Written by Lucky Lady

19 Jul 2012

Well this is the final part of my initial submission to the status of slut to my now husband. I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. If you do like it I will tell you of our trip to Paris which opened my eyes even more to the life I have now become accustomed to.

The cab stopped outside a large townhouse. Music pumped out of the door which was secured by a very sexy black bouncer who smiled a pussy throbbing smile at me as he held the door open for us. “Welcome and enjoy yourself” he said.

He slid his arm around me as we entered the main room and bar, without a doubt he was letting everyone know that I was his. The bar was full of stunningly good looking people; the women were dressed very provocatively with masses of flesh on display, so much so I felt over dressed. He looked at me staring and laughed, “I didn’t want to scare you by making you wear the latex dress tonight, better to break you in gently my Darling”.

After some chilled champagne he said to me “don’t worry, this isn’t a swingers club or anything, it was just recommended as the sexiest club in town and as you are the sexiest woman in town it was only fitting I bought you here”. He continued “the only person you are going to be having sex with tonight is me so lets have a few drinks and a dance then back to the hotel where I am going to fuck you rigid”

We drank and danced and I relaxed, taking in the sites when there was a tap on my shoulder. I looked around and saw the girl from the Ann Summers shop and my saviour in the bar when he had made me cum remotely. She looked stunning; her long blonde hair completely straight, very little make up but for bright red lip stick but her dress was the show stopper. It was black lace and completely see through. All she had on underneath was a thong and below that a high, high pair of platform heels. Her breasts were large and proud as were her nipples which pointed directly at me.

I’m not normally into women but the dress and the smile made my pussy tingle slightly. She leant forward and said “you made it then, I recommended this place to your man after he told me all about the plans for your break, have you enjoyed yourself”? Well as she seemed to know what was going on I told her everything in detail and whilst doing so I noticed that her thumb seemed to be stroking the outside of her thong and the more I talked the harder she seemed to press. Her face flushed slightly and her breasts rose and fell more rapidly. She said “God I wish I could find a man with that kind of imagination, I would love to be a controlled slut once in a while, you are so fucking lucky”. She finished her drink leant forward and kissed me briefly on the lips, her hand came up and brushed across my erect nipple and she said “have fun, see you later” and she was gone.

I turned to find him talking to a couple, her brunette and slim, him fair and well built. As he realised I was back beside him he startled me by saying “I have been telling Eleanor and Patrick about our break and what we have been doing”. I felt the blood rush into my cheeks when he really shocked me by saying “show Eleanor your waxed pussy, she shaves hers but would like to see a waxed one”. I looked at him mentally begging him not to make me do it but he just took my hand and placed it on my skirt. I slowly inched it up until my pussy was just exposed. “See” he said “beautifully exposed and smooth” as he brushed his thumb over my wanton lips causing me to shudder.

The couple both smiled at me before I realised I was still holding the skirt up exposing myself to anyone who walked past. “You can put the skirt down now Darling before someone fucks you” was all he said. As the couple walked away he pulled me close to him and said “you really are the most beautiful slut. I know that was really hard for you but I love you so much for doing it and he kissed me deeply and longingly.

As we stood drinking his arm slid around my waist and he began to caress my nipple but in comparison to what was going on around us it was tame. I was sure that I had seen a woman sucking a guy’s cock in one of the booths but my view was blocked before I could be sure. This was a shame as I wanted to watch others fuck, yet another of my unfulfilled fantasises.

I told him I was going to the ladies room, he said he would go to the garden for one of his favourite Cohiba cigars; I kissed him and left him to his cigar. I found the very opulent ladies room at the rear of the club and as I entered I saw a sight that stopped me dead in my tracks. In the ladies room was a large leather settee and on it was the girl we had met twice now, the only difference was that her lace dress was up around her waist and another blonde was knelt between her wide open thighs licking passionately at the girls’ pussy. Her hips were writhing and her hands were entwined in the other blondes’ hair pulling her tight into her shaved pussy which was covered in a mixture of saliva and pussy juice. The blonde probed her tongue deep inside her pussy and lapped slowly up and down, each contact with her clit making her squeal out loud.

