Written by Lynne

16 Sep 2010

A little about myself first. Iam Lynne 41 years old with long brown hair and Iam lucky that I have kept my figure so well with nice firm breasts.

I had let my husband Dave talk me into trying dogging with him. I had imagined that its all dirty old men in flasher macs but after reading her I was prepared to give it a go.

So there we were at 11.30 on a warm summers night parked in a sort Nature trail type car park surrounded by woods. The car park had little bays that would take about 3 cars and was very quiet. I felt extremely nervous to start but as time went on and no one appeared my confidence grew as I thought that no one would.

Presently I saw a car headlights approaching then they went out and a car with no lights slid into the same parking bay as us and about ten feet from my side of the car. I began to feel quite anxious and Dave calmed me saying it would be ok and I didn't have to do anything I didn't want to.

I kept glancing at the car and was aware of the drivers door opening and a figure slipping out to stand beside his car looking around.After a few moments he moved off into the forest. Dave said to me that he would likely walk past the car on my side to check if he might be welcome. So saying that he opened my blouse wide so that my breasts were visible in the moonlight.He said If he looks ok we will show him a little more to encourage him. I was almost trembling by now as it was looking real. He walked towards us just as Dave had said very close to the car looking in as he slowly passed. He stopped just past my window and moved back to look in. My palms had gone hot and I trembled slightly as Dave unclipped my bra and pushed it out of the way to give him a clear view of my by now erect brown nipples. I couldn't bring myself to look out at him and was like a rabbit in the headlights.

At Dave's urging I looked up at him. He was slim and looked quite nice except that he seemed very young, maybe in his early 20s.Too young I thought

Dave said to me ' He's got it out.Have a look'. I glanced to the side to see that he was wearing jogging bottoms which he had pushed part way down and was playing with what seemed to be quite a large sized cock. Dave pushed my skirt higher until my panties were visible and then he reached under to slip them down to my ankles and off.

It felt strangely exciting and very daring to be on display like this to a total stranger. Dave eased my legs apart ut with the darkness Iam not sure how much was visible of my shaven smooth pussy.

' Do you want to feel him Dave asked?' I had been dreading that question and just nodded dumbly. He pressed the switch for the window and suddenly this hard young cock was only about a foot from my face. He turned sideways to the car and reached in to cup my left breast. I almost jumped with the shock of the contact even though I was expecting it. He teased my nipple until it was hard alternating between my breasts. Dave took my hand and guided it out of the window to his cock. My hand just closed automatically around it and I began to feel its length pushing his heavy foreskin back and forth. It was very different to Dave's. It was thicker in fact my fingers closed around the girth but with not a lot to spare.

He and Dave were both feeling my breasts now and Dave took his hand and put it on my thigh. I was even more excited and apprehensive now as his young fingers moved closer to my eager pussy and then he was there Gently rubbing around the outside in the moist entrance. One finger went in and slowly caressed me making me wetter and wetter. I held on to his big cock exploring his balls and even his smooth tight body. I was losing control quickly now and Dave was encouraging it.

The car door opened - Dave had opened it to give him better access to me. Iam not sure if I was pleased or not. Then he moved his head down between my thighs and I felt his warm breath and then his tongue questing in my sex. I still had a grip on his hard length and he stood up. I couldn't help myself and took his throbbing cock in my mouth. It was far thicker than I had sucked before and I couldn't take much of it but I loved the feeling. I could sense that he was ready to cum and took my mouth away and really worked on him with both hands until I was rewarded by a thick spurt of cum all over my breasts. Dave passed me the tissues and our visitor and I both cleaned up.

He stood back from the car and said how much he had enjoyed it. Then he said he didn't want to be pushy but if we would like to contact him again he gave us his mobile number.

He got into his car and with a wave drove out of the car park.

Now Dave said ' How did you like his big cock'. I was still trembling from the experience as I agreed that it had been good. Then of course came the question ' How would you like to go all the way with him?' I said that I was unsure and he shouldn't push me until I was ready.

In truth I really fancied a full blownsession but knowing Dave if I had admitted that He would have been fixing it up the next night and I really needed consolodation time.