced back at her, smiled and said yes she was very happy. Louise then asked if they were having fun and Rav popped up with “ are you feeling left out”? Louise told him that she was enjoying the show and Rav announced that he would stop soon and they could swap seats if they wanted.

Rav found a layby and asked the girls if they wanted to swap seats or if they were happy where they were, Sarah was obviously happy where she was but would swap for a little while if Louise wanted to. Louise said that she was feeling so randy so she agreed that she would swap for a little while . Lou got into the front and Rav just leant forward and kissed her full on the lips and his hands went straight to her skirt and pushed up underneath and straight to her very damp gusset. Ravs fingers made way past the elastic and probed her pussy. During this kiss Rav flipped his seat back into a reclining position leant over and did the same to Louises and Sarah sat in the back wedged between both seats. Rav was fingering Louise with one hand and she noticed his other hand undoing the buttons on the front of Sarahs dress. Louise said that she could now see Sarahs bra through the gaping dress and Ravs hand inside, Rav stopped his kissing of Louise and offered his lips to Sarah, this was now a full-on three-some. Louise put her hand onto Ravs trousers and rubbed his cock which was very hard. She undid his flies put in her hand and massaged his cock , she undid his top catch and pulled his cock free. She described his cock as being about 8 inches long, circumsized and quite broad girth. She rubbed him some more and Rav pulled her head to his lap and he perched onto his knees and was undoing Sarahs dress while Louise slurped on his cock. Louise could see that Sarah had been helped out of her dress, one breast outside of her bra cup and her knickers pulled half down her legs, Rav had his head between her legs and she could hear him drinking her juices, Louise was by now fingering herself whilst she continued to suck Ravs cock.

Louise told me that Rav had laid flat on his back and asked Sarah to position herself over his face, she could see juices running down Sarahs arse cheeks as she thrust into Ravs face. Louise was continuing to suck his cock, his balls and take in his pre-cum. Louise said she wanted his cock inside her, pulled her knickers off and manoeuvred herself reverse cowgirl over his cock and holding onto the dash of the car lowered herself down until she could feel the tip at her pussy entrance and she slowly lowered herself onto his very handsome cock, she is very fit and bobbed up and own onto Rav while he continued to drink Sarahs pussy juice. Louise said that his cock was so hard and she bounced onto his lap and Ravs hand occasionally feeling her lips as they stretched over his bulb.

After about five minutes Louise said that she heard Rav say something very quietly to Sarah and she was sure that he had told her to piss on his face. Sarah seemed a little taken aback by his request and confirmed a little louder “ are you sure you want that”? Rav said yes piss on my face I need to cum, as Louise heard that she jumped off his cock and began to wank him off and with the occasional lick and suck of his length. Sarah announced she was going to pee and Louise sucked hard and deep on Ravs cock while she watched a stream of golden piss run all over Ravs face down his chest and into the fabric of his car seats. When Sarah had finished Louise said that she looked a little embarrassed but Rav had cum buckets of spunk into her throat and sensed that that was ‘his thing’.

They all started to get dressed as best they could and Rav set off to take them home. Louise said that they both so knackered that they didn’t care who got dropped off first and she fell into bed. The next day she spoke with Sarah (the last one out of the car) and she had said that Rav wants to do it all again with both of them but this time in a hotel, he had left his phone number but they have as yet not been back.

I will keep you posted. Keep the feedback coming as I intend to let Louise read the stories when we meet up and I am sure the dirty little slut will love it.