Written by Tom

27 Sep 2011

I'm fifty and Lucy my wife of twenty five years is 48. We both love sport, I played rugby until an injury forced me to stop 2 or 3 years ago and I took up golf. Lucy runs or visits the gym several times a week, which has kept her slim and toned and she probably has a better body than many women half her age. She's 5' 7”, has a lovely little arse, small 32b tits which are pert enough for her to go braless. Lucy's passion has always been soccer and when our two boys played she went along just to watch, then became involved with the teams. When they were older she helped with fitness training, on match days going along with the bucket and magic sponge. After they both left for university she continued helping with another team in the local senior league.

For the last 4 summers we have visited naturist resorts in France going to Agde for the first time this year. Lucy likes to get an all over tan and I think got a thrill laid on the beach, knowing that guys could see her shaved pussy. More than once I noticed her pretending to doze, with her legs open, displaying her cunt to all. She was randier than usual and with the sun, and sea we had some great sex. We had heard about some of the things that go on but we weren't there for the adult activities and didn't participate. At least I didn't and never even suspected that Lucy had until recently.

I'd been using the laptop, to write some letters, finished them, printed them off and deleted them before realising that I needed to add something to one of them. I went to the recycle bin to retrieve it, there wasn't much in there, my letters and one of Lucy's dated just after we returned from France. I retrieved what I wanted, decided to quickly recheck the others and inadvertently opened her document. It was to a friend she was at university with, who I knew she wrote to, they'd always sent letters, habit I suppose and hadn't bothered to change to email. I would have just closed it if the first line hadn't caught my attention. It's probably easier if you read an edited copy for yourselves:

Dear A*****

Just returned from Agde. You were right about the beach at night, I've never seen such debauchery!!! Well not since you, me and the 1982 university rowing team, Ha Ha. I had so much cock it's a wonder I'm not bandy legged. It wasn't easy to get away from Tom and though I only managed two nights. Was it worth it!!!!! As you know I jog most days so he didn't think it strange when I went out for a run. The first times I must have gone to early. I had to go later waiting until it was getting dark, making sure he had plenty of booze first and was practically asleep when I left the apartment.

As you're such a slut, I suppose you want to know all the dirty details. I must say there is a wonderful freedom, running naked, with the air cooling your body. Disappointingly the first few times I went out I didn't have much luck, there didn't seem to be much happening on the beach that I could see. Coming back there were loads of people dressed up, going to Glamour I think, I wouldn't have minded going in to see for myself what goes on. I showered as soon as I got back, then went out on the balcony to Tom. I was so randy I sucked his cock then as soon as he was stiff, I bent over the railings and asked him to fuck me from behind. It was really horny, people passing only feet away, able to see what we were doing, until Tom bottled it and pulled me inside. Shame, I was enjoying being watched and had been, hoping it might give him “inspiration” I'd been close to asking if he fancied going down the beach for a shag.

Though my first visits were unsuccessful, Tom benefited. I told him about the people I'd seen all dressed up to go clubbing and strongly hinted we could go, suggesting I wear that mesh dress I told you about, and a tiny G-string. I even reminded him, no one was going to see anything they couldn't see on the beach. It'll just be couples having fun, wanting to enjoy good company, dance and, I paused …... things. What's wrong with blokes, I don't think he was really listening. Short of telling him I wanted another guy to fuck me, (mind that would have got his attention!!!!!), I couldn't have been much more explicit. He didn't fancy going. Your idea to get him to go there, see his reaction and if it was positive, suggest going further, failed at the first hurdle. Back to the drawing board. Get your thinking cap on again I need another plan.

It was almost the end of the week before I got fucked. I know what you're thinking, what took you so long. Well I haven't had as much practise as you and you have the advantage of being married to J**** who encourages you to be a slut. If only Tom was like J****!!! I can only dream!!!!! Anyway, Tom was used to me going out each evening. He'd had most of a bottle of wine and a few beers, as you know he doesn't usually drink much and as I expected was half asleep. You know what he's like, he'll go to bed and won't wake after a few.

I jogged down to the beach, then stopped, doing some exercises, stretches and bending, putting on a bit of a show for a guy standing nearby. I'd bent, legs apart looking through them and noticed the guy watching. I knew he could see my pussy, so gave him the works, hands on my ankles, then running them up my legs to my thighs until, my fingers were touching my pussy lips. Bloody hell I was wet, and feeling horny so I slipped my fingers in my hole and stretched my cunt open. I'm sure his cock grew a couple of inches as he watched me. He was in better light than me so I could see him, early twenties, a tanned muscular body, and a lovely thick cock. I let him get a good eye full before I stood, jogging on the spot, feeling my tits jiggling, thinking how to approach him, when he walked over and spoke to me in French. Aren't there times you wish you'd paid more attention in french lessons at school? Though come to think of it they probably didn't include “Do you want to fuck me?” I shrugged and said “English” Luckily he spoke a bit and asked if I fancied going down the beach with him. I agreed and he took my arm.

In the moonlight I could see his cock swinging as we walked, his hand moved to my bum, caressing my cheeks. My pussy was dripping wet, almost tingling with anticipation. I wanted to feel his prick, so I stopped put an arm around his neck and pulled his lips to mine, using my other hand to grab his cock giving it a slow wank as it hardened between us until it was pressing stiffly against my tummy. I thought of you, wondering what you would do and decided you'd give him a blow job....... for starters. We were down by the waters edge a good way down the beach, but still people strolling. I got down and started licking his balls and up his cock to the tip before taking his cock in my mouth, tasting his pre cum. A couple walking passed stopped to watch, it was so arousing, I sucked him harder, using my other hand to finger my pussy, noticing the couple wanking as they watched my performance. You'd have been proud of me, I took most of his length and when he came I swallowed his spunk. I was so turned on I didn't stop fingering my cunt and masturbated in front of them until I came. Dirty slut or what????

