Written by mortal

14 Oct 2010

Hi there, I was thinking about all my dogging exploits and this one still stands out as a good one. Probably because it was one of my first full on experiences.

It was the middle of summer about 6 or 7 years ago, I had popped out to get some milk, and decided to see if I could get lucky up at the Cathkin Braes. It was early evening and I didn't think there would be much action to be had, but nothing ventured nothing gained, right? I parked in the main car park which over looks the south west of the city. There were a few cars, mostly single guys and dog walkers. One of the cars was a Vauxhall think it was a Carlton, you know the big luxury Vauxhall's they used to make.

Inside I saw a guy in his fifties in the driver seat and next to him was a blonde woman wearing a white shirt open wide at the neck with a tie lying loose down her chest. I thought to myself that looks like a school uniform get up. But the lady was obviously in her late forties or early fifities at most. Bingo! Here we go, they must be here for a little sex action. My heart started beating a little faster and my cock started to stir in my denims.

I kept watching them and could see the blonde shaking and juddering in the passenger seat, the guy's right arm was moving quickly as he leant across her. He must be fingering her fanny I thought. My cock was now rock hard, and it was now apparent that they were putting on a show. Another guy in a similar car to mine was parked on the Carlton's opposite side from me and he was getting a good eyeful too.

After a few minutes of him fingering her slot he stopped. Their engine roared to life and they left the car park slowly, flashing the brake lights to me and the other guy. Game on. They headed over one of the back roads towards East Kilbride, and the other guy followed closely and then I tried to keep up. What the Fuck! I lost them. I couldn't see them anywhere. I searched the back roads for a good 10 minutes and just as I was about to give up I stumbled upon the Carlton and the other car tucked into a little road well covered from prying eyes.

The other guy's car was empty and I could see movement in the Carlton. I parked up, got out and made my way towards the Carlton. My heart was fucking pounding now and the adreniline was starting to pump. What was I going to see when I got up to their windows? Well I wasn't disappointed. Through the windows of the Carlton I could see the driver still in his seat, the other guy in the front passenger seat both cocks out and the blonde straddled over the centre arm-rest. Her mini skirt was pulled up round her waist she was wearing white frilly pants, which were pulled to one side and both guy's hands were groping her moist pink pussy. her tits were on display as the shirt had been fully opened. They were small pert tits with lovely bullet nipples. For her age she was in great shape. A lovely little slut.

I had my eight incher out and was now wanking and watching the action inside the car, the occupants more than happy to let me ogle. Then the windows went down. Ya fuckin beauty! I didn't need any prompting, I leaned in and started groping and fingering her soaking fanny. she turned round and exposed her arse for us all and we all put our fingers in as many places as we could, the dirty bitch was moaning and gyrating on our fingers and she was wanking the guy's in the car and sucking their cock's when she wanted a hard one round her lips.

Then we were rudely interupted by another car. Taking no chances I got back in mine and drove off, the doggers doing likewise. Well that was that, or so I thought. I still had a rager down stairs so I pulled into a lay-by and pulled away at my cock till I spurted cum into a hankie. As I sat there the Carlton stopped next to my car and the driver motioned to me to put my window down. He asked if I knew any other quiet spots as his lady still needed satisfying. I explained that I had just shot my load as I thought our chance had been blown. 'Come on, don't let her down, she needs a cock, surely you could manage again'? 'Ok, I'll give it a go' 'follow me' I said.

We stopped at another lay-by in a quiet spot and I walked over to their car. She was now lying back in the front seat, fanny gaping and wet as she rubbed her clit. The driver asked if I wanted to fuck her. 'Yes please' I got in and lay on top of her sliding my cock up to her mouth. She gobbled on it brilliantly getting me hard again in no time. Her man had his cock out and was wanking as he watched me finger and fondle her body. I slipped my cock into her pussy, which was very tight and strated to ride her gorgeous snatch. Her man trying to get a good look of my cock pumping in and out of her cunt. God, this was fucking magic. She was thrusting her mound up into me as I pumped into her.

'Where do you want me to cum' I asked her, trying to be polite. Put it inside her the guy said, obviouly turned on at the thought of my cream in her fanny and dripping out. She had other idea's though. 'give my mouth a load' she replied. I moved up her body again and offered my cock to her pouting lips as her man stuck his fingers into her hole again. I was nearly cumming when the car that interupted us earlier pulled up again. Fuck fuck fuck, can't fuckin believe this. Taking no chances we all sorted ourselves, and I had to drive away again.

Once more I had to finish off by having a wank in the car again. The car that kept annoying us was probably another dogger but as no signals were made we didn't take any chances. So even though I never got to give her my cum it was still a very hot experience, and I still think about it now and again whle having a wank. So thank you to the couple, I never saw you'se again but it was a great thrill....Never got the milk either.