Written by ArlingtonOne

19 Mar 2013

When Brendan smiled, it took me a few moments to fully comprehend his insinuation about my wife and Mandy. Very quickly it started to fall in place…and more. I asked Brendan to fill me in…we both had time and in privacy of closed office. Brendan explained that Judi had long coveted AND often engaged the young lady…taking good advantage of the fact that Mandy works at the very hotel in which Judi influenced for Mandy’s hire. Brendan had been unsure of my wife’s bi-interests until he learned Mandy’s pussy was eagerly and often taken by my wife. We both presumed Mandy was “trained” to reciprocate…

Brendan’s knowledge of my wife’s behavior even more informative. He explained Judi’s ‘networking’ effort with some of the bachelors in the company had been more sham…they were most all lads with which my wife had some degree of sexual interaction…whether casual day trysts or more involved evening fuck play. Brendan assumed Judi kept Mandy ‘close’ to her coterie for ease of access to the young lady's pussy. The married bloke simply got in the way…! I asked Brendan how and why he knows so much. His reply was candid.

Brendan told me that my wife was looked upon as a very successful CP sales executive…competitive, intelligent, practical…and at most times quite the conniver! He said she used her physical beauty to enhance her business skill sets…willing to open her legs and use her pussy…and more…to influence decision-makers. No objection on my part…I’ve known for some time my wife uses casual sex for pleasure AND business motivations! He went on to suggest that over the last year or more, Judi had become quite the active lady…wondered if I knew as much. I replied aware of several situations over recent months in which my wife seemed to have gone beyond her usual sex patterns…taking on more younger men…in group events. Brendan asked me if I knew of her experiences in Durham. His comment floored me…that it was so known even within the privacy of executive halls! I confirmed that I knew of some ‘events’…BUT did NOT disclose the nature of my unknown identity during her gang bang parties.

I asked Brendan if he had engaged her…and looked for his honesty. He said some years ago he and Judi played…until his wife Krista came upon ‘evidence’ of his indiscretions with my wife. She threatened him to end the affair…which Brendan did. He admitted…and apologized as well…that he would still love to be fucking my wife! Brendan knows of my own nature and “outside” endeavors…so NO insult or concern taken by either of us. Besides…what he didn’t know…I’ve pleasured his wife on several occasions…Krista enjoys cunnilingus…!! AND, I’m NOT the only man in that cadre to do his wife…!!

Nonetheless, my dialogue was intriguing…to learn that my wife was so close to Mandy. The fact we know her parents so well adds to the ‘surprise.’ Connecting the dots…perhaps not all shocking. My wife asked me to have my firm pro bono Mandy’s divorce. In effect, my wife got Mandy her bright employment opportunity. And, I’m well aware of my wife’s interests in younger pussy…her au pair conquest several years ago emboldened my wife’s bi pleasure…!

Brendan asked what my ‘next step’ might be…more out of curious desire to know what I planned to do with my wife…if anything. I shared that Judi and I have a pending ‘date’ with a friend of mine…a woman I’ve been seeing for nearly a year. Judi suspected I had an affair with the lady…unaware Eve and I continue to engage on an almost monthly level. Brendan was finding it all tantalizing…wanting to learn more. I explained that Eve had “an agenda” for my wife…details unknown. However, early on during the Holidays when this all scheduled I had some trepidation about Eve’s plans for my wife. At this stage…following Judi’s recent party gang bangs in Durham…along now with her domination over this young lady…young mother Mandy…I’m ready to accept whatever entertainment OR sexual satisfaction Eve will provide my wife. I have a sense…even suspicion of Eve’s plans…my wife is a mature, experienced woman…I’m game…;)

As Brendan and I closed conversation, we promised each other to keep abreast of developments. And, perhaps with a little snarkyness at my end, as we shook hands I held his wrist…thanked him for backing away from my wife…that it nicely warranted my decision to stop eating Krista’s pussy…!!