Written by Sue

16 Aug 2007

I have written in several times telling you about our adventures, since my hubby's opp that left him unable to get an erection, and how I've resisted his encouragement to take other men, but have had a few very sexy times, well our sex life has taken another turn, and I'm not altogether sure it's for the better.

He told me he had a nice surprise for me and took my hand leading me to our bedroom, I had been out all day bending his credit card so why did I need a nice surprise, but when he opened the bedroom door I stopped dead in my tracks, yes of course I've seen machines on films but not in my bedroom, it was huge with this big pink dick sticking out twice the size of his cock when he was able.

I also noticed his restraints were on the bed, the usual play things straps and cuffs made to add that little bit of spice to our lovemaking, he told me in a very stern voice to undress, he is very masterful, and to be honest I'm more that a little submissive, I stripped and laid on the bed at his instruction, he fastened the straps round my ankles and wrists and tied them firmly to the bed posts.

He then gave me a wonderful licking making me come several times, then kissing and nibbling my tits as he fingered me to more climaxes, then the mood changed he said you are going to be fucked like never before, I was a little scared but could do nothing to stop him, I was tied securely to our bed, he lined the machine up and inserted the big pink cock into my very wet pussy, it seemed to go in a long way, I started to object but he told me to be quiet or he would gag me.

When he had what felt about eight inches of that huge thing in me he turned on the power it slowly started to fuck me, with long strokes, almost coming out then plunging deep into me again and again, I climaxed so many times I lost count,then he turned the thing up and it went faster than any man could go, I was in perpetual climax by now and to be honest he was right it was the most satisfying fuck ever.

He turned it faster and faster letting baby oil drip on my pussy to keep it lubricated, thank god for small mercies, but I suddenly realised this thing didn't get tired, it didn't loose it's erection, it didn't come and then wilt, it could keep going as long as he wanted it too, my whole body was covered in a sheen of sweat, from the massive orgasms I was having, my tummy ached from the constant tension of my muscles contracting as it fucked me on and on like a train on a long track, he suddenly slowed it right down, me thinking he was going to stop.

Oh no not stop just adjust the damn thing so it penetrated me deeper, he must have pushed most of the thing into me, I measured it later it was twelve inches, and I'm sure it was all up my poor little cunt, he turned it on again this time it felt like it was going right inside my body where no cock had ever been, I could feel it opening my cervix as it pushed deeper inside me, but it was good even if it was too much, he turned the speed up a little and I burst into an orgasm like never before no cock had ever made me come like this, I think I actually feinted for a few seconds as the thing drove me to places I didn't know existed.

He kept it going for ages till I eventually begged him to stop, I really couldn't take any more, he moved it away from me letting me loose, I sat up and saw the clock, I had been home for an hour and a half, and probable an hour of that was being fucked by that machine, I spent the next hour sucking his poor cock that won't respond, but it gives him a lot of pleasure to be played with, I owed him some for giving me such a good seeing to, he had ordered the machine and had it delivered knowing I would be out, and set it up as a surprise for me.

I will admit to having a play with it on my own most days this week, not as hard as he did but enough to make me come several times and it is a good substitute to his wonderful cock, I wonder if other women have had the pleasure of being fucked by a machine that never tires just keeps on as long as you want it too? if so please write in and share your experiences with me because I feel a little strange wanting this machine every day, but only because he can't do it for me any more.