21 Sep 2015

Reminiscing after a few drinks on Saturday night my wife Sue and I realised that it is exactly forty years ago this coming week since the incident I’m about to relate. Sue documented a lot of her past exploits a year or so back, so some of the context may be familiar; but this particular episode was one that made a much more powerful impression on me than it did her, so I agreed to put it on record from my own perspective.

Back in the mid-seventies we were young newly-weds, and very excited by the varied possibilities of our increasingly active sex life. Although Sue, influenced by her strict catholic upbringing and education, had insisted on technically remaining a virgin until our wedding night, we’d certainly made up for lost time as soon as we were legal. For the first year we probably fucked three or four times a day – every chance we got – and were constantly on the look-out for new ideas. We’d fuck in unusual places, often very public ones; Sue would dress in an increasingly risqué manner, often naked under a short coat when we went out; and of course, we gorged on pornography, devouring with immense enthusiasm the tales of debauchery depicted in the pages of the under-the-counter magazines we tracked down.

It wasn’t long before we started to talk ourselves into the context of the stories we were reading, and quickly found our curiosity for involving others in our bedroom activities moved from a theoretical interest in ‘wife swapping’ or ‘orgies’ to a common realisation that for both of us the outstanding turn-on was the thought of Sue being taken by other men. This shouldn’t have been a huge surprise to either of us. While Sue would not allow actual penetration before we married, she was a very horny girl nonetheless, and happy for me to strip and feel her freely; to masturbate me; and to suck my cock to completion. At the time I lived in shared accommodation with two other recent graduates in their first professional jobs, and it was difficult to maintain a high level of privacy in our cramped quarters, with thin internal walls and a bathroom with no lock on the door; and over time Sue had lost a lot of her inhibitions about being seen in different states of undress, surprised naked in the bath, or overheard reaching orgasm on my finger s or tongue. As she became more relaxed about her behaviour in front of my housemates I openly encouraged her to tease them; and when she did so she was more than aware of the effect it had on my subsequent erection.

It seemed an endless debate about the wisdom (or otherwise) of going ahead with our fantasies for real. We’d discuss scenarios in bed, finding it had an amazing aphrodisiac effect on both of us, especially when we insinuated real people into the stories we cooked up. Sue became more and more committed to the use of her dildo and vibrator to bring herself off while I described what I wanted her to do, and we’d drive out to country lay-bys and woodland parking areas where she would strip in the backseat of the car and have me look ahead out of the front window while she climaxed behind me in this way.

Finally we took the plunge and placed an advertisement in one of the contact magazines we had been reading regularly. In those days of dependence on ‘snail mail’ it was an excruciating delay of around six to eight weeks between submission, publication, and forwarding of responses; but eventually we started to receive bundles of replies about every three or four days. Many of these were from no-hopers and time wasters, some of them quite creepy; but others were tantalisingly erotic and full of promise. After an unsuccessful first encounter with a civil servant who, having driven all the way up to Nottingham from London, couldn’t really get his cock hard enough for long enough, but made her shaven fanny sore with his persistent licking, we eventually hooked up with a polite and considerate young Houseman from a hospital in Sheffield. Although recently married to a very straight-laced girl, Adrian was very keen to have more than one option and, conveniently, was particularly enthusiastic about bedding a wife with a consensual husband. He would be only one of a series of ‘boyfriends’ that Sue would enjoy over the following three years up to her first pregnancy, but he still stands out as being probably the nicest, and the one with whom we found the clearest common ground in acting out our respective desires.

Our early meetings were relatively conventional ‘threesomes’, with Adrian and I both taking turns with Sue, delaying our orgasms so we could ‘tag’ her for good long sessions, and occasionally we would both take her together at opposite ends in what is now known as a ‘spit roast’. Increasingly though I would be encouraged to leave them alone for long periods, returning to the bedroom to top up drinks from time in a role more servile than democratic participant. This progressed first to Adrian expecting Sue to be naked and ready when he arrived and taking her straight to bed without me being involved, and then to collecting her in just her coat, stockings and high heels to take out to various public places such as pubs or cinemas where he would insist on some element of public display before bringing her home for sex. He would regularly drive her to country pubs, usually early evening, where she would unbutton her coat and cross her legs as they sat having a drink, regardless of who may notice her exposure. In the darkness of the underused cinema he several times sat her next to the side wall and removed her coat altogether, watching the film naked apart from the nylons on her legs.

When we look back on this it is clearly the first expression of Sue’s submissive nature, something which would become far more prevalent with other partners and would actually fully blossom in her very late forties. A significant milestone came, however, when Adrian reminded me of the wording of our original contact advert: “Willing wife, 23, enjoys cock and seeks other men (single or in pairs) to enjoy her shaven hole. Husband approves and will do all he can to help. Can travel or accommodate.” It was something I’d composed in a spirit of bravado, and hadn’t given a lot of thought to the implication that Sue may be available to multiple partners. Adrian, however, had. I was admittedly shocked at his indiscretion when he confessed to having shared details of his relationship with Sue with a work colleague, a porter some ten years older; and between them they had agreed to approach me for permission to have her together. I can still recall the butterflies in my stomach as we discussed what this would entail, and although I was probably feeling sicker with apprehension than I was sexually aroused, I didn’t consider even for a moment rejecting the proposal.

