Written by Happycouple

16 Sep 2007

Hello again,

From the generous comments received after my last posting I shall tell you more of our blossoming friendship with our dear friend Joe, and more.

The next time Joe called round to see us was about a week later. He arrived, as before, unannounced but clutching a huge bouquet of flowers for my wife Jane. We invited him in and we all sat down. Joe gave Jane her gift and told her that the last visit was so fantastic that if he died tomorrow he would be happy and content. He also added that what took place that afternoon would be our secret and he would take it to his grave and never expected the situation to be repeated. What a true gentleman he was. We both thanked him for his gift and his discretion.

I went to the kitchen to make some tea and was very soon joined by Jane. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to have sex with us both again and was I shocked. Indeed I was, but not in the slightest upset by her thoughts, as I wanted it to happen again too. I was concerned that if we did it again too soon it may become a habit as it were.

We returned to the lounge with the tray of teas and sat down. I asked Joe if the time and circumstances were right would he happily join in again. He blushed and grinned as if to say, what a daft question!

The evening went by and conversation flowed freely as though nothing had ever happened between us before, except Jane kept squirming in her seat. Eventually she got up and announced that she was going to take a shower. A short while later she returned to the lounge with that just bathed glow and smelling as fresh as a daisy. She was wearing in her very thin, short dressing gown. It was quite obvious to me that she was naked underneath.

The conversation continued. The only difference this time was that every time she moved slightly her gown exposed more flesh. She tucked her heels up to her bum carefully keeping her knees together. Joe could see everything and yet nothing at the same time. She let her right knee fall to the sofa exposing her pussy, but it was hidden from view as her right hand was teasingly across her lap. She began to gently finger her clit. Very, very slowly though, she also sighed quietly. She relaxed and settled further back in the seat gradually increasing the speed of her touch. Joe and I just watched.

After a few minutes of this beautiful spectacle she opened her eyes and looked at us both and said ‘blooming typical, as always, I have to do everything myself ‘. That was it, Joe and I sat one either side of her on the sofa. We suckled a nipple each while she gently masturbated. She began to moan softly as she increased her speed. Her wet pussy was making slurping noises as she every now and again dipped her fingers in and out in search of lubrication before returning her attention to her swollen clit.

As she neared her first orgasm she pushed Joe’s head down to her lap and commanded Joe ‘eat my cunt’. Joe was happy to oblige and immediately began to lick and probe with his tongue. He moved so that he was kneeling on the floor between her, by now, very widely spread thighs. He held her bum pulling her pussy towards his mouth, she wrapped her ankles around his back and held hid head forcing his tongue deeper into her. Jane screamed like I have never heard her before letting forth a torrent of the foulest language. She screamed that she wanted to be fucked like a whore, not made love, used as a toy, to be wanked over, to be tied up and just had. She didn’t give a fuck what happened or who fucked her, either where or when or how. Fucking hell she was like a demon possessed. Joe refused to let go or to stop licking, she was bucking and wriggling but Joe was relentless. Suddenly there was a knock on the front door. There was total silence. We all looked at each other not knowing what to do. I said shhhh! I’ll go. I was dressed, as was Joe. Only Jane was naked.

I went to the hall and opened the door. It was Dave, our neighbour. He stood there with a grin from ear to ear and quietly said ‘who wants to be fucked like a whore then?’ I too grinned and gave him my front door key and told him to come back in 10 minutes and let himself in. If we weren’t in the lounge then come upstairs to the front bedroom. He winked and went back to his home.

I went back to the lounge and told them it was a double glazing salesman. Joe suggested that we went upstairs. What good fortune I thought with a wicked smile to myself. Once in the bedroom we decided to tie Jane to the bed with some of her scarves and I blindfolded her too for good measure. I nipped downstairs and got my walkman. Back in the bedroom I put it on full volume and put the headphones on Jane’s head. Now she couldn’t hear move or see. I wondered, at what point she would object, she didn’t surprisingly. Joe and I undressed and began playing with her tits and pussy. I got her vibrator and put it under her nose so that she was well aware of what it was. I gave it to Joe and told him to treat her as he wished. He unceremoniously rammed it up her fanny and she squealed. The bedroom door opened, it was Dave. His face was a picture! Fuck me he said quietly. He then realised it was Jane, my wife. Fucking hell, she is normally so prim and proper he said. I agreed and told him he could do what ever he wanted to her as she was gagging for it. I know he said I could hear.

He went to the bathroom and returned with scissors, a glass of water, a towel, shaving foam and a razor. Joe and I stood and watched as he trimmed and then shaved her cunt as smooth as a baby’s bum. That’s better he said when he was done. Dave gathered he towel up and put all the shaved pubes in his hanky. What a trophy I thought. I began to lick her cunt while the others watched. I need to be fucked she screamed. Dave undressed and his cock rose as he rubbed it. He positioned himself between her widely spread legs and guided his cock into her sopping wet cunt. He groped her tits as he fucked her while Joe and I watched. She wanted to be a whore and this was it, she was a fucking whore. When he had finished he dressed, quietly thanked us for the fun and went home. Joe and I continued playing with her and a few minutes later Joe had her. Again it was just a fuck. Just as she had asked, like a whore. Joe dressed and went home. I untied her and asked her if she had enjoyed it. She said it was fantastic and could we do it again. Of course, I replied. She commented that she liked the new haircut and asked who did it, Joe or me. I grinned and said may be you will never know, that is our secret. She then laughed and said I will find out! I thought ‘fuck’, what if she does.

The next morning we were going about our normal routines at home when there was a knock on the door, It was Dave from next door again. I invited him in. He said he needed some help putting some shelves up and could I assist? That was fine by me. We sat and chatted for a while and Jane brought the tea in. Bold as brass Dave said ‘was it good shag yesterday then?’ Jane blushed. He continued, I have a big surprise for you Jane, close you eyes and hold out your hands. It’s something to stop you getting chapped lips. She closed her eyes and held out her hands. The cheeky sod then put her shaved off pubes in them. She opened her eyes. The look of horror on her face was a sight to behold. They’re pubes! she exclaimed. Whose are they, not your wife’s are they? No he said, she waxes. I just thought that you might need them, he laughed. Then the penny dropped. You shaved my cunt yesterday and fucked me didn’t you. Mmmm, and very nice it was too. Her mood instantly changed to one of wickedness. Right you pair of wankers get upstairs and get undressed NOW, don’t fucking argue, just do it. She then slapped Dave on the bum hard.

Off we went like scolded school kids. We undressed ourselves and sat on the bed waiting.

I’ll tell you what happened next another day. And no wanking while you are waiting.