Fascinated I walked slowly forward and she opened her eyes and saw me and smiled a broad grin. She held her hand out and to my surprise I took it, she squeezed my hand tightly as her back arched off the sofa. To my shock she pulled me forward, wrapped her arm around my neck and kissed me before biting into my neck to muffle her final loud scream as she orgasmed. She let me go and sheepishly said “Sorry” she said “but I was afraid I would scream the place down”. Standing I smiled and said “we can call it one all then”. She stood, pulled her dress down and said “this is Donna; she wants me to be her slut tonight”. Leaning forward she kissed me deeply and said “thank you, you are very sexy” and she was gone holding Donnas’ hand as they virtually skipped out of the ladies room. As I entered the cubicle I was aware that my pussy was throbbing, seriously throbbing and I knew there was only one thing I could do so rapidly I fingered myself to an amazing orgasm all the while picturing her being licked by Donna.

I found him in the garden just finishing his cigar. “You were gone some time” he said. “Well you not what ladies rooms are like, bloody long queues” I replied. He leant forward and said “time to take you back a fuck you like a real slut.

We arrived back at the hotel and went straight to the room where a bottle of champagne awaited us. He poured two glasses and toasted me and our days away. He sat on the sofa and said to me “strip slowly and do exactly as you are told”. Slowly and a provocatively as I could I undid each button of my blouse, after each button I ran my hands over my breast and down across me thighs, my thumbs gliding against the top of my covered pussy. Once the blouse was undone I left it on and slowly pushed down the zip if my skirt. I turned my back on him and wriggled the tight skirt down over my hips exposing the tops of my buttocks, then a little more until my naked buttocks were on full display, my pert arse framed by my suspender belt and the lace top of my stockings.

As the skirt slid to the floor he said “bend forward and finger yourself”. Doing as I was ordered I bent forward and slid one hand up my stockinged leg until my fingers contacted my pussy. As I slowly circled my clit he snapped “not your clit slut, get your fingers in your slut cunt, you will only cum when I let you, do you understand”?

“Yes Master” I replied, his use of the word cunt both shocking me and thrilling me slightly.

I parted my pussy lips and slid two fingers deep into his cunt, because it was his now, he would now really control me. My pussy was boiling and the juice was running down to be soaked up by my stocking tops. I increased the pace until he said “now finger you arse slut”. Making sure my finger was well lubricated with my juice I slid a single finger into my tight arse. The thrill of not only exposing me pussy and arse to him but also fingering my own most intimate place knew no bounds. I increased the speed of the finger in my arse until he said “now two fingers slut”. Again obeying without question I lubricated another finger and was surprised how easily it slid in next to the other finger. “Now fuck yourself fast” he said. I powered my fingers in and out of my arse inflaming the nerve endings in the wall of my arse. My eyes shut and saliva ran down my lips and chin as filthy slut feelings rushed through me.

“Stop and stand up” he commanded. As I stood he came up behind me and placed an eye mask over my eyes. I felt him walk in front of me and heard him move something and then felt something touch the front of my thighs, cold and smooth. Then he was behind me again kneeling and wrapping something around both my ankles and pulling it tight. I realised he had used the ribbons he had bought with him and tied my legs apart and to the legs of a chair.

He bent me forward and grasping my wrists did the same, bending me forward and tying my wrists to the front legs of the chair. I was now totally immobilised and at his complete mercy. He ran his hand over my buttocks and said “I think there is something you have forgotten to tell me isn’t there?” I thought what have I done but couldn’t think of anything that would displease him. “No master there is nothing honestly”. “You are lying, think hard”. I worried and wracked my brain but nothing came. “Honestly Master there is nothing”.

