Written by Lucky Lady

17 Jul 2012

Sorry but this episode is going to go on for a while as it has taken me ages to get my head around what happened and to where it lead me. If you have read my previous tales under Lucky Lady you will know that I had an older lover whose imagination was only outshone by his skill. HE is by no means a massive cocked sex machine but he knows how to press my buttons so much so that we are now married.

This episode was really the first faltering steps to where I am now wife, lover, soul mate and slut. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did in taking part. It is long and will be set out on parts based around the episodes of that weekend.

The Princess Day had been fantastic and it was exactly as it said on the tin. I had been pampered from the minute we arrived to the moment I fell blissfully asleep in his arms, physically and mentally sated.

I had been massaged, stroked, kissed and held, the attention was adoration not simply paying attention, not simply going through the motions to please me. I had eaten beautiful food and drunken expensive wines. A beautiful orchid had been awaiting my arrival along with a chilled bottle of champagne.

I had been undressed slowly and bathed, scented bath oils filled me with joy as he washed my body gently with a real sponge. He washed my hair, massaged my head and then dried me in a huge, soft white towel. He then laid me on the bed and slowly and gently made love to me. The look in his eyes turned me on as much as his long, slow, deep thrusts until he finally filled me with his hot, potent seed.

After a beautiful dinner I had ridden him slowly repaying him for the beautiful day, pinning his wrists back as I slid up and down his rigid shaft until again with a roar he filled me to the brim, our combined love juices pouring from me as he held me tight and loved me.

I woke before him and watched his handsome features as he slept peacefully. As I lay in a half sleep I thought about the coming day partly with excitement and partly with trepidation. He had promised me a Princess Day and he had fulfilled my every dream, however he had also promised me a Slut Day where I would do exactly as I was told, whenever I was told. I really did want to let my “Slut” out but with his imagination and experience I was a little nervous as to what the day would hold. The one thing I did know was that if I said “No” it would mean “No” even though I knew he would never, ever harm me. I was still a novice slut.

I had obeyed my orders, my pussy was waxed, the outfit for this evening that he had ordered me to bring was in the wardrobe and his verbal instructions were fixed firmly in my brain.

To start the day as he had ordered I slowly slid the duvet back and slid down until his soft cock was by my mouth. I held it softly in my fingers and gently slid the head into my mouth, slowly running my tongue over and around the head. Surprisingly quickly as he was asleep, his cock started to harden in my mouth which turned me on knowing that I had this power over his sleeping form.

With his now fully erect cock filling my mouth I felt his hips thrust forward gently and his hand fall onto the top of my head. Gently he pushed my head forward, my lips sliding to the base of his shaft, his hips now thrusting in time with the rhythm of my lips. In time his salty juice started to cover my tongue. I adored the taste of his man juice and swallowed quickly making sure I didn’t waste a single drop.

By now he had both hands on my head and was thrusting more urgently and then he spoke, “morning my gorgeous little slut, don’t answer just suck me like the slut you will be today”.

He seemed harder and bigger than I had ever know him and the juice poured from him as if I had opened a sex tap within him and I seemed to swallow as much as I licked and sucked. His hips now drove his cock faster and harder into my mouth, his balls slapping against my chin. Both hands gripped my head and he pulled me deep onto his rigid cock as he let out a long guttural groan and pumped his hot cum into the back of my throat, jet after jet poured down my throat, so much that a small amount dribbled down my lips and onto my chin. I kept sucking knowing that the engorged nerve endings in his cock would make him buck his cock deeper into my mouth letting me drain him of every drop of his spunk. It would also hurt slightly which I knew he loved not matter how much he protested.

I moved quickly up the bed and kissed him, letting him taste the small drop of his cum on my chin. “Good morning Master” I said. He looked me in the and said “It’s nice to see you have remembered the first of my instructions Slut, now get you slut body into the shower and wait for me”

I skipped from the bed, elated that he was my Master for today and that I had pleased him. Desperate for a pee I sat on the toilet while the shower warmed up. I looked up as he walked and smiled, without a word said he stepped forward and grasped both of my nipples tightly in his fingers and twisted hard, he then pulled me to my feet pulling breast away from my body until the weight of both my breasts hung from the nipples. The pain was bearable and I felt the fire burn from my nipples straight to my pussy causing it to pulse softly. He twisted and pulled more until I was on tiptoes. “Good Morning slut” he said and then pulled me to him plunging his tongue into my mouth. With a final pinch he suddenly let go of my nipples causing my breasts to slap back against me. As the blood coursed back into my nipples they seemed to be on fire which of course meant that my pussy now throbbed intensely.

