Written by Lucky Fella

25 Aug 2008

My wife and I are in our 50\'s and since she went through the menopause she has really gone off sex letting me fuck her about 2 or 3 times a year.

About 3 months ago I was moaning about her to a guy at work who said he had the very thing for her, it\'s some herb that a mate of his brings back from Africa.

As she is into herbal detox drinks I thought I would give it ago, that night about 8 o\'clock she asked me to make her a drink whilst she had a bath. This was my chance to try out the African herb, with no idea of how much I should use I made a strong infusion, lucky for me she is used to her herb drinks tasting awful,I took the drink upstairs for her and about half an hour later she came into the living room stark naked which was quite a shock to me as she never walks around the house without clothes.

Now I must tell you that my wife has got a great pair of 40D tits as she entered the room I could see she was rubbing her nipples which were harder than I have seen them, she said that she didn\'t know what had come over her but she felt really sexy and would I fuck her. Now that was strange because she would never say fuck, however as you can imagine I was only too pleased to oblige her after about half an hour and the best fuck I have ever had it was good for her as she had many orgasms we collapsed onto the setee exhausted.

The next morning when we woke in bed she told me she was still feeling randy but as her cunt was still a little sore from the previous nights fucking would I lick her clit, again these were words that she had never used but what a turn on for me.

After she had a couple of orgasms she said had I ever fancied fucking her arse, she said some of the younger women at work openly talked about being fucked up the arse, I said that I would love to fuck her arse.

After a trip to the bathroom she returned with some lube and began to rub it into my already hard cock, she put some on my fingers and told me to lube her arse after doing as I was told she took hold of my cock and gently began pushing it up her arse. As this was the first time she had had her arse fucked you can imagine that it was very tight, once my cock was right up she gently rocked back and forward keeping a steady speed I was not long before I could feel myself starting to cum I told her this and she said cum up my arse which I did and was the best orgasm I have ever had.

The above is 100% true and just the start of our new sex life,I will tell you about our first 3 some next time.