The couple asked in English if we wanted to go with them for some more action and we went with them further up the beach. They seemed to know quite a few people, more men than women were there I think, but I could see one couple being watched as they fucked and another woman, kneeling surrounded by about six guys sucking them in turn, lucky cow. My new friends called over to a couple of guys, nattering in Dutch I think, talking about me I guess from the looks and nods. They asked if I was there to watch or play. Play, I told them moving between the two guys and taking hold of their pricks. It was an odd feeling stroking the cocks of two strangers, completely different to when the guys in the football team fuck me. I say odd, but in a nice way, really arousing especially when I felt their hands start to explore my body. My pussy was dripping with my juices anyway and they started fingering me. One started sucking my nipples and you know what that does to me. God knows how many fingers were in my pussy, it felt like four each, until one pulled out and crouched down and buried his face in my pussy. He was wonderful with his tongue, his friend having moved his fingers to my clitty they soon made me cum. You know how noisy I am when I cum and had attracted more than a little attention. Someone had a gas lantern nearby and there was enough light to see that another four guys had been watching. They stood stroking their cocks, what’s a girl supposed to do, it would be rude to ignore them so I called them all over.

I guessed I’d been out for about 30 or 40 minutes and couldn't stay much longer. The two Dutch guys spoke excellent English and I asked them to tell the others, they could all fuck me but they'd have to be quick because my husband didn't know I was there. Lots of grins and smiles and friendly banter while they sorted out who was going to fuck me first. I got down on my hands and knees, ready to be fucked. See, I remembered your advice to avoid getting sand in my pussy. I grabbed the nearest cock and pulled it to my mouth just as one of them entered me from behind. Another cock was pushed in my face so I alternated between them. I must admit it was a definite case of quantity over quality. I gave up counting after the first four or five had fucked me, and one or two had shot in my mouth. Who's bothered with quality if as soon as one has spunked inside you he's immediately replaced by another throbbing hard prick. I've never had so much spunk in me, it felt wonderful, pouring from my cunt, soaking my legs, my pussy squelching as they pumped in and out of my sodden pussy. I quickly realised that I was the centre of attention and surrounded by guys and two or three women, watching, wanking, sucking, another woman being fucked standing up nearby. One things for certain, far more than the original six had fucked me. There must have 15 maybe 20 guys, it was hard to tell and I'm pretty certain that most, if not all, of them fucked me. All that in less than two hours. By the time they'd all had me I was drenched in spunk that's for sure, some how it was in my hair, all over my back, but most of it was in my pussy, at least until I stood up to leave and it gushed down my legs.

They all started to move off then and I walked back with the two Dutch guys. I walked down the beach to clean up, and get rid of the evidence. I sat in the sea and splashed water on my body, washing their cum cream off, then knelt and held my cunt open letting most of the spunk run out before I splashing water to flush the rest from my well fucked pussy. The two guys wanted me to spend the night with them, two twenty somethings, tempting but I had to refuse. I did arrange to meet them again. Tom was in bed, snoring his head off when I got in, didn't even wake when I showered and joined him.

I met them a few nights later, getting Tom drunk first. I won't go into details but suffice to say that it was similar to the first night and I was thoroughly seen to by my Toy Boys and about 10 other guys. Don't you just love them at that age, they may cum a bit quick, but at least they can repeat, two or three times some of them. I wasn’t counting, but I must have been fucked 20 or 25 times I reckon, however many times it was, it was fantastic. With so many fucking me I came more times than ever. I lost all track of time and it was after 3am when I got back. Luckily Tom was fast asleep, though he had a raging hard on, which I didn't waste, waking him up when I climbed on top.

That's the holiday over for another year. I really must find a way to involve Tom before next summer. HELP!!!!!

That's all for now. Oh just one more thing I've just remembered. You know the football team I help with, two new players have joined this season. Two black guys and they both fucked me after training last Wednesday. I'll let you know how that goes, but roll on next Wednesday.

Write to me soon, how do you think I did? What have you been up to? Don't make me to jealous you Slut.

Love you loads.

To say I was stunned would be the understatement of the year. I re-read it several times, not sure whether to be what she'd done, or angry with myself for not listening more attentively. The give away was my raging erection. Like many men I've fantasised seeing my wife being fucked by another bloke. I could have kicked myself for missing the opportunity. I don't suppose I'm the only married man who doesn't really listen to what his wife says. You know, nod or shake your head, say Yes or No not really paying attention. I thought back to the holiday, the conversation about clubbing, trying to recall what she'd said, if she'd put the emphasise in “Things”. I remembered waking up as she climbed on top and rode me. The realisation hit me that she'd already been fucked, 20 or 30 times by a dozen young blokes, though she didn't seem sure how many times she'd been fucked or by how many different men, before she took my cock.

SHIT, FUCK, BOLLOCKS I missed it all. I had to have a wank just thinking about it. After I copied the letter, reading it several times over the next couple of days. The more I thought about it the more I realised she had been hinting about spicing things up, remembering snippets of conversations, going back months if not longer. I recalled her telling me a story about A*****, and the things she was getting up to. Only now did I realise what she was saying, I could have kicked myself.

Only one thing to do, tell her I'd found the letter, that I was really turned on and excited by what she'd done and tell her I was sorry I hadn't listened. But first I wanted to see for myself. The next day was Wednesday, football training day and I wanted to watch the two black players fuck her. Which is probably a good point to finish.