Written by ijamesm

21 Oct 2013

I work with my wifes play mate and as usual ,if we are going to a job in the vicinity of my house, we pop in for a coffee. On this day the flirting was in full flow, with everything being turned into an inuendo. Julie was wearing a black vest top with no bra and jeans and I noticed she was leaning forward projecting her 36 DDs, and taking her time reaching forward for her coffee.

David mentioned how hard she was making him and I called her a cock tease, and I moved behind her. She was nervous of what I was up to and said that she couldnt trust me behind her. She was right not to trust me because I had taken out my stanley knife and with two movements had the straps away, as she grabbed her semi naked breasts I pulled the vest back and cut it straight down the back, letting it fall with just her hands holding the fabric.

Davids eyes nearly popped out of his head, and I told her this is what you get for being a tease, she couldnt believe what I had done especially infront of the window and our nosey neighbours, she retreated upstairs and I followed her leaving David with his brew.

When we got to the bedroom I grabbed her arm and spun her round, landing my lips on hers kissing her so passionately, my hands feeling the weight of her fleshy breasts and rock hard nipples. We undressed each other and fell onto the bed my fingers finding her moistening entrance and sliding first one then two and three fingers into her, I worked her hard for a while as she pulled at my swollen cock until she grabbed me so hard I thought she would leave marks, I felt it first, her stream of lady cum up my forarm and then I looked down at the dark staain spreading on the sheets and her glistening lips. I plunged myself deep and hissed in her ear how I knew she wanted to be a slut and take 2 cocks, she didnt need to reply as I felt a ripple over my cock as she went stiff

then the wetness running down my shaft and off my balls, then she let out the biggest moan. Not being exactly a shy person David came up and was undressed as fast as he could manage, he climbed in to the bed on the other side of julie and started kissing her deeply and embracing her. she rolled towards him and I slid my cock into her as they snogged, I watched as her hand slid up and down his shaft while I fucked her. She came soon after and I pulled out letting David enjoy the warm wetness of my wife, he fucked her good and hard and I moved up the bed so she could take me in her mouth, she did try but she couldnt concentrate so she just gripped me hard as she came again. we switched again and David said afterwards that he nearly shot his load as he watched her face when she came with me. I could take no more and emptied myself inside her, the best orgasm I think I ever had, my cock twitching away but not loosing size, unfortunately that put our guest off going back in so they both went to the shower.

That evening she told me how she sucked his cock in the shower till he came in her mouth him nearly collapsing. This time it was me who came first.