Written by Janste

11 May 2008

This happened to me yesterday, 10/5. Last w/e we went to Broxton to see what was happening, my wife was curious to see if any dogging was going on, as she is keen to try, but all we saw were plenty if blokes looking for blokes, which was great for me, so I managed to suck one guy off before we left. The only bi sex I have had was oral, but always interested in having anal, so with this in mind, I set off to Broxton late afternoon, with a condom and some lube. I went on my motorbike, in my two piece leathers. When I got there I bought a bottle of coke and walked through to the field at the back. Looked around and saw a few blokes milling about, one rubbing his cock through his pants. He then started to talk to the other guy, so I walked though an opening, to where I'd sucked the guy off the previous week. The two blokes started to look over, so I pulled my leather trousers down, and showed them my black thong panties. At this point, they both started to walk toward me, the first guy had his cock out, and I thought that isn't going to be my first fuck, it was too big! So he stood in front of me, I bent down and started to suck him off. The other bloke then started to finger my bum. The guy I was sucking said he was about to cum, and pulled his cock out and spunked on the floor, then thanked me and walked off. I asked the guy who was fingering me if he wanted to fuck me, and said he did, so I gave him the condom, he put some lube around my bum and I lent forward and he pushed it in, and it felt great, then another guy appeared, cock in hand, so I gestured to him and he came over and put his cock in my mouth, so I sucked him whilst I was getting fucked, he came in my mouth a bit, then pulled out and walked off. I was still getting fucked when another guy walked up, he grabbed my cock, and I grabbed his, then the guy who was fucking me pulled out, the other guy walked off, and I thought wow, not a bad first fuck! Dead true story.....