Written by Lucky Lady

17 Jul 2012

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After changing out of the “fuck me” dress and boots he gave me some cash and told me to go and select whatever vibe I wanted and pay for all of it. I could barely concentrate after being finger fucked and swallowing more of his delicious cum. My pussy had gone past throbbing and was now in spasm, it literally felt like it was try to drag my thong into me.

As I walked to the cash desk he said “go back to the bar we were in a get a bottle of wine, I’ve got something to do, I will meet you there”. I paid and walked slowly back in the sunshine, a little self-conscious carrying a big bag with Ann Summers all over it.

I got to the bar and ordered the wine and eventually found a seat at the rear of the bar. As I sat down I looked at the very pretty girl sat next to me as I thought I knew her. As I looked at her she looked up and smiled, then it dawned on me, it was the girl from the Ann Summers changing rooms, the knowledge caused me to blush as I realised she probably had a good idea what had happened in her changing rooms.

As I lifted the cold wine to my lips the remote vibe went off causing me to gasp and put the wine down. I scanned the room looking for him but couldn’t see him and the harder I looked the more it carried on. I ground my buttocks deep into the cushion and clamped my thighs tight together but that only increased the sensations flooding through my pussy. I gripped the table and gasped again causing the girl next to me to look me straight in the eye and smile. She leant towards me and said “love eggs”? “Sorry, what did you say”? I said. She said “Did he buy you love eggs, it looks as if you are about to cum”. “I think I am but no, it’s a remote vibe, he’s here somewhere but I can’t see him”

As my orgasm built I grabbed the girls hand and squeezed hard, biting my bottom lips trying not to scream. She smiled straight into my eyes and said “lean forward and cum no one can see you behind me”. I really didn’t have an option apart from dropping my thong and pulling it out in a packed bar. Again I bit hard on my lip, my head fell onto her shoulder and I orgasmed surrounded by ordinary people doing ordinary things. As soon as I had slumped onto her shoulder he switched it off, leaving me gasping for air.

The girls gently stroked my face and said “don’t worry people will just think you are having a flush or something. As my breathing returned to normal I saw him walking towards me, no smile just a look of satisfaction that I was no seriously on the road to slutdom. He leant down and kissed me softly but passionately. He then said to the girl “thank you looking after her during her predicament”. “My pleasure” she replied.

As he drunk his wine I talked to the girl and she told me that an ex of hers had used a remote on her and made her cum while they were having dinner at a wedding and that she had fallen off her seat. I laughed loudly and wondered when he would use it on me again. I now desperately needed to pee and as I got up he handed me the remote and said “I think that’s enough of that for one day, you can take it out if you wish”.

On returning from the toilet and with the vibe removed I found him deep in conversation with the girl. She was holding his hand and laughing at something he was saying. Jealousy coursed through me but then calmed as I thought I am his and he is mine, she can hold his hand if she wants, he is funny and very sexy and women do like him but I’m the one that wakes up with him.

As I sat down the girl leant forward, kissed me and him on the cheek and said “Back to work for me, lovely to have met you both and have fun today”. With a bright smile and a wave she was gone. “She was nice and very helpful” I said. “Did you enjoy it slut”? he asked. “Yes Master I did, cumming with all these people around was just so dirty, having to control myself as it rushed through my pussy and the juice poured into my thong was just delicious”. He leant forward and kissed my softly. “You are my gorgeous, beautiful slut” he said.

After a lovely lunch we walked back slowly to the hotel, as we were walking remembered his second instruction and knew I would do as I had been ordered. I also knew that if I didn’t he said he would spank me. I knew that he would like to spank me and in reality I would love him to as well but I decided I would show him that I really was his slut and would always do as I was ordered.

In the lift back to the room and without a word said he pinned me against the wall and fingered my soaked pussy before thrusting his fingers into my mouth which I feverishly licked clean. On entering the room he laid on the bed and I started to do as I had been ordered.

Looking him directly I the eye I slipped my jumper off over my head whilst gyrating my hips slowly, thrusting my pussy towards him. Next came the skirt which I let down slowly to the floor, followed by my bra which I held for a tantalising moment over my flushed breasts before dropping it to the floor. As I looked at him I could see the straining bulge in his trousers which obviously meant I was doing it right. My thong was next and as I danced slowly I knew he would be able to see my engorged lips running in my juice.

I walked slowly backwards until I felt the armchair touch the backs of my legs and slowly and as instructed I sat down and then lifted one leg over each arm. Hungrily my fingers sought out my hard, swollen clit and while one hand stroked my clit the other fingers pushed deep into my soaked pussy. As I pushed the fingers in the juice poured out, running between the cheeks of my arse and onto the chair. I knew this would not take long, masturbating in front him was turning me on so much and so quickly. I twisted my hand so as my thumb was now circling my tight back hole and all it took was gentle pressure for the thumb to slide into my arse covered by my escaping juice.

As quickly as I had started the orgasm approached, the whole situation was so sluttish and I loved it, doing as my Master had ordered. As I opened my eyes, he was now slowly stroking his erect cock, the angry red knob leaking his own man juice. My breathing quickened and the cum hit me, my nipples were hugely erect and the juice pouring from me felt like I was peeing so copious was its flow. As it went I slumped down in the chair, my thighs still wide open and pussy gasping as much as I was. I could feel my lips opening and closing all by themselves.

Opening my eyes again he was stood in front of me holding the very long vibe I had treated myself to, I could hear it buzzing in his hand. He smiled and touched the tip against my clit causing me to buck up and down. “Sit still slut” was all he said. Re-gaining my composure I waited as he ran the tip all over my pussy causing me to have a number of mini-orgasms. Then the pressure increased and the vibe was pushed slowly but firmly deep into my pussy, it seemed to go on and on. Nothing had ever been this deep inside me and still it kept coming until it seemed to be in my stomach. He gently rotated the vibe and that was pushed me over the top. I grabbed his hand and pulled the vibe as deep into me as it would go, I had at least ten inches of vibe inside me if not more and I was fucking it like whore.

My eyes rolled back into my head, my mouth dropped open and a pure animal scream left my lips. As hard as I tried I couldn’t get enough air into my lungs to sate my needs. My chest heaved and I must have momentarily passed out. My eyes flicked open as I heard the vibe being dropped to the floor only to be replaced in my pussy by his scalding hot cock. He lifted my ankles over his shoulders and plunged his cock deep into me, fucking me hard, furiously hard. His cock was wider than the vibe but obviously not as long and the different sensation was wonderful, my pussy now being stretched as he fucked his slut.

His speed increased and I knew that this fuck was just for him; in fact I was just for him today. Relentlessly he fucked in and out of my pussy and amazingly I felt his cock swell ever wider and slightly longer as his cum rushed up his shaft. Quickly he pulled out a fired boiling spunk all over my pussy and breasts, the heat felt like mild acid as it scorched at my reddened skin. He dropped my legs, pulled my head forward and thrust his still stiff cock between my lips making me lick off our combined juices, which I savoured like fine wine.

When I had finished he lifted me up and kissed me slowly and tenderly, looking me in the eye he said “I love you darling”. Such tenderness made me realise just how much I wanted to be his slut and that his wish would always be my command.