Written by Danny P

19 May 2015

Our story goes back a year, when my girlfriend Lucy and I went on holiday to Magaluf, We've been together since we were 18 and had a pretty standard relationship until that holiday, both of us being 26 at the time. We went on a 18-30s holiday as we've done many times before, basically because they're cheap, and a good laugh.

So getting to the point, our recollection of a night that was to change our relationship forever is pretty hazy to say the least, due to the alcohol consumed. We had taken part in a planned pubcrawl organised by the reps for our group, and had already got pretty pissed by about the 3rd bar we got to, the reps were giving out beer tokens as prizes for doing set challenges, such as skulling drinks and various random stuff. Now Lucy is a competitive person, not least when shes had a drink, so she was taking part in everything and winning a fair few aswell. The group consisted of about 30-40 of us, and majority were groups of lads, and girls, not many couples, so when the rep set a challenge for a girl to go and french kiss a guy with the same colour top on, people were quite surprised she did it, as was I, and not long after that, a challenge was set for the first girl to bring a pair of knickers to the rep, again she entered that, fumbling under her skirt, to remove them and racing up, only to be beaten by about 6 other girls, and strangely enough none of them got their underwear back.

So after a while the guy Lucy had kissed came up and introduced himself as Adam, and his mate Luke. They were both 19, although Adam had a baby face and looked a couple of years younger, we got chatting to them, and Lucy was behaving very flirtaciouosly, especially as they both kept commenting on what a good laugh she was, and how fit she is, and to cut a long story short, the four of us end up at our apartment naked, taking turns on Lucy.

Now this is territory we have never entered before, and as I said, Lucy is very competitive, and I think she wanted to prove a point to them that older girls are better, she was acting like a pornstar, there was nothing she didn't do, all I remember was waking up early the next morningon the sofabed, the three of them asleep on the bed naked, and slowly piecing together what had happened. I was getting so hard, thinking about it, and the sight before me, I walked to the bed, and parted her legs, her fanny was red and swollen, I slipped my finger in, and felt this hot sticky mess in her. She opened her eyes, and began to focus, when she saw what was around her she looked at me, to get my reaction, i just smiled, and whispered to her, "you're my dirty little pornstar".

She asked me to get her some orange juice as she came round, then she started to feel her fanny, she said she was so sore down there, her arse aswell, I asked who fucked her arse, she said we all did, and that it wasn't going to be a pleasant feeling today, because she'd slept with come up there. Before long Adam and Luke woke up, they too took a moment to realise where they were, they were just saying fucking hell, what a mad night. Luke started rubbing Lucys tits, his cock was getting hard, he asked her how about a little rerun, but she said no way, she was too sore, he percevered asking if he could just wank on her tits then, and after some pestering she relentlessly agreed, at which point they both knelt either side of her wanking furiously in her direction.

Lucy was giggling as they carried on, and eventually began to stroke their balls, as they masturbated, for all their effort nothing was happening, leaned over to Adams cock and started to suck it, then she swapped to Lukes, she looked up at him and said he could come in her mouth if he wanted, Adam was rubbing her bum, while he was wanking, he was stroking over her arsehole with his finger, as he did he shot his load up her bavk and in her hair, Lucy never flinched and carried on sucking Lukes cock, cramming as much in her mouth as she could, still nothing happening she rolled on her back and said just fuck me, he got his self inbetween her spread legs and slid his cock in her, as he pushed in and out she squelched, his cock covered in come, eventually it was enough for him and he unloaded in her, i quickly stepped in as he pulled out, As I dipped my cock into her, it was seconds before i was adding to the mix.

I collapsed back onto the sofa bed, after a couple of minutes Lucy got up, to have a shower as she did come just flooded out of her. We went out for breakfast and promised to meet up with the boys again, and we'll let you know how that went next time.