Written by H

18 Jan 2013

I am amazed that so many of you have read my first story and thank those of you that commented. It was good to have your understanding for what was a totally true story. I was so inspired that I thought I would tell you about another occasion with 'C' at her flat on the East coast one summer. You may recall C is a tall very pretty leggy blonde with a figure to die for pert tits nice small bum gorgeous long legs and a lovely small tight always shaved fanny. In short she was perfect in looks and had an extremely high sex drive to match. What more could any hot blooded male want. Just talking to her on the phone used to give me an erection. Anyway one summer’s day we arranged to meet at her flat near the coast; I had made my excuses at home and had the whole day to look forward to. My heart was pounding with anticipation and excitement. I missed the first train by seconds but didn’t lose much time in catching the next one. I had a while to think about the day so the tension was mounting by the minute. I arrived at the station and went outside. No sign of C so I called. She was on the bus and would soon be there. Another 5 minutes saw her getting off the bus and I greeted her with a smile a hug and she returned the compliment with a lovely warm wet kiss. We walked into town and had the usual coffee and soon we were walking through town to catch the bus to her flat. We arrived after half an hour and went up three flights to her flat. Inside she showed me around and ended up at her Juliet balcony. Now she was wearing a long summer dress, no bra and the outline of her small thong stood out against the sunlight. I had a rampant hard on by this time which was straining against my shorts. I went behind her put my arms around her and drew her towards my waiting erection. Her lovely bum met me with a warm soft feel and very soon we embraced in a full on kiss. She kissed like an angel. Soon we made our way to the bedroom as we were both gagging for it. I undid her halter neck and she removed her dress to reveal an absolutely perfect feminine body. Her nipples were erect and sitting proud on dark areola and small perfect tits. I know we men have different tastes but for me C had all the gorgeous attributes I love in a woman. She had a lovely smile and when it was directed at me I felt so special. She yanked my shirt and shorts off to reveal my excitement. Such was my state that my pre cum had soaked through my shorts and covered my circumcised head. We kissed and held each other tightly my cock rubbing her belly and smooth mound through her small white panties which by now were pretty wet. I nibbled at her nipples and tweaked them between my fingers and thumbs. They were hard and C moaned in appreciation. I moved long down to her lovely pussy sliding her soaked white panties down inch by inch as I went. Her sex smell was something else, I will always remember and treasure. I ran the tip of my tongue over her lips and parted them to reveal her erect clit. I was so excited by now but determined to make the moment last as long as possible. I thrust my tongue as deeply as possible into her vagina tickling her inner thighs as I went. After a while I returned to give C a deep French kiss. She said she could taste her juices on my lips. It might not seem it but that was an extremely erotic thing to say at that moment. After some mutual playing with each other’s bits I entered her in the missionary. After gliding into her tight wet and welcoming pussy and thrusting a while we changed positions to C going on top. She enjoyed the power not to mention the pressure on her clit. It was also good for me as I could see her great smile and body. When she lent forward I almost came as her long blonde hair lightly tickled my shoulders and chest. It was incredible sheer ecstasy. I pulled out to take C from behind. I wanted and needed to penetrate her deep and this position I think many couples will agree is ideal. It didn’t take long for either of us. I managed to bring C to a loud orgasm and although it doesn’t happen often I too climaxed at the same time. As I said previously neither of us liked condoms so my semen shot into her tight pussy. Her tightness around my cock meant that I could the vibration so much more than normal as my semen shot into her. We collapsed in a sweat together on the bed and just lay in each others arms. It was heaven and certainly one of those iconic moments that I will remember forever. It was a rare day where away from everyone we could be alone in her flat and it was that that made this so special. We were both relaxed and out of all the times we made love this for me and C as she confirmed sometime later was the best. I had planned earlier to take C for lunch. We had had a great morning and I felt she was mine and needed to have her on my arm. We went to the local pub and had a great lunch. C only had her dress on at this point. She was so sexy and knew exactly how to look after her man and turn him on so it didn’t take too long for the sexual tension to build again. We had lunch and what better way than to have a nice pint and a steak. I will tell you what happened after the meal in my next instalment. I hope you are enjoying the read. I can assure you it is totally true and although recalling it is a little sad for me as it is only now a memory, it is also giving me an erection recalling it and who knows I may just take the advice of one reader and try to contact C again. It may backfire and open old wounds but love is a bug and one where the only cure that I know is to follow your heart.