Written by New_member1965

21 Jul 2007

I had been away on business and had been staying in a very posh hotel.It was 9.30a.m. and as I had a late start and as I was feeling horny and missing my girlfriend I decided to watch some home made porn we had filmed togather on my mobile.I had various videos of her sucking my cock,her fingering herself to orgasm and my favourite starring her and a cucumber!

Watching these videos is always a big turn-on for me and made me miss her even more.As she wasn't there with me I decided a wank was the only substitute.My cock was rock hard and I was concentrating on my orgasm closing my eyes and thinking of shooting my cum over my girlfreinds face enjoying the moment.

When I had shot my load I opened my eyes to see a beautiful,busty blonde maid had been in the room while I was wanking.She had a big smile on her face at the site of my cock and the mess I had made of the sheets.I was about to ask apoligise for the mess when she bent over to pick up a towel to clean me up and gave me a fantastic sight of her arse,stocking tops and black g-string.