Written by Lucky Fella

27 Aug 2008

Read the first Love Potion story for the history/background.

Well as promised here is part 2, the next morning in bed my wife said she was sorry for her behaviour over the last couple of days, of course I told her it was fine by me but she said she felt ashamed and got out of bed to start the day.

Well back to normal for her so that night I thought that I would try her with another herb drink, this time I made it a little weaker after about two hours she said she was tired and was going to bed, failed again I thought.

As I had an early start I followed her to bed, once i was beside her she said can we talk, then she asked me if i had any unfulfilled fantasies. I told her that she had fulfilled the main one which was to fuck her arse.

With this she cuddled up to me and said I am sure you must have more, well I said I have always wanted to watch you with another guy, after talking it for a few minutes we dacided we would plan it the following day which was a Saturday and we were not at work.

Next morning we decided we would put an ad into a local free ads paper, within a week she had had 6 replieswe decided upon a 46 year old guy, she replied to him and invited him over a couple of days later. prior to this we had a discussion about what we both wanted to happen that night and this is what happened.

The night came and after a herby drink and exactly on time the door bell rang I was hidden up stairs with my web cam ready for me to watsh and record the events.She answered the door naked and I bet his heart nearly stopped as she stood there with her 40 D tits and freshly shaved cunt on view.

They both entered the living room where the cam was positioned the look on his face was priceless, within what seemed like seconds he was as naked as my wife and they were kissing pasionately. Suddenly my wife pulled away from him and told him not to move as she sat facing him on the setee and began rubbing her clit, at this stage I must tell you that me wife\'s cunt lips would put Mick Jaggers to shame. When he saw them his eyes nearly popped out of his head and I am sure his already hard cock grew another 4 inches.

After about 20 minutes of her mastabating infront of him she got on her hands and knees infront of the cam ant ordered him to fuck her, well one of the things that really turns me on is watching a woman be fucked from behind with her tits swinging wildly and as it was my wife being fucked I am sure my hard cock instantly grew another 6 inches well maybe another 2 inches.

When he was ready to come my wife turned around and took the load of spunk into her mouth, I don\'t know how much there was but she did not loose a drop next and even to my surprise she stood up and kissed this guy I thought she must have swollowed his spunk but she told me afterwards she gave him it all back again the surprised look on his face was a picture he didn\'t know whether to swollow or be sick luckerly he swollowed it.

He hastily got dressed and left, I returned to the living room with my wife who was in a state of arousal we fucked for what seemed hours but I am sure it was actually just minutes but she had several orgasms and her cunt was wet through instead of letting me shoot into her she took my load into her mouth this time swollowing it and having a cheeky grin on her face. We discussed why she gave him his spunk back but I will tell you about it another time because now she wants to have a \"wet\" gang bang.