Written by Mart

12 Aug 2011

I would like to tell you a little true story that happened to my wife once before we met but still likes to tell me while were fucking as it turns her on!

My wife when she was younger used to work up the city and traveled to and throw on the trains/tubes.

One day she was waiting for the tube and when it arrive it was packed to the gunnel and she just about got on.

It was mid summer and hot so she was wearing one of her business suits with a shortish skirt and heels, she always looks impecable for work.

Anyway she squeezed on and managed to just grab one of the roof handles as the tube set off again, she had people all around her and was pretty squashed, when she felt a hand brush against her leg, a mistake she thought we was all like sardines in there! Then again it touch her for longer this time stroking her calf, She thought what do I do try and turn around or the easiest thing was to stay in her squashed place until there was room to move.

So she stay in the same place squashed and rather uncomfortable while this strangers hand rubbed her calf and slowly worked higher up to her thigh! It tickled a little and it was all she could do not to giggle but then something strange happen as the hand stroked gently getting higher and higher she began to feel aroused!

She didn't know whose hand it was or why they was doing it and still she just let them!

The hand worked up higher and higher sensing that her silence was a green light he put his hand right up her skirt and began rubbing her mound through her panties which by ow were getting rather damp!

Then with out warning his fingers where inside her panties and right inside her pussy and beging to finger fuck her to orgasm, as her was doing so his fore finger slipped into her arse and was dp'in her on the trian surrounded by strangers, did they know? she didnt know or care by this point and when he slipped his fingers out of her and round to her clit then she cum long and hard and had to bit her lip to stop herself from screaming out and giving the game away!

As quickly as all this happened she felt a man behind her and whispered in her ear "Mmmm thanks darling I enjoyed that" and he got off the train! She flopped down into his vacant seat exhausted and turned to see who her mystery man was shocked to see a really old man well into his 70's smilling and waving at her as she sepd off again into another tunnel!

I always wondered if the man has ever done this before and would have loved to met him and ask what his thoughts was!

Hope you enjoyed she has cum on my cock talking of this so many times I feel like I was actually there!