Written by Loose Lucy

8 Jul 2013

Apart from my name this is entirely true. It would be quite exhilarating for some strange reason to confess even that. I have an open relationship with my husband. It's just he doesn't know it. Since I learnt by accident of his extras and turned a blind eye, I have surprised myself. I married and had children young so maybe am now living.

I met someone by chance in a pub, ten years older. It was late, we talked, he walked me back to my hotel, I asked for his e-mail. He left my outside at the reception - the perfect gent. He was married.

It wasn't at the time sexual. The next day he mailed me. We arranged to meet up again for a drink. He suggested 9pm. It seemed late. We exchanged mails again. He couldn't meet me now until 10.30. Who meets innocently for a drink at 10.30 at night?

I am quite petite. People say pretty. Wore a white, tight top, black trousers and grey boots. I went to the bar. We talked non-sexually for an hour. Then I moved closer on the chair, lent over and kissed him. In minutes we were in taxi back to my hotel. As I paid the bill he unclipped my bra and my breasts slipped free. The lift was busy so we stood apart. By the hall of my floor he was unfastening buttons. As I struggled to find the key my blouse fell completely open. Finally the key stayed in my fingers and I got through the door, desperately turning off the light out of some habit. Within moments I was naked on the bed, legs spread wide, presenting myself to him. As he went to undo his jeans, I asked him if he minded pausing whilst I had a smoke. He was surprised. I lay naked, legs spread, pussy wet and started to smoke....watching the effect this had on him. For those few minutes he was almost in a trance. I had complete power and felt the most erotic sensation of my life.

Then he was on me. Sucking on my tits - small but firm...fingers pushing into my cunt..one, then two...I tugged on his hand to pull in a third...I felt his wedding ring pushing up into me, the fingers stretching me wider... I told him I wanted to be fucked and his bare cock then plunged into me...driving in and out as my tits were now gently bitten round the nipple. I warned him to leave no marks but then my dirty talk started to flow out -demanding a deeper and deeper fucking. He came filling me deep inside with his cum. Neither of us commented on this completely bare fuck. My orgasm came but would not die ...I dragged his fingers back into me... he fingered me long and hard....he had to leave...as he started to dress I started to frig myself. I buried my own fingers into my cum filled pussy. I lay there eyes open masturbating furiously with my legs again spread wide as he headed for the door. I grabbed a sheet, kissed him at the door....he pulled the sheet away as he walked. As he stepped out into the hall I walked back naked to the bed. Whilst he returned home on the train to his wife's bed I lay back in the centre and fingered myself to orgasm after orgasm until I finally fell asleep on top of the sheet.

So what does this make me? I can't tell a soul I know. I'll be judged. Was I naive - don't think so as I knew exactly what danger I was looking for meeting a virtual stranger so late at night. Am I just a complete slut for acting in this way...and with a married man? Why am I tempted to look for more trouble? What would the next stranger do with me - or what would I do with him?

I knew what I had to do. I searched him down and set off for his house. I took the tube then the train then walked a mile or so. I wore a short summer dress and quite smart brown heels. It was further than I had realized. I arrived midday, hot and beaded with sweat.

I knocked on the door. Insisted she let me in. Then told her everything, straight out in her living room then waited. And waited as she stood speechless. Then I very slowly turned...lowered myself to my knees...pushed my hands out in front of me, lowered my head to the floor, raised by bum into the air, and let my dress fall forward, sliding up my back....presenting my totally bare backside and shaven sex up into the air.

I waited...

And I waited....she was motionless...

Then after what seemed an eternity there was a huge intake of breath and she rushed across the room, her hand slapping at pace into my arse with fierce anger. Then again...and again.... And again.....

Direct on to my exposed pussy now...stinging the lips...still moist though from the walk...

She spanked furiously at my prone and reddening backside for a minute until a pause..then I told her every detail ...line by line..re-building her fury..stinging my cunt.....but flooding me with wetness....as her hands stated to pick-up the coating of my pussy juices I could feel the atmosphere changing slightly then I could really feel fingers ramming into me... One, two, four...oh my god, the whole fist was coming in ..in anger.....I came wetter and harder than I had ever come in my life..and longer as her fist slammed in and out of me..finding her voice...calling me a whore...a slut...a slag....slut slut slut...that was what I was..that tipped me over the edge and left me collapsed and twitching in the middle of her floor. A moment of complete exhilaration and humiliation I was unable to enjoy as she pulled me up by my hair, dragged me down her hall and pushed me out into the hot summer street, miles from home, drenched in sweat, soaked in my own juices and red raw across my arse and pussy lips.

I walked in growing pain in my heels the long walk back to the station, my feet getting raw to return home on a crowded train, surrounded by young men, barely 18, ogling me, smelling my pussy juice, seeing my sweaty dress clinging tight to my tits and it's dampness...and I closed my eyes and let them...let them stare and giggle to themselves and nudge each other and try to look up my skirt and stare at my tits as I didn't care anymore.

And I thought that would be the end of that...but it turned out to be barely the beginning....