Written by spatse

26 Nov 2008

I was in the habit of meeting Susie at lunchtime for a bite to eat. She is petite with size 34d breasts and a lovely outgoing personality.

We got to a stage of wanting to take it further. Why not I thought? We found a place that rented rooms by the hour. I had arranged to pick her up to drive to the hotel.She came out of her apartment dressed to kill. A short black dress just covered her bum and I could see she was not wearing a bra.

On the way \'while I was trying to keep my eyes on the road,she put her hand on my crotch and started to rub my cock into an erection.I stiffened immediately but she wanted more. She undid my zip and reached into my pants to take my cock out and wank me. She then said \"I\'m not wearing any knickers\" at which point I almost came.

We continued our journey during which she opened her legs and slid two fingers into her closely shaved fanny. \"Hmmm that\'s good\" she said as she rubbed her clit and leant over to put her fingers in my mouth. I could taste her sweet juices. She rubbed again and I could see that she was showing herself to various drivers as we were overtaking. This excited her so much she leant over and bent down to suck my cock. We had to call a halt to the proceedings as we arrived at the hotel.

We went up the steps and rang the bell. The door was opened by pretty woman,approx 30 yrs called Nadine,who invited us in and showed us to a room. \"would you like a drink?\" she asked. We placed our orders and Nadine left the room to get our drinks.

Susie immediately dived for my cock which had stiffened again, rolled my zip down and started sucking my cock. I lifted her dress over her head and started to suck her tits. I quickly undressed and sat down in a chair while she continued to suck me, I got two fingers into her fanny and rubbed her clit up until it was enlarged and hanging like a tiny cock between her lips.

Up to this point we had forgotten about the drinks we had ordered. Then I picked up the telephone to enquire after them when the door was opened and Nadine brought in a tray with our drinks on. \"Couldn\'t you wait ?\" she asked as she saw our naked state and my erect cock. Then Susie explained that this was our first time and we were on a lunch break, time was precious. Nadine bent down to put the tray on the table and I could see she wasn\'t wearing a bra and that her nipples stood out like organ stops.

\"Do you like what you see?\"Susie asked. \"I always like seeing folk enjoying each others bodies\" Nadine said. \"Sex with my husband is boring, he seems to have tired of me and the only excitement I get these days is to watch\".

Susie,then to my surprise, invited Nadine to join us.\" I can\'t\" she said\"I have to man the desk and telephone\". After some further persuasion, you could see she was warming to the idea. But she left us and we continued where we had left off. Susie was really hot by now and stuck 2 fingers up my anus while she sucked my cock and massaged my balls.

Susie then moved up me and taking hold of my cock, rubbed it vigorouly against her clit. She came with a lot of noise and thrashing about and sprayed me liberally with juices. At that point I realised that there was another hand reaching round Susie to caress her tits. Nadine had come back. She reached down between Susie\'s legs, grabbed my cock and pushed it into Susie\'s cunt. I couldn\'t believe it and the fact of fucking 1 girl while a 2nd girl watched tipped me over the edge and I ejaculated hot sperm into her fanny.

\"Whose looking after the desk?\" I asked, \"My husband\" she replied.

\"won\'t he mind?\"

\"Not if I give him a blow by blow account, he can wank off on that\"

Nadine leaned across Susie and took my now sightly deflated cock out out of her fanny and started to lick all the juices off and suck the last droplets of cum.

Nadine then stripped off her top, skirt,and knickers and joined us on the bed. The two girls then started embracing each other, rubbing their tits and pulling their nipples.They reversed and performed a very erotic 69 on each other, both climaxing by sucking out each other\'s juices. After a short time, my cock reacted to the sight in front of me and I was anxious to get back into the action.

Nadine reached into the bedside draw and took out a blindfold and put it over my eyes. I was told to lay down on my back. There then commenced a cockteasing the like of which I had never experienced before. Both girls licked and sucked my cock alternately and then together, while Susie put first 1 then 2 fingers up my ass.I could\'nt tell who was doing what but it a mind blowing experience. Then I could feel someone was rolling a condom over my cock and Susie whispered in my ear that Nadine wanted a fuck. I entered her doggy fashion and started to get a rhythm with her while Susie got under her and massaged her tits and clit which made her cum with a scream. I continued to fuck her when she turned round and said I could fuck her arse and discard the condom. Susie lubed up my cock and Nadine\'s arse and I gently inserted the head until I felt the sphincter. I pushed a little further. \" Ouch \" she cried \"Shall I stop?\" I asked. \" Don\'t you dare, I want to feel your spunk up my arse\" I gently slid my cock in and out gradually getting a bit deeper each time until I was fully inserted. She gasped with relief and continue to enjoy Susie\'s ministrations on her tits and in her cunt and I could feel her fingers through the membrane. In a very short time, I shot my load and my cock began to deflate.

We had exhausted ourselves and our drinks, so Nadine called down on the phone for the same again. After a few minutes, there was a tap on the door and a middle aged guy entered with a tray of drinks and was greeted by the sight of 2 naked females and 1 naked male . \"This is my husband Tomas\" she said and introduced us to him.\"I have just been fucked in the arse and sucked of both of them\" she reported to him \" Do you want to see what I did, you wimp?\" she asked.

With that she rolled over me, lying on my back and pushed her cunt in my mouth to lick and she licked Susie. Tomas watched in a bemused state and then took out his cock and proceeded to give himself a hand job.

We could see he was about to come and Nadine reached up and took his cock into her mouth and swallowed all the jism. He then left the room to go back to the desk. We all showered and dressed; Susie and I left to return to the office. The whole episode only lasted about 45 minutes with 15 mins to come and go, yet I was still reprimanded for taking more time than I should have for lunch, and I was starving as I hadn\'t had time to pick up a sandwich.