Written by cumguzzler

7 Jul 2009


Its 2:45 in the afternoon and I have just returned to work from luch where I met a complete stranger and took his load.

We had chatted for a bit on another site similar to this and he told me that he could take me to his place for a luch time session. Great! Just what I need.

I was a little nervous in the car but once we made chitchat it was ok.

We got to his place and he forced me to my knees and I unzipped him. No boxers the dirty fucker - but the biggest cock ive seen in a while. Shaved completely.

He grabbed the back of my head as I asked him to do previously and fed his cock to the back of my throat. I choked a bit but he kept going and I felt his cock fill with blood as it was in my mouth. He made me get naked and I was rock hard but he wasnt interested in providing a service to me - I ws there to suck him end of.

His balls were forced onto me so I licked them and I knew he was now fully erect as he pounded my face harder and deeper. I was no longer sucking and was just being used as a hole to fuck. My eyes watered a bit and my spit was buildiing up and to be honest I needed to swallow down but no good.......he unloaded his full balls into my mouth deep. The strong bastard held my head there until I felt his cock soften and tears streamed down my face.

Slowly he let me go and I have a heavy thick load in my mouth which I swallowed as I told him. Then at his request I wanked my load over his floor.

We cleaned up and I went back to work.

What a cumguzzler I am.