Written by Sexy

24 Jul 2008

We have just set up our profile and we are unfortunately living apart from one another, but get to meet up fairly regular for nothing other than fantasic sex and enjoyment of one another\'s bodies. I started writing informtion in the advert section in error and as a result only some of it can been seen as I ran out of space, then I saw the section on stories and thought I would share with you an erotic, but funny encounter.

My lover and I have to make the most of what little time we have together and often this is in the middle of the day or early in the morning (as with this case). My lover spends ages on Google Earth trying to find suitably remote locations to enjoy outdoor sex. Far enough away from busy traffic but with an element of risk to excite me. He then drives to the locations and sees if it lives up to expectations. If it does then we arrange to meet up nearby, drop my car off and travel to the location in his car.

We met up on this occasion near a small village pub just outside Bedford at approx 7:00am I parked my car in the car park, and got into his car. We drove for what seemed miles, we were both so excited at the thought of fucking at this new site he had found that I started to play with myself whilst he drove. I was so horny and wanted him so much that I came within minutes of touching myself. I looked across at him and he was smiling trying hard to keep and eye on the road, I teased him by wiping the finger that had been touching my clit over his lips (I love the fact he finds my smell and taste such a turn on).

He pulled the car over a few minutes later by a dirt track, then proceeded to reverse up it until reaching a dead end by a railway track which was only approximately 100ft away, the otherside of a wire fence The track was on a raised embankment up to the height of the car. It was a lovely summer\'s morning and it was already warm enough for me to only be wearing a skirt and tshirt. He leaned across to the passenger seat and kissed me passionately. I could taste me on his lips and he unzipped his fly and got his cock out whilst we were still kissing. His cock felt red hot as I put my hand on it, it was twitching in my hand as he tensed the muscles and I leaned down to kisss it and lick the top of his helmet. I sucked it briefly before he said \"I want to fuck you outside the car, but we had better keep our clothes on\"!

We got out of the car and we both got the giggles because he was trying to conceal this massive hard-on (I\'m not sure from who, as there was no one about). We walked to the back of the car and I took my knickers off, lifted my skirt and in a really slutty manner leaned over the rear of the car pushing my bum in the air and looking behind at him. I thought that he was going to fuck me there and then, but was pleasantly surprised me when he crouched down easing my bum cheeks apart and started to lick my pussy and bum hole. I know this sounds really cliche but my legs nearly gave way as I had such an intense rush of pleasure from his tounge. This attention didn\'t last long and he soon got to his feet and fucked me from behind. I was so wet that I couldn\'t feel him as much as I would have liked, but the whole situation was sooooooo erotic and my mind was in a fantasy world, that I came quickly. He had his hand on his cock as it was sliding in an out of me to try and direct the tip to my G spot, my come was everywhere and then he came too pushing and thrusting his final strokes deep inside me all the time saying he loves me and how much he loves the fact that I am a dirty little whore who just loves cock!

Just as he was sighing with relief a train whizzed past full of commuters on their way to work... we both froze....., both still in the aftermath of draining orgasms not really sure what to do! We hurriedly tried to gather ourselves and then as the last carriage passed, started laughing. We got into the car and started the engine, driving off immediately down the track. It was only then that I realised I was sitting in a pool of semen as it has trickled out of me and my knickers were abandoned in the field. I looked across at him and his cock was still solid and all over the front of his black suit trousers were my juices, now begining to dry white... I just laughed again! We were both shaking with excitement over what had just happened and just kept saying \"Oh my God\" over and over again, whilst laughing nervously.

We pulled over at a Tesco Express as we approached the village again and my lover went in to get some wet wipes to try and clean ourselves up (holding his suit jacket over his arm in a vain attempt to hide the stains on the front of his trousers). We both had to get to work and I had no knickers!!! Needless to say I got into work and was paranoid all day that people could smell come on my skirt or would be able to see I had no knickers on when going up the stairs!

I called my lover later that day and we both agreed that was the best sex we had ever had. I still love to masterbate whilst thinking about this encounter and I have even been having a cheeky frotter whilst typing this. I hope you have enjoyed reading about it and wanking too (if you are honest) XX