Written by treecreeper

28 Jun 2013

Hi, Marie here. I was asked by my husband, Jim, to write an account of one of my sexy adventures. I suppose Keith, my latest lover is a pretty good starting point. Jim, bless him is a great fellah, allowing me free rein with any guy I might fancy. Not that I am permanently dropping my knickers for any man, I must get the tingle that tells me I am turned on and I can tell you that does not occur as regularly as you might think, some guys think they can just nod at you and you will do anything they want. Wrong guys, we women do like to be made to feel special and to get that little bit of proper attention, not just at half time In the football, or last thing at night when you are tired and not in the mood after a rotten day.

It does not take a genius to work out that a little attention does wonders. After Jim discovered I had been shagged by Keith for a few months before he found out, he understood when I explained that I loved the thrill of the chase which was what Keith did to me when we met. I had been to a slimming club and was happy to be close to my goal weight, having shed almost a stone and was now verging size ten rather than a tight twelve and I was flying. The fact that he then oh so right at the time. He hit the right buttons when he said how fit I looked, almost a cheesy opener, but I was soon laughing at his wit and easy manner and willingly gave him a kiss as I departed, hearing his offer of same time next week and a smile and nod from me.

Obviously I was there again still on a high, but he suggested a different pub which was nearby as some of the other women in there were from the slimming club too and he suggested we might be able to talk more freely elsewhere. We were soon in a cosy local down by the river and he said he would love to show me his boat which had been out of the water for annual inspection and he was intending to take it upstream on Saturday and was I free? I knew Jim was working all weekend so I agreed, knowing instantly what Keith had in mind, his suggestive talk had always carried innuendo in a direct yet discreet way.

The Saturday was a bright sunny day, not that last year had many of them and though the river level was higher than normal, we met near the marina and he took me through the barrier and onto the boat, a rather expensive one he shared with his firm's co-direstor at the upmarket decorating business which he was proud to say was weathering the financial crisis a lot better than he feared having some very lucrative contracts running through for the next two years. Keith's easy way had coaxed me to wear a short skirt with hold ups and a fairly revealing top showing my 36D boobs to great advantage.

Once in the cockpit of this swish craft with creamy leather upholstered cockpit and chrome polished metalwork, the boat was apparently a very comfortable five berth boat with all mod cons and Keith and his partner in business used it regularly at weekends with a rota system they honoured. Keith mentioned I was welcome to spend a weekend with him on board if I wished.

We set off and were soon in countryside with no fishermen or anyone to pry on us. Keith suggested we had a gin and tonic and told me there was some in the fridge if I would not mind making it. I found the glasses and ice and made them just in time to hear the engines cut out and the slapping of water against the side the only sound we could hear. Keith tied up near some trees and took me in his arms as we sipped the gin. He was quite a fit guy with the absence of a beer gut, nice. About six foot, maybe just below, short hair, smartly turned out and clean finger nails, big bonus.

He got me sitting next to him in the cockpit enjoying the sun, his fresh smell made me weak, nice after shave which made me want more of his closeness, then he kissed me and I was lost. Within five minutes his hands had discovered I was in hold ups and my skirt was on the floor. I was soon down to satin red and black bra and thong and I had his cock in my hand. We both laughed at the speed of it all and agreed the gin should be finished before the rest of our clothes hit the floor.

I was naked except for my stockings within ten minutes of being on his boat, a record even for me, but I felt so sexy and wanted and we both knew why we had agreed to this trip, our pub chats had written it loud and clear and now we were down to it for real.

We had moved from cockpit to cabin, a surprisingly large bed sensual sheets and soft pillows. He laid me down and started to kiss and lick me from head to toe, very slowly, my eyes closed and accepting his wonderful action, his tongue doing ridiculously erotic probing and my cunt, trimmed and shaved leaving a Brazilian, he knew how to use it.

I came quickly and felt my legs shaking well before I got the chance to lick his cock. I had been studying it between his licks and gentle finger probes, he was whispering all the sexy things I wanted to hear, how he was going to make me come more than I had ever done before and then he was going to fuck me slow and long.

The extreme titillation seemed to go on forever but I was lost, coming on his tongue and salivating at the thickness of his cock as he worked his way round to letting me get my lips around it, we seemed to slide into a sixty nine position and I was giving him the sucking and licking of his cock and balls as I almost ate him. Our animal grunts and sighs filled the cabin and I could smell the scent of sex filling my nostrils. I felt his tongue sending me to heaven again and his pre cum tasted slightly salty.

I begged him to fuck me and shoot me a cunt full of his lovely spunk. He stopped and sat up, looking at my naked body for a long time, I watched his eyes explore me and he kept repeating how he adored my body, I knew he was saying everything I desired and I opened my thighs and parted my labia, begging him to fill me up. He obliged, jumping across me and guiding his cock deep inside me, it felt wonderful and soon he was going at me hammer and tongs. I was ecstatic with his shaft filling me, his prick slightly thicker than Jim's but no longer, bit disappointing but he lasted longer and when he came, I did too as his spunk hit me with that warm flooding feeling.

We parted after and lay together before having a sit in the sun on the deck, naked, my stockings gone. We fucked again and he asked if I would be his long term lover. He said he was divorced and did not want commitment, just a no strings relationship. I reminded him I was happily married but that Jim was happy for me to get fucked when I liked. We returned to the marina and agreed that occasional meetings would be mutually acceptable, the beginning of an ongoing friendship, more to come (especially from me).

I will update you of some of our more extreme fun soon, love Marie