Written by aliobaby

24 Sep 2012

Being nearly 50 years old/ bored with the old married roll her over and fuck her scissors style from below, pulling her tits as she frigs her clit has become so fucking boring.

So like ,any others i placed an advert on line looking for some action, always been a control freak and the thought of shagging another mans wife is such a turn on for me.

Any way in january of this year i was contacted by a couple , i had previously fucked her on one occasion and it was not bad. he watched it but was too much all over us. He wanted to be involved a bit too much for my liking. I told him i would prefer to tie him up but she said no.

Well in january we met and i fucked her good, this time he behaved and sat quietly as we got it on.

We have met several times since then and i have fucked her in almost every way possible, they love it all.

At the last meeting i presented him with a cb 3000 to put on, he left us at once and put it on. when he returned he presented us both with a key. she put hers on a chain around her neck.

When i was waiting to meet them he had to be caged up, i called her and as we chatted she was being eaten by him. she came and came.

When we met i was fucking her so hard and kept putting his key in my mouth as i used her.

I took photos for my pleasure and a video of him on his knees, hands tied behind his back, his cock cage still on and her pulling his head into her pussy as she came.

we met at 9 and finished at 2am with small break for her to rest.

She is now my married slut and wants to meet again .

He is now not allowed fuck her in any way and her pussy is for my use alone.

i have told her i want anal next time and will soon need her to be the centre of a three sum with a friend and me.

he calls me master or sir, cleans my cock with his mouth and eats as much cream pie as he is allowed.

all good clean / dirty married fun.