Written by Hare__

11 Apr 2015

After my initial phone adventure, I knew that I had entered a new world. I eagerly sought out Phil in the chat rooms over the next few days, only to be disappointed by his absence. When he eventually entered the room, after almost one week, I was surprised by the powerful excitement I felt; intense and primal feelings of the type I had rarely experienced before. Instantly, I sent a hopeful "hi", to which Phil, replied promptly. I had the feeling that it was first come, first serve, although I had gained the impression that Phil was a highly sexed man and could cope with more than one eager admirer. I sensed his assuredness in the easy way he chatted; Phil didn't rush, despite his directness, so it was some time before "phone?" appeared on my screen.

My excitement intensified at the prospect of hearing the deep resonance of his voice and being masterfully guided to fulfilling pleasures of the type I would never have openly countenanced before I had encountered this dominant man. I lay there, his voice penetrating to my very core, as he conjured up images of carnal lusts. I felt like a giddy young girl as Phil seduced me with his words; he effortlessly led me deeper into a new realm of desires. My anticipation was heightened, my longing to achieve climax was so powerful; my ecstatic gasps were met by a series of deep groans and a climactic grunt as Phil came. I almost collapsed from the powerful surges of pleasure that swept through my body, my own orgasm magnified by the thoughts of Phil's cum pouring forth. We repeated the pleasures the following day, by now I was happily at the mercy of this man's commanding sexuality. I wanted more, but I could only hope that he would offer, for I did not feel worthy of asking.

After a few days, my almost constant vigil in the chat room was rewarded when Phil appeared, although he didn't respond to my "hi" for an interminably long time. Eventually, he responded, but my hopes of "phone?" were surprised by an immediate "cam?". I felt my entire body convulse with secret and desperate longings, but I didn't have a webcam and could not return the offer. I explained to Phil, I suspect he doubted me, but immediately replied "OK, phone?"; he called. There was a change in his tone, far more direct and businesslike, but still happy to increase my lusts with easy words. I kept apologising, but I genuinely didn't have a webcam; Phil put me at my ease and asked if I had MSN. I did and added him to my messenger. It now felt even more intimate, no longer were either of us logged into the chat rooms: we were alone. After a brief exchange a message appeared asking if I was happy to receive a video call; I realised that the fantasy which I had constructed could crumble before my eyes if Phil was anything other than how he had described himself. I accepted the offer. I was greeted by an image which lives with me to this day, Phil seated, shown from the chest down. His powerful masculine body reclining, but my eyes were drawn instantly to his cock; it was fully erect, long, thick and flawlwess in form. His powerful right hand wrapped around the shaft, moving up and down, as he stroked the nine inches of man meat. I couldn't not take my eyes from the screen, my own hand mirroring his movements as I frantically stroked my own cock. I was in awe of what I was witnessing, pressing my face close to the screen, imagining my own hands in the place of his. After about five minutes, I saw Phil reach for the keyboard with his left hand: he closed the video connection.

I stared at the messenger, I could see that he was typing a message. "Do you want to suck my cock?" appeared before my eyes, followed by "We need to meet, can you travel?". I stared at the screen, my answer was simple. "Yes".