Written by Dave and Lyndsey

15 Jan 2012

This is a what happened a few years ago before we had any children and we could mess around without any worries.

My wife and I always enjoyed a very varied and full on sex life, only with each other and we would never think of going with someone else, but what happened one afternoon changed things sexually for us.

My wife, Lyndsey, is a sexy lady when she wants to be and dresses up really smart when we go out, she's 5'4, slim size 10 with small tits that just jiggle when she's braless, but she can get away without a bra at times too.

One afternoon id finished work fairly early and came home feeling quite horny, Lyndsey was in the back room doing some polishing so I grabbed her round the waist and suggested we go to bed for an hour or 2. She loves being surprised and readily agreed running up stairs first as if trying to get away from me.

We'd spent about an hour playing and fucking and were just laid on the bed totally naked, her head on my chest and me stroking her hair while we chatted. During the conversation I joked that its a good job that John our 70 yr old next door neighbour was out as he would have probably heard the headboard banging against the wall.

At this Lyndsey said " well if he did hear he'd probably be tossing himself off as hes just an old perv"

What do you mean I asked, he seems ok to me?

Then she said how earlier she was about to go to the shops and just got in the car when John appeared and asked if she wouldn't mind getting him some milk while she was out as he'd fallen the other day and was having difficulty walking so she agreed she would pop it round in about 15 mins. Then she said he was just staring at her legs as she got in the car, as Lyndsey was only wearing a shortish summer dress a lot of thigh was on show.

Anyway, about 15 mins later Lyndsey returned and went round to Johns with the milk,as the back gate was open she went round to the back door and that was open too, she called out to John and walked in to put the milk in the fridge. But suddenly she froze as she looked through the living room door there was John sat on the chair wanking his cock while some porn was on the TV, he must have planned it she said because he suddenly stood up and turned to her smiling with a fat throbbing cock still in his hand. She turned and fled saying that he was just an old pervert that should be locked up.

just then she noticed my cock had gone from limp to semi hard and she grabbed it and said OMG, your getting a fucking hard on, then she said, I think he probably wanted me to give him a hand, at that my cock just sprang from semi to full hard and i gave out a little moan.

Lyndsey said, I don't fucking believe you, your dirty bastard, would you have liked that then, and I couldn't deny it, my cock was answering for me so she wrapped her fingers round it and started wanking me while saying things like, well next time maybe I should because it was nice and thick and with that I shot a thick wad of spunk over her hands and arm.

Since then things have progressed, which I will tell you more....