Written by Lynne

8 Nov 2013

Hi!. I am Lynne 35 years old, a teacher married to Dave. I want to tell you about my first experience of Dogging which had a lasting effect on me.

Dave suggested we try dogging and admitted that the idea turned him on so much that he had been out to check out sites where it happened.

I was very unsure. In fact reluctant but he was so keen and assured me that we could stop at any stage I felt uncomfortable and directed me to the stories here. After reading some I began to get quite turned on and curious wondering what would happen.

I had better describe myself before we go on. I am 5' 6'' tall with blonde hair ( thanks to a good hair colourant). My figure has kept ok with 38'' boobs and a decent bum although bigger than I would like.

Dave suggested we go on a Saturday night so that we could lie in on Sunday if we were out late. Then came the question of what I should wear. It seemed that ' my bits' should be reasonably accessable to whoever we decided to have fun with and so we picked out what I should wear. We decided on black stockings and suspenders and a red thong with matching tiny red bra and panties. A short leather skirt seemed right and a dark green silk blouse. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought ' tart'.

So once it was dark we set off for the place he had chosen which he said was far enough away for us not to be recognised.

It was a lovely warm night and after a couple of drinks I began to get in the mood. As we went along the main road I saw the indicator come on and we slowed down to take a narrow road for about half a mile to a parking place which seemed to have been cut out from between the trees. Dave said this was ideal as we were shielded and would also have plenty of warning of approaching cars. I glanced around to see that a few of the bays had cars in them already although it was too dark to see how many were in each car.

He switched the engine and lights off and locked the doors. I opened my window slightly for ventilation and wondered what next. Dave whispered that it might take a little while until people felt ok about our presence. He reached up and put on the interior light for a few moments. He said this was a signal that we wanted to play.

It was dark again and I had lost my night vision but I was aware of a car with no lights moving in to park next to us.

I began to get both excited and nervous at the same time. The drivers door of the car next to us opened and the driver got out. I could see that he was slim and fairly young but that was all. Dave put the floor light of our car on for a moment to encourage our neighbour who moved to the front of his car and then into the woods returning quite soon on a path which would take him past my door.

Dave leaned over and opened my blouse right down the front and pulled my skirt up. He approached our car and I could see that he wasn't bad looking, a little young perhaps but that's all. He stopped as he walked past and looked in to see me in my bra. He became bolder and walked closer to the window. I could see that he was rubbing himself through his jeans. He unzipped and got it out making sure that I could get a good view. It was semi hard and still a good size and hardening. Dave reached over and unclipped my bra lifting it above my breasts to show my erect pink nipples. I must admit I was very turned on. I thought ahead to wondering how far we would let him go and what he would feel like.

There was a rattle which made both me and our visitor jump as Dave pressed the window switch and I felt the warm air on my breasts.

Here I was , a respected member of society about to let a total stranger feel my breasts. I sat back as he turned to the car and his left hand reached in to close around my left breast. I jumped slightly and he began to cup and explore teasing my nipple. I admit he had a lovely touch. His hand moved down over my body to my thighs and slowly up my skirt as his other hand moved onto my breasts. He stopped and reached into the car to take hold of my left hand and guide it out and onto his cock. My fingers closed automatically around it feeling its warmth and hardness. It was bigger than Dave's both in length and girth. I began to run my hand up and down its length from the thick tip to his heavy balls. I pushed his foreskin back and continued my stroking of his length. His fingers were questing at my thong.

Then there were car lights coming up the track and he sprang back into his own car while Dave closed our window. I thought about what I was doing , letting a total stranger feel my pussy and boobs and became even more excited. Dave reached down and said that I might be better without my thong and I heartily agreed so between us we worked them off my ankles. They were soaking wet anyway.

The car parked some distance away and our watcher returned as Dave opened the window. Soon he was hard again and his hands back in action on my pussy and boobs as I enjoyed his length. My legs were wide apart and he was rubbing my clitty. I felt myself getting closer to the edge as he progressed. Suddenly he pushed my legs further open and almost dived into the car to put his head between my legs and mouth to my pussy. I was quickly losing it enjoying his touch.

Dave whispered to him and he eased back as the door was opened. Our interior light was off. He raised my left leg and moved it out of the door to give him more room. His hands were under my bum and his tongue had found my clitty. I began to shake and then I came in a gushing torrent. His fingers made wet noises and I was almost squealing as I came time after time. His cock began to throb as I excitedly moved my hand back and forth then he grunted and his cum jetted all over my boobs and tummy. There seemed to be a lot of it.

We both relaxed and Dave passed us both kitchen roll to clean up with. I was still shaking. Our watcher told us that his name was Tony and he would love to give me more pleasure another night perhaps at his flat.

We chatted for a while and found that he had a girlfriend who he lived with but she was away on business some nights and so we could go there if we wished. Tony gave us his phone number and Dave gave him ours so that we could arrange a long session.

I was all for it and still excited when he left.

We did meet him again and had a wonderful time on my introduction to the world of threesomes