Written by djay

13 Dec 2011

We were still in the dark room of the gay sauna with around 6 guys all wanting a piece of my arse or mouth, word spread there was a bareback gangbang on the go and others joined the fun.

I heard one guy say I am going to fist fuck that arse, Mike stepped in and said "not until he is opened up with two cocks up him at the same time to vloosen him up.

Immediatley one guy dragged me on top of him and fed his very large length of throbbing bareback meat deep into me and said "come on somebody, get your meat into him with me, lets get the slut openrd up for some hard fisting"

A second guy was then reaching over the top of me and began to force his hard cock up alongside the first.

it didnt take long before they were thrusting hard and deep and unloading their lovely thick sticky spunk into my bowels.

When they had finished, the guy who said he wanted to fist me asked Mike if he could now make me have some pain, Mike said yes but if the slut says stop you stop.

I felt liquid being poured on my crack, it turned out to be a sachet of body silk lubricant, then fingers were rammed into me, Mike said tell us how many and how deep.

The guy said Ive got four up him and am just going to force my thumb in. The pain began to take efect but I wanted this, he forced his thumb in and said I am up to the nuckles, now the bitch is going to get it.

He pushed and twisted, the sweat began to pour out of me but i wanted that fist in me.

He suddenly broke throuh. Hes got it all he said , now i am making into a fist. I felt my arse opening as never before then he started to fuck me with his whole fist.

I begged for some cock in my mouth and was immediatley rewarded with a good thick length which i sucked hard and deep.The guy in my mouth shot his load into my throat which i readily swallowed.

Suddenly the fist was pulled out of my arse and put to my face to suck clean.

OK said mike, fun over for today, I need to take the slut home.

More to follow in pt 6