Written by Lucky handyman

3 Jun 2010

Yes, many years ago I was the "Handyman" at a large private club near Chesterfield.

Among the staff there was a new girl just out of college who did some cleaning in the day and at night was dressed as a waitress in black dress, white pinafore and she looked the part.

My last job before leaving at tea time was to close the window shutters and light the coal fires in the main lounge

A couple of nights after she started there she started to follow me round at that time of the day and was always just a few feet behind me.

So after a few nights of this I thought I would try my luck with her.

I had closed the shutters, lit the fire and was standing in what was now an almost completely dark room.

She came and stood by my side as I stood in front of the fire making sure it took hold.

We were chatting as usual and she asked if she could stand in front of the fire as it wasn't that warm, I moved back slightly and she slid in front of me.

For her tender years she had a nice rounded figure and lovely broad hips.

Her 19 y.o. breasts were well formed and stood proud in her low cut dress.

I craftly shuffled forward so I as within an inch of her and told he waht nice hair she had, then began to stroke it gently

She seemed to push back towards me bringing out bodies just into contact.

I moved my hand down and put them round her waist.

My prick was now fully erect as I slowly squeezed her waist then gradually moved both my hands slowly so they were in front of her just above where her pubic hair would start

I aplied slight pressurs and felt h responding so began to press lightly in a little lower.

She suddenly gave a violent sudder and moand as her climax hit.

As soon as she recovered she dashed out of the room leaving me with a massive erection which I had to sort myself but that only took seconds.

That was he start of many more early evening meetings which progressed to my satisfaction.