Written by djay

6 Dec 2011

After a couple of years of my master using me however he wanted and bringing the pleasures of pain into our sessions, he had begun to take me out to our local dogging areas to be fucked and used by anyone who wanted to use me, he decided it was high time to get me fucked by the wider community.

It began by him joining contact groups on line and posting full facial photos of me in variuos positions but usually with a large length of prick between my lips or a nice bareback length halfway up my very willing arse.

People soon began to take up his offer to fuck his slut and we had many sessions at his home while his wife was out at work.

He would bind me in positions where all I could do was submit to whoever wanted to use my body and leave loads of thick juicy spunk in my arse, mouth or spread across my face and body.

On this particular lovely summers day, I met with him at our favourite dogging area which had a large fallen silver birch tree. he ordered me to strip off my shorts and shirt and tied me bent over the trunk, my wrists were tied to my ankles leaving my hot arse up and available. he placed his poppers to my nose and ordered me to take 3 very long snorts up each nostril then placed a bag over my head with a mouth and nose hole cut into it.

You will now stay like this while I go and search for hard cocks to fuck you he said.

All went quiet, I must have been like this for ten minutes when I heard footfall approaching. A pair of hands began to stroke my arse and cock, at the same time I was made to open my mouth to avery hard bare cock and began to suck it.

The next thing was a sharp pain to my arse as it was struck by a stick, I was now so wound up I wanted to feel prick inside my arse.

I was still deep throating the lovely cock when I felt one at the entrance to my slutty hole, it went straight in without lub of any sort and began to pound me. I heard Mike say dont pull out of the slut until you have shot your load then swap with the one being gobbled so he can suck you clean.

At leadt 4 others joined us and all fucked me loading my arse and mouth with lovely sticky spunk.

Mike eventually pulled the hood from me and took several photos of different cockd up and in me.

This was two hours of wonderful bareback sex with several men I did not even see and 4 whom I did.

Part 4 to follow