Written by happy hubby

19 Jan 2009

my lovely wife sue has been fucking other men for about six months now, i encouraged her to do this and after about three years of trying to get her to do , she fnally let a old friend of mine fuck her in the back of his car, one night after she bumped into him in town, since then she has had several lovers,and is comfotable with the lifestyle, although she has made it clear that if i ever fucked another women she would leave me, i have agreed to this arrangement, as i have no desire to fuck any other women , but really get turned on by the thought of my lovely wife sue getting fucked by another guy with a bigger dick than me ,im a confident kind of man , i run my own bussiness, i can look after my self . so i dont understand why i enjoy her doing this and how submissive i am , when it comes to sex. sue has become more and more dominant, and will only wank me off as she says her boyfriends are bigger and more satisfying than me, and that after she has been fucked all night by her lover she can hardly feel me inside her,so at wekends if i wait up for her she wanks me off desciribibg how and were she has been fucked, the other day we were in the trafford centre, sue was waiting at the counter to be served when a guy tapped her on the shoulder and started talking to her ,sue was laughing and flirting with him.then sue got our coffees and invited the guy over to sit with us, sue introduced ahim as her friend , and then they both stsrted talking about a night out they had had with friends last week , her friend was a nice looking guy with thick dark hair about forty, and about 5 9 tall, wich made me feel quite inadequate, after a whille sue went to the ladies room, and her friend rob , started small talk then asked , if i wouldnt mind if he asked her out to night. as he knows that i dont mind her seeing other man , i was gob smacked, it is obviosly common knowledge that i let my wife fuck other men , sue must have told people i didnt know how to react , so i just said no its ok , when sue sat down rob just said to sue do you fancy going for a meal to night and then back to mine , sue looked at me and then said to rob yeah ok dave will drop me off i had a massive hard on i couldnt beleive my wife was making a date with aguy in front of me and that i was to be the taxi , that night i watched her get ready for rob,she put on a low cut dress high heels stockings, just a little to much make up she looked fucking great , i drove her to the restaraunt and rob was waiting outside he came over opened the door for sue, said thanks pal to me then they both went into the restaraunt, i was so excited i drove round to a side street and had a wank , sue rang me about 12 30 to pick her up i pulled up outside of robs house , sue was at the door and her tounge down robs throat they had obviosly got on well, sue got into the car, i was just about to set off when she realised she had left her bag at robs she instucted me to go and get it, iwalked up to robs door rang the bell, rob answered i explained that sue had left her bag, he said come in , ill go upstairs and get it he guided me into the front room, on the floor were sues knickers and on the leather sofa 3 pools of robs cum were he had just fucked her i nearly fainted with excitement, i picked up her knickers rob came down with her bag, said googdnight and i left , when i got in the car i passed sue her knickers she smiled and just said well dave you started all of this i said i know she kissed me hard so i could tstae robs dick then she told me that if i was good she would give a good wank when i get home , i love my wife so much