Written by Clive

30 Mar 2008

I watch as the visitors hand starts to wank my friends cock, his left hand is fondling and feeling his balls as his right hand increases its speed. Im amased at how my friend is holding on , Im gently wanking my own cock and I know I,d come off at that speed . I watch as the visitor moves closer to my friend ,his tongue moving up his body , finding his nipples his tongue explores each one ,my friends nipples harden to the touch. My friend gently pushes his visitor away and sits on the loo ,the bulge in the visitors tracksuit bottoms is large, my friend undoes the waist tie and pushes them down, he is not wearing undies , his cock is rigid the purple head twitching oosing precum. My friend takes his balls in his left hand and starts to wank his cock with his right , Im really enjoying watching ,it becomes obvious the visitor is not there for a long term relationship his cock was getting closer to my friends mouth, my friend was keeping him waiting,then I heard the visitor say please suck me Im ready to shoot. My friend started to lick the precum from the swollen head then opening his mouth took the shaft deep in. The visitor took my friends head in his hands and started to fuck his mouth his balls banging off my friends chin. He could,nt last long at that pace , he grunted loudly and I knew he was spunking as he pushed his cock as deeply as he could into his mouth, my friend continued to suck until the visitor pulled his cock away. he grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned the saliva and spunk from his cock, then quickly pulled up his bottoms and was gone. Did you enjoy watching that my friend asked, I loved it I replied ,I thought he was going to wank you off at one stage , he was working your cock hard, I know thats why Ihad to pull away ,he said. Is it ok with you if I play with the next one, then I,ll be ready for sucking off I asked, thats fine my friend said ,just remember I,m sucking you off so hold onto your spunk. I promise I said.As we talked we were both playing with our cocks just waiting.