Written by Wow i want more

21 Jan 2018

I have been living on the Costa for 4 years , last weekend i was dropping a friend off at the airport , i needed a starb so i parked up , i said my goodbyes , got my coffee sat down to relax , on my way out through the old terminal i needed a piss before my drive home , in the loo there was a man at the piss trough , on a glace down i could see he wasnt pissing but slowly wanking his length, i was intigued ive always been curious , he saw me looking with a quick look towards the door ,he turned showing his impressive hard cock , this got me hard , i made a grab for his cock and he grabbed mine , there was a silence as we wanked each other , i was getting spooked incase we got caught , i said my car was in the car park he nodded and we left , at the carpark we took the stairs there was a cleaning trolly by the door , so we moved it by the door , his hands were on my bulge , i joined in , we got our cocks out more wanking and my new friend , stooped his head to suck me , i put my hands on his head and he got on his knees , he sucked me like a pro , i knew i was close to coming , deep slurping and sucking , i couldnt hold on any more i started cumming in his mouth , he slurped it up , i wanted my 1st cock in my mouth , i was on my knees and i took his cock in my mouth , licking his bellend , cupping his balls and moving my mouth up and down his shaft it felt good and from his moans he was liking my action , he pulled out of my mouth and wanked close to my face , i opened my mouth and he spurted into my mouth , i swallowed and cleaned him up , then we shared a spunky kiss then we left , i paid my parking ticket and as i drove away from the airport , my bi curious box had been ticked , sucking and being sucked and swallowing a load , plenty of memories until the next time ......