Written by Tony

2 Aug 2018

......next Sarah took Claire's hand and walked her over to the sofa. The two of them lay down and started to explore each other's naked body's some more. Gently kissing and caressing each other for a few minutes. After been close to cumming myself I stayed on the armchair and watched from across the room, taking some time to recover.

Things then started to warm up again as Claire moved herself on top of Sarah and started to kiss her all the way down her body. She eventually knelt on the floor and positioned Sarah's arse on the edge of the sofa, parting her legs to start pleasuring her wanting pussy with her tongue.

Seeing Claire's on her knees with her gorgeous arse in the air was an opportunity not to be missed. I moved towards her slightly moved her legs apart, before entering her once more. She felt just as good as before, still tight but much wetter.

Sarah had previously told me how Claire had made her cum in the college showers with her fingers so it was no surprise when Sarah requested the use of her fingers inside her. This allowed me to starting fucking Claire harder as Sarah enjoyed two fingers whilst rubbing her own clit. In no time at all Sarah enjoyed a strong orgasm all over Claire's fingers. Almost immediately Claire removed herself from my cock announcing "time to fuck your girlfriend now"

Sarah always liked to be fucked hard after she came, so I stood up, moved her on to her knees and proceeded to fuck her deep and hard. It wasn't long before I came myself, shooting my load into my gorgeous, sexy, naughty girlfriend. It was only fair that she got my spunk!

What a night that was. Lucky me!