Once in the shower we washed each other and I noticed he was hard again. As he lathered my breasts I could feel his hardness press between the cheeks of my bum causing me to grind backwards and up and down, the soap causing him to slide between my cheeks. Without warning he bent me forward and thrust his cock straight into my swollen pussy. My hands pushed against the wall holding me up and helping to thrust back against him whilst his hands gripped my hips. There was nothing subtle about this, this was just a fuck and a quick one at that as I felt his cock swell and pump his cum into me.

He pulled his cock from my pussy leaving me panting and somewhat frustrated so I delved my fingers between my shaking legs and began to start what he had finished. No sooner had my fingers found my clit than a stinging pain seared through my buttocks and his voice said “leave it slut, you will only cum when I say so, do you understand?” “Yes” I replied and again the sting returned as he slapped my buttock again, “Yes what?” he said. “Yes Master” I willingly replied.

We dressed and breakfasted and to all appearances today appeared to be a normal couple on a break even though I was braless and my nipples seemed to permanently erect, straining against the material of the sheer jersey jumper he had selected for me, informing everyone who looked and few did that not only was I not wearing a bra but I seemed to be in a permanent state of sexual arousal which I was especially when I walked causing my breasts to sway against the soft material which in turn rubbed my nipples oh so softly.

To finish my outfit I had on a flared above the knee skirt, thong, stockings, suspenders and heels. The other thing that I did have on or rather in was my remote controlled vibrator, the control of which he held in his pocket.

We walked and talked and finally settled down for a coffee at an open air café, as the rather attractive waitress delivered the coffee he hit the start button which caught me totally unaware. The vibrations drilled deep into the walls of my pussy causing my hips to lunge forward. I felt me cheeks rapidly flush and a gasp of breath to slip from my lips. The waitress looked at me curiously as she watched my breasts heave below my jumper where she seemed to be focusing on my now hugely erect nipples.

This was no quick blast, this was a sustained electric assault on the depths of my slut pussy and I loved it. Outdoors, surrounded by unaware people who had no idea of the plight my pussy was going through as I gasped back the escaping breath. I clamped my thighs tight shut and mentally half begged him to stop and half to continue with the exquisite pulsing within me. As I looked at his eyes he smiled, leant forward and kissed me gently whispering “Beautiful slut” and as quickly as it had started it stopped, making my shoulders slump forward as if I was totally submitting to his desires, which in reality I was. I was his slut, he knew it, he didn’t have to give me a slut day I was his slut whenever he wanted me to be.

After doing some normal shopping and stopping for a large glass of wine in a lovely bar he steered me towards Ann Summers, he had promised to buy me a long vibrator, one that would reach where even he couldn’t. As I looked over the huge variety of vibrators, dildoes and strap-on cocks he wandered off to look around. Occasionally as I picked up something to look at he would buzz my remote vibe causing me to tremble gently and flush desperately. I am positive that every one of the staff knew that my pussy was being lit up as yet again my tits began to heave.

I suddenly heard his voice from behind me, “changing rooms now slut”. I walked to the changing rooms and the girl on the door didn’t bat an eyelid as he followed me in. From behind his back he produced a shiny black latex mini-dress and boots in the same material. “Strip and put them on now” he commanded. As I slowly removed my clothes he stroked my nakedness as it appeared, my breasts, my stomach and my thighs, flicking his fingers against my swollen clit. “Wet aren’t we slut” he commented.

I turned my back on him to pull the dress on and as I bent forward exposing my arse to him he quickly slid a finger straight into my tight back hole causing me to gasp, he plunged the finger in and out quickly causing my knees to buckle and a mini orgasm to sweep through me. He slowly removed his finger and said “dress”. I pulled the dress over my head and wriggled into it until the tightness enveloped my body. The dress barely covered my pussy but it showed off every one of my curves. “Boots” he said. As I sat on the seat I saw that he had his erect cock in his hand, he gripped the hair at the back of my head and pulled me forward so his cock pierced my lips and slid into my mouth. He then proceeded to fuck my face furiously until his spunk fired down my throat. I swallowed as quickly as I could not wanting to spill any on the dress. He put his cock away and said “now the boots”.

I pulled the boots on and was amazed at the height of the heels which must have been at least five inches. The look of the dress and the boots was amazing, just pure “fuck me” and I loved it although where I would wear it I didn’t know but one thing was for sure I’m bloody sure he would know where I was going to wear it.

As I turned to face him he said “stunning absolutely stunning my gorgeous slut” and he kissed me tenderly. His hands slipped around my neck and he said “one more thing to finish it off, close your eyes”. As I closed my eyes I felt him slide something around my neck. “Open your eyes” he said. Around my neck was a black choker with a lead attached to the side and written on the choker in big silver letters was the word “SLUT”. “Perfect” he said.