Written by sidandmandy5

10 Oct 2012

Mandy loves to play with her clean shaven fanny whilst we drive along with her feet up on the dash of our Rane Rover. I should add that she is very submissive and likes me to be in control giving orders. This particular evening we had been to our favourite restaurant in St Albans and as I was driving she had consumed the majority of our favourite bottle of Montipoluciano. Red wine always gets her horny and she will do almost anything when under the influence.

She is an exhibitionist and I told her I would drive close to any lorries and to ensure she gave the lorry driver an eyeful. I gave her a good fingering, she was sopping and soon we were along side a large artic. I put the cabin light on and stayed close enough to give the lorry driver a good view, She got her tits out and was squeezing her nipples while I continued fingering her twat, first one, then two and eventually all four fingers. With the lorry driver honking his horn she came like a train juices gushing over my hand.

There was a layby ahead and I asked her if she wanted to take it further by pulling in? She was so turned on that she just nodded and said I want a good hard fucking tonight darling. We pulled in with the lorry close behind.

I told Mandy to get my cock out and suck on it. I left the cabin light on and within a minute or two the lorry driver was looking through the passenger window and from his movements it was obvious he had his cock out and was wanking at the sight of Mandy sucking my cock. He was soon joined by two more doggers. Mandy could see she was now being watched and told me she needed cock and needed it now. When Mandy is in this state there is no denying her so I told her to open the passenger door and I invited the guys to have a feel. Mandy reclined her seat and lay back to allow them to play with her. She soon had one guy kissing her while squeezing her tits and another guy plunging four fingers into her sopping cunt. I told them to carry her over to the grass verge and fuck her silly. They wasted no time and soon had her on all fours. Each taking turns to fuck her. I told them to make sure they spunked up her horny cunt. I was barking orders at Mandy and the three guys and they were all responding to my instructions. I wanted Mandy to have all three holes filled and I wasn't dissapointed. The trucker was insatiable, he had a good size cock with an impressive girth. He must have fucked Mandy three times in space of an hour, leaving her with a red raw cunt dripping with spunk. She had been well and truly fucked. The guys eventually thanked us and left.

Mandy climbed back into the car and on the way home I told her what a dirty slag she was and that I hadn't finished with her yet. I ordered her upto the bedroom and told her to strip, lie on the bed with her legs open and wait for me. She was leaking spunk from her cunt and arsehole and looked like a true cum slut. I then fucked her and added my spunk to her well filled cunt and told her how much I loved watcing her being treated like a common whore.

Early next morning I was woken by Mandy sucking my cock to erection, she said with the excitement of last night still reeling around in her head she needed fucking. I turned her over and fucked first her sore cunt and then her arse. She came like a train calling me a dirty pervert. I pulled out of her and then fucked her face, pushing all the way in until my balls were banging her chin. I spunked in her mouth and down her throat. She told me she loved me and I returned the gesture.

We showered and had breakfast and she thanked me for a lovely evening.

If you want to hear more of our adventures please let me know.