Written by plumber1967

22 Jun 2011

what a site greeted me at door julie dressed in short skirt showing of her amazing legs covered in stockings ,heels and see-throu blouse with bra showing

going in to the longue we kiss on the setee as hubby gets us both a drink before he returnd julie and i in a deep kiss hands starting to explore each others bodies

feeling julies breats through her bra she eachs down feeling the growing bulge in my trousers

soon she has my trousers down and is sitting on my lap grinding her panties coverd pussy down in to my lap

julie get up leading upstairs to they bedroom her skirt revealing her pantie covered arse as she climbs the stairs in font of me hubby following on behind

the bedroom is light by candles julie lays back on the bed i soon join her as we lock together in a deep french kiss moving dow i kiss her neck then pulling her blouse open to reveal her bra pulling it down her firm breast is revealed top by the amazing nipple

as i suck her nipple julies moans become louder

moving down her body kissing her hairy pussy through her panties pulling them to one side her moist lips come in to view

i lick her moist lips moving up to her clit as suck her clit julies legs clamp tight around my head as she holds me in

removeing her panties i toss them to hubby sitting in the corner in his pants rubbing his little cock

julie lays back on the bed as i rub my swelling bell end up and dowm her lips feeling her pussy getting wetter by the minute

slowly feeding my rock hard cock in to her love hole streching her mov than hubby ever could

julie opens her legs wide to feel my full length deep inside she is crying out for me to give her it all

her wet pussy feels amazing as it grips my cock seaming to pull it even deeper

as i withdraw julie pushs me back on to the bed taking my cock in her hands slowly wanking it as hubby looks on she takes me in her mouth put her tongue to work on my bellend licking up and down my shaft and balls

all to shown we are locked together again with my cock deep inside julie asking her what she wants cum she says your cum deep inside me

with that my balls tighten pumping 4/5 shots of hot fertile cum deep inside her

we lay together as my cock falls from julies satisfied body

looking forward to many more times with julie