Written by jjt

9 Jul 2014

We are married and happily I must say but out marriage has been a little different from most in the last few years,this go's back to an accident I had I was knocked down by a car and heart very badly, finally I came out very well but the big but its left me with a bad back for rest of my life it can get so bad I cart walk

So you can imagine what its done to our sex life, it only on rear occasions that I can perform, this left my wife Sue very frustrated at the time she was in her mid thirty's in the end I suggested she find some one to lets say look after her needs or we have to split up

She wouldn't hear of any of that it was right out the window she loved me

It was well over a year later I started to pick up on sighs of a change in her attitude I started to encourage her to go out with friend more and slowly she started to get more of a life I proved I could do more for myself and could be left at home alone

After that Sue was more relaxed about going out,it was a few months later I noticed she was dressing up a little more to go out, I reminded her of what I had said and I did mean it. this time she never said no no way, it was more I understand

A few weeks past, she came home one evening and she wasn't quite herself, it took a day or two before she said I got chatted up the other night, it was the way she said it, I knew what I had said and I think I knew it would happen in the end even so I wasn't as prepared as I thought I would be, I said oh I take it you liked him or you not be telling me, Sue seemed a little lost for words not knowing quite what to say, so I said well its about time you found some one to go out with and enjoy your self with its like me I can't have a dance with you and you love dancing, I gave her an opening, and she took it say he is a good dancer, I told her I was fine with that I was happy for her

So we started to be a situation where we never came out and said things out right it was in the unspoken word at first, after that it was obvious she was going out with some instead of girls night out and it shared to get very frequent but we still called it the same girls nights out

With in a couple of weeks she was going out three times a week and never mentioned her mates,I was quite sure she had not sleep with him at this point, that came on the flowing Friday on that day she told me she was going out in the evening, she been out the evening before but when she told me she was on edge a little, then that evening about half ten I got a phone call it was Sue saying she would be home late and not to worry

She got in jest after three the next morning, I couldn't sleep she came into the bedroom I have never seen her look so guilty, she said sorry if I woke you up, I said you didn't I couldn't sleep,she said I jest have a shower and come to be, jest looking at her I knew she been fucked, and I got a right stork on, when Sue got into bed, I jest said so you did it, she sat up and said are you upset, I told her no and hugged her, that was a turning point in our life, she tanked me, some how her hand found my very hard cock which surprised her,my when my hand went between her legs she stopped me saying am I sure in a whisper I said yes, my finger found a pussy that felt very warm the lips seemed a bit puffed up but inside it was loose and very wet and sticky, it jest happened my cock exploded in her hand I didn't expect it nor did Sue but that also stared some thing new

After that it seemed to open us up to the problem we had at lest we where now being honest about it, I think it changed my wife's attitude quite a lot once she could see it excited me sexually, we started to talk about it, once we did that she told me about her lover and how it happened she been so frustrated it was sending her mad but all the time she was thinking of me,she told me lots of time she been chatted up and had blokes coming on to her but she always said no, then she meet Lee he seemed different he didn't try it on, and she liked him she said she been out with him a number of times and the more she did the more she liked him, then about three weeks ago it moved on to kissing and and being more intimate, even then till last nigh she not made her mind up if she could or would go to the next stage it wasn't till she phoned me to tell me she be late had she made her mind up

The next day we chatted about us and him, the thing that has always stopped Sue was me and the facted she loved me, she felt like a huge wight had been lifted off her the facted I was okay with it, so my wife started her first affair, she also told me about her friends well one or two of then they are very free and easy I would of never guessed they are both married one would fuck anyone she said but she didn't what to be like that

So I wanted to know about Lee well he was mid forties so about ten years older than Sue

he was separated from his wife who was with some one, as she started to describe him I found myself getting aroused, the one thing I was curious about she would not tell me about at firs,what was he like in bed and what was his dick like

When she finally did say I wasn't that surprised she said his quite well hung, I thought that would be the case Sue felt very loose, how big well I was told about seven inches she thought, so he be longer than me by almost two inches but he was wide he had a large girth,, she said she struggled to accommodate it at first, by then we had sex only a could of times in the last two years our normal way of having sex was Sue would wank me and I would finger her and try to get her off which really happened

So once she was sure of me the affair really stared the first week he fucked her five time in seven days Sue couldn't get enough of it seemed, that did slow down after that to a very regular three times a week but she gone from no cock to an awful lot over the next few months they had weekends away as well

I asked if she was getting to involved she assured me that wasn't the case, also about that time, she told Lee about our home situation, that was because he been to the house a few times to pick her up for the weekends and meet me, in fact I did find him a nice chap, a bit strange meeting him at first, this went on over a year but then Sue started to see less of Lee he was busy or had his kids at home he was now riding her about once a week, it funny in a way I started to think she missed it and may need more than that she never said much about it, with in a month it was over Sue was hart broken at first

A month or two when by she got over Lee, I told her to go out she may find some she like

It didn't happen for some time but I am sure she did a couple of time something she said she never do, she had a one night stands and didn't tell me

Then came Barry on to the scene, once again she went out with him a couple of times I had a good idea Barry gave her a length on that second date

She started seeing him on a regular basis but I think Barry was different kettle of fish to Lee the first thing I onced she came home with what only could be sperm in her hair and oral not her thing I could smell it on her breath, we still did the same thing I get a want and I finger her she always be full of spunk then one night she was jest wet but in the morning there was a spunk stain on the bed, the only thing I could think of he cum up her ares, I was to find out later I was right and she started doing anal this affair went on for about seven months

That was the start of a string of affairs some come with twists I never expected, she is still a very good looking woman in he fifties and not given up on sex I can see she is eyeing up a young man right now he is cutting our lowon for us