Written by New Friend

11 Sep 2018

The continuation of Lucio's stay with us as host for the English course he was on took a different turn in the second week of three. Liz had been entertaining herself with his cock with increasing enthusiasm as his erections proved to be almost permanent. I had been playing it cool and making excuses to be out so as not to spoil their fun but I was very keen to actually watch their antics for myself. Liz took the initiative and explained that in fact I was being the perfect English gentleman and that i knew and approved and encouraged heir meetings. He was apparently a bit sceptical but Liz promised him a very sexy evening that night and we were going to a local pub to play pool and then return home for some fun.

Lucio seemed nervous as we left home, but they both sat in the back and she started playing with his cock over his trousers and giving him gentle kisses and whispering encouraging words which I could not understand as she was secretive.

In the pub we relaxed and i made sure he knew I was not a threat to him. We played a few games and had a drink and talk together until we were ready to go back home. It was now dark outside and the journey back took the same format of her in the back with him and he now responded to the kisses and ventured some groping which I could not see. Liz spoke to me saying she was looking forward to getting home. In the mirror I saw she was close to him and her hand was somewhere in his lap.

Once we were parked up she led him to the door and they went inside, I followed behind a couple of paces and locked the door. I went to make some drinks up and they went into the lounge. Liz said she was just going upstairs to change into something more comfortable. I returned with the drinks Lucio being a soft drink specialist and there was wine for us two. I heard the bedroom door close and her footsteps on the stairs. She came into the room wearing a pair of new black stockings and her latest purchase of matching suspender belt, bra and thong in white. The red high heels clicked across the wooden floor and she smiled and said she felt very comfortable now. She sat down on the settee and patted the seat next to her and told Lucio to sit next to her. I took a nice armchair and raised my glass to them both. Lucio looked very nervous but Liz took the moment and said that she hoped he liked her clothes because she was not intending to keep them on for long. She turned to me and said he (Lucio) was a very good lover and had been fucking her more or less every opportunity since his arrival and that tonight he was going to have her again. She told me I could have her after I had cleaned his come from her then she was going to bed with him for the rest of the night. She was gently rubbing his lump in his trousers as she told me. Lucio was now very red faced. She kissed him and continued rubbing him and he began to respond.

At this she turned to me and asked me to give them ten minutes. I stood and smiled, then kissed her and patted his shoulder and said 'See you both soon' and left the room. I crept out the kitchen door and round into the garden to find his confidence returning as they were now kissing enthusiastically and his hand was on her breasts through her bra. I stood back to be less visible in the dark garden so was around five yards away from them. the lighting was from three wall lights, so reasonable and also quite sexily subdued.

I had my cock out and watched as she removed his. It looked a nice specimen around the normal six inches or so, but quite dark skinned and reasonably thick. It obviously did something for her as she devoured him and took her time enjoying it in her mouth and licking his balls. She stopped and got his trousers, socks and pants removed then stood him up to allow him to strip her. They resumed the couch with Liz now just in her stockings and suspenders, the thong curled up on the coffee table and the bra on the floor. I believe Lucio was now oblivious to me being close by, his attention was transfixed by her body so as they were now engrossed in each other I quietly returned to the inside of the house and entered the lounge to find him now with his tongue firmly giving her cunt total attention. I sat back down having taken my trousers off in the kitchen and slipped my pants down and off as I sat down. i watched my naked wife being licked energetically by his Italian tongue. She lay open legged in heaven, eyes closed and her hand holding the back of his head and encouraging his investigation of her lips. His youthful energy gave her a beautiful come as he finished and emerged with a shiny face, pointing his cock at her cunt lips which lay invitingly apart. He slipped himself in and gave her some thrusts which had her gasping with joy, her hands came round his back and her knees raised and then she crossed her feet over behind his back and pulled him closer and deeper in her making her give a cry of sheer joy.

Lucio was a stayer too. I would have been finished ages ago but he kept giving her the fucking of her life. In the end she came a couple of times and begged him to come in her, give her his spunk all the way up her. When he did he was full on. His arse clenched up and his grunt of satisfaction was wonderful to witness. they lay, him across her and she held him tight. I crossed to them and said that was fantastic and that I was ready to clean her up when she wanted. She said to give them a few minutes because he felt lovely inside her for the moment. Lucio eventually moved across the settee and lay exhausted beside her. Her cunt was already leaking come and her cunt lips lay wide spread, showing a deposit of cream seeping down towards the growing stain on the cushion beneath her. I bent forwards and assumed the position where Lucio had been kneeling fucking her, the floor was still warm from his knees and I began to lick the residue before lapping up his spunk into my mouth and drinking it down. Liz encouraged me and told me she had a lovely cum as he fucked her. When she was cleaned, I saw her reach across and clean his cock, making it begin to revive.

We were all naked and we chatted for a while as I reassured him that I was cool with him fucking my wife as long as he was kind and gave her plenty of nice sex. Lucio was now relaxed as his fears were unfounded and I was no threat. Liz said they were going to bed together soon and she would see me later. I watched her go upstairs with him and as I passed the door heard the sounds of passion. My wilted cock perked up at that and I had a second wank as I lay listening to them enjoying each other's bodies