Actually setting a time was far more difficult due to work patterns and other commitments (both were married, and John, the porter, had two young children); and the best we could manage was a weekday lunch time. Sue was then working as a primary school teacher in a village school north of Nottingham. Things were far slacker then than teachers would recognise now, and even though the dinner break was a full hour and a quarter, Sue was able to add an hour to this by asking the deputy Head to cover her for a ‘dental appointment’. Adrian and I had met Sue from work at lunch on a couple of occasions before. Time being of a premium she would join him in the back of our Hillman Avenger as we picked her up outside the school gates, and by the time we’d made open countryside five minutes later he would have removed her underwear and have dived between her legs. Sue would strip naked and they would fuck in the long drive way of a privately owned country house while I kept guard outside and sneaked the occasional peak at what was going on inside the car. We decided on a similar arrangement for the session involving John, but (weather permitting) instead of the driveway, agreed to use a field we knew which could be accessed by a stile beyond a lay-by, and which had a path down the side leading to a disused cattle shed in the bottom corner.

When we picked her up, I was alone in the front, and Adrian got out of the back so that Sue could sit between them. As we moved away he introduced John and suggested the two of them ‘got to know one another’ during the drive. Once clear of the school John pulled Sue to him in a passionate kiss, and shortly afterwards his hand joined Adrian’s under her already lifted skirt.

I’d assumed that I would not be required to participate, but that I would at least be allowed to spectate. However, as we pulled up in the lay-by Adrian suggested firmly, if apologetically, that as it was John’s first time, it may intimidate him if I, as the husband, were looking over his shoulder. This was disappointing, but logical, and I agreed to wait for them in the car. Whenever Sue went with other men my stomach would turn to knots, particularly when I was excluded; but I’d never known anything to compare with the overwhelming mixture of fear, apprehension and excitement as I watched them head of that day. It was warm for mid-autumn. Sue had left her coat at work and was wearing just a short-sleeved top, a light cotton midi-skirt, and sandals with short heels, over conventional Marks and Spencer’s white pants, and bare legs. Sue had tiny tits before the children and rarely needed a bra, and had, of course, made sure not to bother today for obvious reasons. I remember her attire vividly since several minutes after they had passed over the stile and out of my view into the field, John ran back and, opening the driver’s door, passed me a bundle of clothes containing everything except her footwear. He was red in the face and unmistakably nervous as he said: “Adrian says can you take care of these please?” As he retreated to the stile for the second time my mind was in turmoil at the thought of my lovely randy wife, stark naked in the open with two lusty men, separated from anything to conceal her modesty; and startling images of what they would be doing to her raced rapidly through my mind. I sat for probably less than a minute, gazing down at her t-shirt and pants, gripping my cock and balls through my trousers, starting to sweat with anxiety, before quietly leaving the vehicle and making my way over to the gap in the hedge. By this time the three of them were almost half way down the path. Sue, of course, was completely nude and very clearly visible over the low hedge to the neighbouring field. She was walking ahead and they had made her carry the blanket, which gave me another set of tremors at the thought that she was actually being made to bear the very ground cover on which these two stranger would set her down to plough her cunt. The sense of exploitation and degradation was overwhelming, but so was the sheer sexual exhilaration. As they walked I could see first one then the other of her tormenters reach forward between her legs and feel along her slit to the front, but Sue kept a slow and steady pace toward the shed, seemingly unperturbed. By the time they reached the bottom I’d more or less lost sight, especially as by that point they had set the rug out and Sue was laid on the ground. I think I saw John peeling off his shirt, but he too quickly disappeared as his body went to ground.

Not daring to go closer I returned to my seat to wait. What took place over the next forty five minutes I can’t testify to first hand. Sue has given me details as best she can remember, but there was little to defy the imagination. The men naturally took her in turns, each sucking her tits while the other entered her. John stripped himself, whereas Adrian just dropped his trousers; and of the two Sue says John was the bigger, the harder and the rougher. Both ejaculated into her cunt without protection, and John, having hardened again while assisting Adrian, took her anally for a short while before turning her back over to shoot a second load into her from the front. As they walked back along the path Adrian commented that the three lots of cum were trickling down her inside leg, but she did nothing to wipe it off.

I re-enter the story when, in a reverse re-run of how we’d started, John surprised me with a tap on the window and asked for Sue’s clothes back, with the exception of her knickers, which weren’t needed yet. When they got into the car, John and Sue got in the back and Adrian in the front. While I could see John and Sue kissing and John groping her bared tits, I wasn’t aware that (by prior arrangement) Adrian was reaching back to finger her, until she asked permission to put her knickers back on before we arrived back at school.

I took the two men back to our house where we sat drinking cold beers and flitting through Sue’s private photo album before it was time for them to go. Although we weren’t to see John again, the occasion was agreed by both guests to have been, more than just immensely enjoyable, genuinely significant. We talked in very open terms for a while about Sue, her body, her sexual appetite, and what it was like for me to have a slut for a wife who gave herself so freely to other men. It was all very matter of fact on the surface, but secretly very highly charged and edgy, and very special to me. Sue seemed a little disappointed they weren’t still around when she got home and made it clear she’s have liked more, a strong indication that it had been very worthwhile from her point of view as well. Despite the fulsome attack on my central nervous system it still stands for me as one of the most highly charged and memorable sexual adventures of a long and eventful marriage. One of the things that sealed it, (and I can still hear her to this day) was when I asked Sue how she felt walking naked through the field carrying the blanket they were going to bed her on, and she answered: “Proud”.