“Can you explain to me then slut why there is a lipstick covered bite mark on your neck?” Oh God, I had forgotten that. As I began to explain he cut me short and said “as my slut you will fuck who I say when I say but only when I say so and only if I am there”. He continued “as you have seen fit to slut yourself to someone else without my permission you will be punished do you understand?” “But Master I ….” He cut me off and said “you will start to learn to be my slut starting tonight, your punishment will consist of you being spanked, you receive five strokes with my hand and five with my belt, if you make any noise I will increase the punishment until you are quiet, do you understand?” I nodded dumbly unable to bring an answer to my lips. “Answer slut” he said. “I understand Master and I’m sorry”. This was the moment that the safe word he had given me may come into play. If I uttered it he would stop immediately.

I felt his leg touch mine and his hand rest on the small of my back, then there was slight shift of his weight and his hand crashed down onto my naked buttock but not as hard as I had expected. After the spank he massaged my burning buttock before spanking me a further four times each time lovingly massaging my buttocks. What really surprised me was that my total submission had turned me on so much. My pussy pulsated and leaked copious amounts of juice down my inner thighs.

I felt him move and heard a swish which I took to be his belt. I had once admitted to him that if he spanked me I would like a belt as well as his hand and he had obviously listened and filed my want away for tonight.

His weight shifted again and I heard the hiss of his belt as it descended before it thrashed across both my buttocks, this one hurt and made the tears well up I my eyes but did not stop my pussy throbbing and demanding attention. I waited expecting the next stinging thrill but it never came. A cool damp cloth was laid across my buttocks and his hands stroked my back and neck. “You have behaved so well that I will let you punishment stop there but if you transgress the rules again the next time will be different”

As my buttocks cooled my pussy heat seemed to have increased ten fold. My pride in being able to take my punishment form my Master made me smile deep within and increase my already overwhelming lust for him. Did he really mean I was going to fuck other people, did he mean men or men and women, when would it happen, would I want it even though I had frequently fantasised about two cocks ravaging my pussy it had only been a fantasy. Would he make it reality?

The cloth was removed and his nakedness touched my buttocks, his cock felt like a branding iron as it probed between my legs, eventually finding the entrance to my grasping pussy. He thrust forward forcing a grunt from my lips and he fucked and fucked and fucked. Griping my hips tightly he rammed as hard and as deep as he could. The raw fucking caused the saliva to spill from my mouth again and my eyes to roll back in my head. The force of his cock moved the chair forward and then he was gone and his cock was replaced by something long that reached deep into my pussy. “Now you will be fucked like a true slut” he said. The thing suddenly kicked to life and vibrated deep in my pussy. “Grip it tight and don’t let it fall slut” he commanded whilst he pushed the engorged head of his cock to the entrance of my arse.

He fucked his cock straight into my arse as the vibe vibrated my pussy to death. The sensations of slut fucking washed over me and the orgasm that followed caused me to fall back towards him screaming “fuck me, make me your slut, your whore, do what you want, please Master use me hard”. I slumped forward and slipped away briefly.

He untied me and laid me on the bed and straddled me but not content to let me go he rubbed my clit. Tormenting me with a mixture of pain and pleasure. He left the eye mask on and I could hear his breathing increase as he obviously wanked his cock fast between my tits. As he roared the eye mask was stripped off and I saw his erect cock was being wanked not by him but by the girl and her friend Donna. They pounded his cock until he was about to cum and then stopped and let him settle, they did this three or four times until they looked at him and said “Now?” He just nodded and they wanked his cock so fast their hands were a blur. His back arched forcing his cock towards my face and then he fired, never had I seen him cum so much. The spunk splattered over my face, my hair, down my neck and over my tits. His hips jerked and more spunk poured from him adding to the pool in my cleavage. He slumped back whilst the girls scooped up his cum and forced it into my mouth. Finger full after finger full was poured down my throat until my body was cleansed of his hot, male seed.

The girls leant forward, kissed me gently on the lips and the shop girl said “you are such a sexy slut, I really hope I meet you again” and they were gone.

He held me tightly to him and said “You are my angel, you were absolutely fantastic today, you were my dream slut and lover and Princess and I adore you”

I slumped against him sated, exhausted and devoted.

Now what could I plan for him?