Written by treecreeper

5 Jul 2013

Marie had a holiday in Italy booked for several months. Keith, her lover was also planning to join her. I was unable to due to work commitments so resigned myself to text updates and a few photos as and when. Keith was unable to get on the same flight but was in the same hotel.

I took her to the airport and wished her a happy and safe time. Her cheeky grin said all. I had seen the underwear she had packed and knew Keith was in for several treats when they got together. Her body was looking fit again after losing half a stone and she now was down to 10 stone for her 5' 6" frame, nice size twelve bordering ten with 32D bust and lovely bum and recently shaved pussy

I heard nothing until evening of day two when a short text revealed that Keith had arrived the next day as his plane had been held up due to technical problems but they were using the same bedroom and had been fucking for a fair bit of the time when not sight seeing.

I got a few photos which Keith had taken, the best of all being a fabulous pic of Marie sitting in a café in Milan with her skirt high enough to reveal her shaved pussy and a note saying it was being well looked after, unfortunately it was not of good enough quality to see if it was raw through overuse even after enlarging it as high as I could via the laptop.

Photos and snippets kept me on edge all week until she arrived back home. We were very soon in bed after she showed me her stained thongs and panties. She now got the Canon camera out and the quality was stand out better. Around two hundred pics of my wife with her lover. Some of him sporting his fine erection and a nice collection of her sucking his cock, some of her naked cunt being licked and a few of her being penetrated. Keith had also managed nice creampie collection for me.

At the end she said there were some more with her with an Italian waiter at the hotel. I asked for the details.

On the third night, Keith and Marie were just relaxing after a good day around the pool. they were enjoying a couple of glasses of wine and she noticed the waiter had kept looking at her, Keith had noticed too and said he looked as though he fancied her. Marie dismissed it but there was no doubt he was almost hovering. She said it was nice getting attention, especially as the waiter had no idea she was with her lover and not her husband.

They had been in the bar for an hour or so and Marie said to Keith she fancied the bulge in his tight black trousers, meaning the waiter. Keith said he would see if he was brave enough to come to the room, Marie grinned, knowing that the language difficulty might lead to misunderstanding.

Keith had gone to the bar and beckoned the waiter across, they spoke for a few moments and the waiter kept flashing looks at her, making her a little self conscious. At the end the waiter grinned broadly and nodded his head. Keith returned and told Marie she was going to be a lucky girl that night. More drinks delivered by her waiter, who kept staring at her, unable to believe his luck. Marie had a short dress on that night, black with red accessories, red underwear and black hold ups. Keith leaned in to her and suggested she gave him a quick flash of her red thong when she got the chance. The bar was quiet and most other patrons were still in the dining room.

Her opportunity arose when the waiter was called into the dining room with some bottles of champagne, he had to pass Marie several times with glasses, bottles, champagne bucket, ice, etc, so each time he passed, she lifted her hem a noticeable bit higher, a trick not lost on him, his broad grin told her he had indeed seen what she wanted him to see. She left her dress exposing stocking tops and her thong to him until his trips finished. Keith had been enjoying an eyeful too and he suggested that a trip to the washroom would give her the chance to remove her thong. Two minutes later she did just that and returned to Keith with them clasped in her hand and dropping them on the low table next to his drink. He picked them up and called the waiter across then handed them to him saying to return them to the lady when he arrived at their room.

The plan was that the waiter would visit their room when his shift ended at midnight. They eventually went upstairs around eleven thirty among knowing nods to each other as the waiter looked nervously excited, his eyes saying he knew what was to come shortly.

Marie was getting ready for her young cock, changing into stockings and suspenders Sophia Loren style with a black basque and looking fabulous, I saw the pics Keith took prior to the waiter's arrival. There was one of him sucking on a nipple but that was a poor shot as it could have been anyone, however the nude shots of the guy were brilliant, one of him wanking his cock to full strength was impressive with the foreskin turned back to show his purple head. I saw a shot of her sucking him and she said how she loved the taste of it and remarked that his cockhead was very smooth and fleshy.

As he arrived just after 12 they avoided any hesitation by Keith moving across and shaking his hand while drawing Marie close to him looking very sexy with her shaved cunt uncovered. Keith took on cameraman duties and ushered them together gesturing that he wanted to allow them to get together. Things moved rapidly as Marie took the lead and rubbed his cock as they kissed and then unzipped him and got his growing cock free. She basically stripped him naked and amid the camera clicks, she allowed him to remove her basque slowly revealing her tits. They apparently had a bit of fun getting the stockings free of the suspenders, but then she was naked too and I saw a collection of stripping and fucking pics that I am very proud of but also jealous that I was not there.

After some sixtynining and mutual raising of the ante, he was ready to fuck her with his youthful energy, he was around twenty five years old and full of spunk which Marie was very grateful for. His fucking was probably faster than she would have liked, but his stamina more than made up for that. At one time, Marie had enjoyed several small orgasms and one longer one, but had not hit the high she always loved to get.

She does recall that his first thrust was a very nicely controlled slide getting his seven and a bit inches right inside her and ready to shoot his come deep in her pussy. Marie though he fucked for around twenty minutes before she felt his bum clench and the warmth as his spunk lashed through her, filling her cunt with her favourite juice.

He slumped across her having been in missionary position all the time. Marie did not care, she loved having a young lover fucking her for a change. They never asked his name and at the end, he dressed and thanked them for the invite and was gone, leaving a strong smell of sex in the room, and Keith ready to continue the fun.

So I reckon all said, that they had a good time and I got Marie back in a very happy state of mind. Keith is still screwing her and she is revelling in it