Written by Clive

20 Mar 2008

Just the two of us again, he had some cock my friend said, yes i said but he was keen to fill my mouth , i liked the way you wanked him while i was sucking. i must admit he nearly brought me off he was sucking mine so eagerly, you seem to be able to hold on well have you wanked off recently?, yes he said actually i should have been working today so when i woke this morning i decided to have a wank ,i,ve some cds in my bedroom so i put on a really horney gay one and lay on my bed playing ive got mirrors on the ceiling so i can watch myself, i like to just shoot into the air sometimes and even though i get a bit covered in spunk i can just go in the shower and wash it off,i had only just come off when the phone rang saying there had been a fire where i work so take the day off, i felt annoyed at first that i had just come off but then i lay ther and watched some more of the cd and i could feel my spunk rising again, now i,m glad i did wank, how about you, when i was putting my undies set on this morning i was dying to wank, i havent actually wanked myself off for a couple of days i was holding out for today,i know that if i,m careful i can hold on until i really want to spunk and as we agreed earlier hopefully thats going to be you, will you swallow my spunk when i come off, from what you say youre going to be giving me a full mouthful he said i know that if i dont wank for a couple of days i shoot loads, i,m really looking forward to it and yes i promise you i,ll swallow it all,do me a favour let me have a practice suck now again pull away if youre not ready ill do it really slowly leave youre undies in place just put your cock out the leg of the knickers i love you in them.i stood up and did as he asked my cock was so hard it was hurting ,he took it so gently as i placed through the partition rubbing me gently and then sucking it into his mouth,his saliva was like a soothing balm, i was loving it,he took his mouth from my cock and licked all over my balls and pubic area gently licking the complete shaft, i had almost not heard the footsteps on the gravel ,he had and said hereh we go. we waited for an entry he went to the urinal, i looked through the hole he was looking around , the movement of his arm told me enough , i stood up so he could see me he didnt waste time, let me have your cock i said to my friend he was immediatly through i wanked him gently he was watching us i could hear his breathing . he tried my door not gaining entry he tried my friends it opened, my friend pulled his cock away i looked through just in time to see this new hand reach for his cock