Written by goodtimebiboy

9 Sep 2008

On holiday I often find a massage a deeply relaxing experience, it is both sensuous and soothing. I find myself drifting off into a tranquil sleep but also to my embarrassment (and pleasure) I also get extremely aroused. Apart from the occasional masseuse gently brushing my erect penis through my trunks or towel, they\'ve all been completely professional and also all female. This all changed when i recently holidayed in Tunisia.

As usual after a few days into the holiday I wanted to become totally relaxed and what better way than to visit the hotels spa. I went down spoke to the receptionist and made an appointment for a deep oil massage. With this made for later in the day i went back to the pool to be both voyeur and exhibitionist as i lay there in my tiny speedos, which clearly showed the outline of my cock. I do love it when an older lady starts staring behind her sunglasses and this makes me bigger for both her and my enjoyment.

Anyway time passes quickly when your having fun and my appointment at the spa was imminent. At the spa i was shown the changing rooms and told when ready to go through to the spa area, i stripped down to my tiny trunks, grabbed a towel and made my through the reception area to the spa. There was only one other person in the spa, an attractive mature lady who was relaxing on the lounger. Eager to play my game again i placed my towel on a lounger opposite and laid back eyes closed but cock throbbing. It must have been the soothing relaxation music they we\'re playing but i was close to dozing off when a member of staff came into the spa area speak to us. It would seem that they only had one female masseuse and a male masseuse, i looked over to the lady who seemed worried and said that I didn\'t mind and therefore she chose to have the female. To my surprise the guy looked at me and said to not worry as the male masseuse was very good. He told me to follow him and I was escorted to a room and told to enter and wait for the masseuse.

Well i stood there for a minute or two, in my tiny speedos, not sure what to do when the masseuse walked in. He looked local with dark skin and hair, average height but quite stocky. He asked me to lie on the table, but then asked quickly if i intended to keep my trunks on, unknowing the correct etiquette i asked which was best, he replied that the oil he used may stain them and it would be best if i was completely naked. Not wanting to miss an opportunity I pulled my trunks down and made my way over to the table, i was already feeling aroused and various fantasies we\'re beginning to run through my head. He seemed to be getting his oils ready as i was doing this but did i see him sneak a peek at me as i clambered onto the table on all fours and laid face down. This is a position i love and there are guys out there who know why. Anyway, to my disappointment he placed a towel over my bottom and asked if i was ready, o which i replied yes, it would seem this was a completely professional encounter.

I lay there, aroused with the fantasises in my head, but in discomfort as when i laid face down i had placed my cock so it was aiming towards the foot of the table, and this is not the most comfortable position when your cock is hard and throbbing. But it does give the opportunity for him to see it and possible touch it in a fairly innocent manner. So i was all set but nervous as this was the first male massage i had and although i had these fantasies they could be wide off the mark.

He began at my feet, first taking one in his warm oiled hands, i could feel the strength in them as he rubbed the soles of by feet, soon he moved to my ankles, then calves and i began to feel the roughness of his hands despite the oil he used. All the time i was getting more turned on as he inched closer to my ass and cock which he must be able to see. I almost moaned as he began work on my thigh, stoking the length of my inner and outer thigh, the stroking became rubbing and i could feel the heat build up. Occasionally his finger tips touched my cock and i had to stifle myself. He left my thigh to begin the process again on my other leg and once it didn\'t take him long to reach my thighs and as he massaged them he went further up to my arse cheeks. I couldn\'t help myself as i let out a little moan, to which he asked if i was enjoying it, what more could i say buy murmured a positive response. this must of been to his licking as he lifted the towel and exposed one of my ass cheeks. He poured some oil and i could feel it on my cheek and also as it trickle to my ass crack, to which he apologised and tried to stop it. This time he brushed my arsehole and i moaned louder, he apologised again and Begin to massage deeply my ass cheeks and then he moved to my back and carried on with the massage as if nothing had happened. I though to myself had i miss read the signs, surely he must know i was horny and up for anything but he seemed to be dedicated to the task at hand and continued to provide a good yet unrewarding massage.

With my back and arms done he asked me to turn over, my cock was still extremely hard as i twisted my body as he lifted the towel and looked away, ever the professional. And when he turned back placing the towel like a tent over my cock i could see a smile on his face, he then asked if i was enjoying the experience and i merely nodded. This was the first timed i could see his face as he massaged me and he seemed calm in comparison to the way i was feeling. Once more he began at me feet and when he came to the thigh i occasionally felt his hands brush my balls or pubic hair, saying this guy was a tease as an understatement, he did the same with the other leg. Then he as rubbing my hips and i could feel him brush my pubic hair and when he learnt over his arm touch the tent pole which was my cock under the towel. Nothing obvious or seemed intended, he carried on the massage moving to my stomach and arms.

It was when he got to my chest that things changed, up until this point i had let out a little stifle, the odd moan but this olive skinned mail masseuse seemed oblivious. My arms where down my sides and i could feel him pressed against my forearm as he leant into me to massage and rub my chest. He was rubbing and all of a sudden i felt him rub my nipples, now his is something i have never been really into unless i\'m ultra horny and at that moment i was and i just moaned, no quiet moan but a deep moan. This seemed to be the invitation he needed as he began vigorously rubbing my nipples, i was in heaven. he was rubbing i was moaning and i began to move my hand to where his cock was and began to massage him through his trousers and he was hard and huge.

He was rubbing my nipples i was rubbing his cock and he looked straight into my eyes and asked me to suck him. I nodded and he pulled his cock from his straining trousers and placed the tip to my lips and i began licking his cock and balls. I was so horny i wanted him in me, i began sucking and he grabbed the back of my head with one hand and pushed his cock deeper in my mouth. His other hand was playing with my nipple while he was fucking mouth, and i was so turned on by the whole situation. Having him in my mouth was good but ideally i wanted him in my ass and i hoped he had protection as i was almost crazy in lust. But it seemed his wants were different from mine and I could feel him starting to throb and twitch, thankfully he pulled out but came all over my face, especially my lips and he asked me to lick him clean and i was still so horny i did as he asked. As i was cleaning him he asked if i like the massage and i moaned my appreciation and he was laughing saying that we had in there for two hours and he had to go.

I was crestfallen as i was still horny and had this guys cum all over my face. He told me i had a minute or two before i needed to leave the room and then he left. I went over to the sink, with the mirror above it and could see the cum starting to crust up and i was still so horny so i began to wank myself off to what had just happen, just as i was about to cum the door opened and the staff member who i spoke to earlier came in. I was naked, with my swollen dick in my hand with cum all over my face, i must have been a right site. He told me that he said i would enjoy it, but he needed to use the room and i had to go. I grabbed a towel and my trunks, trying to hide my hard on as i waled through the spa reception with just a towel and dried cum on my face. Luckily there were no other guests, just 3 other members of staff looking at me and the masseuse. I felt used and humiliated and went in the changing area where i finally managed to wank myself off and clean the come off me. As i was leaving the receptionist called me over and asked me to pay the bill, i could sense she must of been aware of what went on as she asked if i would like to come again and i said i would think about it and left.