Written by Anun

22 Jun 2013

Earlier this week I revealed how Marie finally told me of her lover. Thanks for the comments, I am now going to tell you of the time she met up with her lover and got three cocks in one night.

She was on one of her arranged evenings but as had been happening for a while, instead of meeting her friends as I was led to believe, Keith, the bloke regularly fucking her was picking her up and driving away from the immediate area where she felt more secure in the knowledge that she would not be seen by a work colleague or someone we knew. That fact showed care, not deceit like many may think.

On this particular night, Keith had taken her to the pub near Selby and introduced her to the landlord who eventually unknowingly started my realisation of the facts (read previous story posted Tuesday or Wednesday this week).

She was introduced to him as a mate from work, he smiled at her and served them their drinks. Marie discussed the brewery trade as she had experience in it as a manager for several years before we met. It was a quiet night as the darts team was away and there were no punters playing pool in the back room. The landlord, Mike and one other guy who strolled in about an hour before closing, Ian, were the only other people in and soon it was a small bunch, three men and one sexy woman (dressed for sex with Keith) chatting and righting the world's wrongs.

Meanwhile I was probably at home blissfully unaware of Marie's intentions, maybe watching TV or a bit of porn.

The talk had turned to sex and Keith started bragging about how hot Marie was. Being the woman she is, she got turned on, she always got aroused when I used of telling her stories of her getting up to sexual antics with other guys. This particular evening she was already for Keith, expecting his cock up her at some time. But this was to unexpectedly different, Keith, Mike and Ian all lavished praise on her about her sexy body, and turned her on, suggesting that all three of them would give her a very sexy time if she wanted. According to her, they were very persuasive, with Keith rubbing his cock against her through his trousers, she could feel that eight inch cock ready to burst out of his pants and Ian was also showing a generous bulge. Mike suggested they had a lock in as his wife was away on a ladies licensed victuallers do and not coming back until lunchtime the next day. He took the keys and locked up, drawing the curtains to keep their secret in the confines of the pub.

Once safely back with them, Mike suggested a drink on the house and poured them pints and a double gin and tonic for Marie, which she told me was probably a treble and aimed at ensuring she was relaxed for the fun. It began tamely, they were all sitting at a table and Keith kissed Marie and started to touch her breasts over her low cut top. She said she thought for a second about whether to go on with it, but as soon as she felt Mike run his hand under her skirt she was lost, hiving herself to what Keith was calling a mini gangbang.

Marie was quite uncertain what happened next, but her top was off and her bra thrown across the room and all three men were naked and erect. Mike had a slight paunch but Keith and Ian were in good shape, she was just disappointed that they were relatively short of hair on their chests, something she goes for but they had enough cock between them to satisfy her and the gin did its inevitable trick of lowering her resistance as quickly as her thong which was discarded along with her skirt, leaving her in hold ups and shoes. Each of them praised Marie for her tidy body and the lovely attention to detail by being shaved, her cunt lips slippery and ready for use.

Keith offered his cock to her, standing in front of her, she slipped off her chair and knelt in front of him, sucking him in her special way and wanking Ian and Mike gently as she did so. Then Ian asked her to bend over the table while he licked her which she did. Mike took some photos on his digital camera {I have some copies} and the orgy continued. Keith shot his come in her mouth and Mike passed him the camera while he asked Ian to let him get his cock in her, Ian reluctantly left her sodden lips in order that she could take her first cock in her open gash. He apparently slid his thick bell end up and down her lips and teased her until he suddenly pushed hard and sent his seven incher deep in her then fucked her frantically for a couple of minutes before shooting his spunk deep in her and although a very quick fuck, she managed to come due to his unexpected and sudden thrust which caught her unawares but hit the spot for her

After Mike had withdrawn, Marie cleaned his cock for him and then Ian went for sloppy seconds and lasted a good deal longer and she had several small comes while he shafted her. Keith then suggested a break and another drink before round two where she was double penetrated by Keith and Mike while Ian got a sucking. She said it seemed odd when they had fucked that they were sitting in a pub naked, drinking where a few hours later there would be people having lunch and drinking and joking where the party she was with were using her body and she was full of spunk and taking three cocks for the first time, surreal but very sexy from my point of view. The party finished about half past midnight with an exhausted trio of guys and Marie with a red and slightly sore pussy.

She said she could smell the scent of sex in the pub and on her clothes. Keith brought her home and said what a star she had been and asked if she liked what had happened. Marie gave him a big kiss and said she would do it again as she had gushed and come more times than ever before. She was obviously now a cock hungry lady with a secret. She did say to meat a later point that she was ready to admit to me about it all but she was getting the thrill of the secrecy and it seemed as if she might risk our happiness if what she was trying to say came out wrong or I misunderstood. Happily all is well and such problems were not appropriate in our case, but it shows the slim line where things can go wrong.

We are still very much in love and as we are still enjoying sex together and sometimes with threesomes and Marie still gets to fuck other guys and I get to learn about them, I think we are lucky and wish all others similar happiness. I will post again with another Marie memory, I will ask her to write it when I have shown her this recollection, I hope I have not forgotten some significant detail